Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It's the Day Before Christmas

25.2 degrees and snowing.

By the amount of traffic on Route 315, I'd guess that it's also blowing, "up in the world."

WKTV predicts that: "Travel across Upstate New York and into Pennsylvania will be a bit tricky through about 9 AM. As the rain moves in through NY, travel will rapidly improve by early afternoon and getting to and from events or parties Christmas Eve should be relatively trouble free. Winds will become quite gusty after dark. Also, rain may be heavy at times for a couple hours after dark as well, but ice and snow should not be an issue.
Rain may end as a little snow, especially north and west after Midnight. For Christmas Day, that system will pull away, leaving brisk, cooler conditions in the region. A few snow showers are possible, but travel problems won't be an issue. Highs will be in the mid 30s. Friday will be a day of transition, with increasing clouds through the day.


I'm late posting, this morning, because:

I had heaps of personal Email, and;

I've been searching (in my computer) for files of Christmas Card images that I posted two years ago and that more than a few blog-readers asked me to post again.

I made my first "home made" Christmas card in 1970 - a very limited edition of linoleum block prints - mostly for the members of the Centennial Committee. The next year, the design was more fun, real copying machines were coming into use and we sent three or four dozen "originals." Every year, the list has grown.

I've missed only one year: I don't remember when that was, but I know that I got alot of complaints because I sent everyone a "store bought" greeting!

I havn't really kept a collection, so to speak, and I probably don't even remember half of them. These, however, live in my computer.

In Winter Woods
Watercolor & colored pencil

Christmas Hops
Dry-brush Watercolor

Christmas on Main Street

2001, after 9-11
Watercolor and colored pencil

(I'd discovered digital photography and Photoshop!)

Einstein on Miracles.

"There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though everything is a miracle;
The other is as though nothing is a miracle."

Christmas Cupboard
Oil on canvas; 30" x 40"

Last year.


A few months ago I decided that I’d do a “Christmas Letter” this year because, after a couple of really tough years, I wanted to thank my family and super friends for putting Sunshine back in my life! But then I thought - “why not do a picture letter, instead?” And so ----

- with special thanks to Allison and Rick and Iain and the Beldans; to Dale, Mabel and Lois and everyone who helped to make the Ground-breaking for the Memorial Bandstand happen; to the hummingbird and wren families who spent their summer with me and photographer Jody Hildreth who shared his talents with so many and to all of you who have “hit” the blog nearly 137,000 times in the past eleven months and you who share your smiles and Email cheer with me each day .............

Thank You!

and I know what next year's card will be: