Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Friday!

54 degrees and dry.

From WKTV: "High pressure continues to dominate our weather. Some patchy fog this morning will lift, bringing wall to wall sunshine again for today! Temperatures will be a bit warmer, with highs in the mid 80s and comfortable levels of humidity. Tonight will be nice and dry as well, with overnight lows comfortably near 60. As that area of high pressure slides east, winds will shift into the southwest, bringing in slightly more humid conditions heading into the weekend.
Sunny skies will continue into Saturday with highs in the mid 80s again, with stil...noticeable, but not bad humidity. Sunday starts off similarly. But, as we go into later Sunday, a strong, but shallow cold front will move through the area. This will bring us some showers and thunderstorms late in the day Sunday."


I've just been sent this picture of frost on soybeans at Klings Mill early on the morning of August 20!

(I'm not sure who took the photograph, but Thank You, any way!)


Thank You


for helping to Make it Happen!



A Groundbreaking Ceremony is planned for

Saturday, September 20,

at 4 o'clock!


If we could pick the perfect Summer Day that we'd like to have many, many more of, yesterday would have been it!

Finally, the last of the oats are being harvested.

I spotted this combine just outside the village on Hanover Road, and now I know enough to say that this farmer was "making straw while the sun shines!"

This little rock garden at Mary Green's caught my eye.


Sanger Avenue

While I was riding around the village I began noticing that there were quite a few new "SOLD" signs!

White Street

West Bacon Sreet

Also on West Bacon

This W. Bacon Street home has just been sold, too.

It's a good sign!


This is, too!


CORRECTION: I received an E-mail from "Dana" in re: the photographs I posted yesterday of the Chicken BBQ at Richer Feeds in Sangerfield. She said, "I'm writing to correct you about the Blue Seal (formerly Richer) Feed Chicken was actually an invite only event held for customers....thanking them for their business....I guess you could say customer appreciation. Local farmers and their entire families (and employees) are invited every year for chicken BBQ, ice cream, mill tours, and fun for adults and kids....dunk tank, bounce house, dunk tank (managers and other staff were dunked and raised over $2000 for the local Dairy Queens).

The erroneous information that I supplied had come from a very enthusiastic and cordial young man who was managing the parking lot! Possibly he was connected to "Brooks'" and knew that there were going to be leftovers available to the public.


Going into the weekend ............

Colgate Football is gearing up for their 118th season!

You can find all of the New York State Fair SCHEDULES HERE!

There are just a few tickets still available at GLIMMERGLASS for the Saturday performance of Cole Porter's "Kiss me Kate" and the Sunday performance - the last of the season - of Bellini's "I Capuleti e i Montecchi"

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


in Alamont Springs, Florida
where it's 75 degrees!


It's Garbage Day!

48.2 degrees: Bbbrrrrrrr!

From WKTV: "As we go into Friday, we should see continued sunshine. As winds shift into the southwest, we'll see a little more humidity surge in here, along with slightly warmer conditions. Highs will be in the mid 80s. Sunny skies will continue into Saturday with highs in the mid to upper 80s and slightly uncomfortable humidity. Sunday starts off similarly. But, as we go into later Sunday, a strong, but shallow cold front will move through the area. This will bring us some showers and thunderstorms and usher in chillier air for Monday. The cool weather will have another brief stay before a warm up later next week."


It was bright and clear, yesterday morning, with fine views from Hanover ........

........ and Newberry Road.

I went back out to the Tanners', on Route 20, to take a picture of the hops on their barn.

It was an amusing surprise to see that the vines had also found their way inside the doorway and were growing, no less enthusiastically, in the dark!

At Richer Feeds in Sangerfield smoke billowed: the most delicious smoke of the variety produced by Brooks' House of BBQ!

It was the annual "Thank You" from the management to the employees, but a steady stream of cars was pulling off Rt. 20 into the parking lot: I hadn't realized that "take-outs" were available to the public, as well!


Navigating the intersection of Routes 12 and 20 in Sangerfield was a challenge, yesterday -

- and may be again, today!

There's also single-lane trafic at "Chuckery."


I'd been noticing this Mountain Ash Tree at Jack Prior's and
don't believe I've ever seen one as filled with berries as this is!

I've been aware that there were "legends" attached to the ash - or rowan - tree, but never realized just how many! Here are a few, found at "The Wisdom of Trees in the Celtic Landscape."

"The Rowen or Mountain Ash (Old Irish “Luis,” genus Sorbus) is a deciduous tree with shiny smooth grey-brown bark that roughens with age. It has brilliant orange-red berries and leaves composed of 9 to 15 leaflets. It is a tree of divination and protection, probably owing to its red berries.

The Druids are said to have used rowen wattles to compel spirits to respond. Robert Graves writes that this is the source of the Irish term “to go to the wattles of knowledge,” that is, to “do one’s utmost to obtain information.”

The ash belongs to the trilogy of sacred Irish trees, the other two being the Oak and the Hawthorne tree. Ash is the tree of rebirth, of protection and divination. Druid wands were often made of ash or hazel and Yygdrasill, the World Tree, is thought to be an ash.


It happened a year ago today:

the old mill came down.
(click for more pictures.)



Waterville Public Library Book Sale * August 25th - September 3rd

Preview Hour * Monday, August 25th 9am-10am $20 admission
Regular Price Days * Monday, August 25th - 10-5:30p
Tuesday, August 26th - 2-8p
Wednesday, August 27th - 10-5:30p
Half Price Days * Thursday, August 28th - 2-8p
Friday, August 29th - 10-5:30p
Bag Sale Day * Tuesday, September 2nd - 2-8p
Free Day * Wednesday, September 3rd - 10-5:30p


Two weeks from today -

the buses roll!


Have a Great Day, Everyone!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


("Blogspot" is being recalcitrant, this morning, and I apologize for the awkward appearance of this post!)

Recyclables Day!

It's 43.9 degrees and clear.

According to WKTV, the forecast for today "looks delightful with plenty of sun and temperatures rebounding into the mid 70's after a chilly start. For Thursday and Friday, winds shift into the southwest as our High Pressure ridge moves east and develops what we call a "Bermuda High." As a result, we'll see a rather substantial warm up begin. Highs will peak in the mid 80s Thursday and with some humidity, and in the upper 80s Friday and Saturday. There is the outside chance we hit 90 degrees Friday or Saturday as well."


A great day for


in the Park

11:00 - 6:00


Terry Tanner wrote to me, yesterday morning, congratulating the Memorial Bandstand Committee, and included this great photograph and note:
"Mary Campbell and I took Mom, Paula Gray and Mary’s mother-in-law, Eleanor Campbell, up to the Raquette Lake Boat Cruise on Thursday. We highly recommend it to everyone – absolutely wonderful meals and beautiful scenery. It was the perfect day!"


Also in the mail:

- a request from Lou Langone to publish this notice:

The Waterville Central School Class of 1948 will celebrate its 60th reunion September 19th with a buffet dinner at the Waterville American Legion C. J. Fulmer Post 92 located on route 20, Sangerfield. For further information contact Louis C. Langone at 841-4622 or George Kelley at 841-4092.

- and this, from Hank Gardner:

"Fortunately for me, I will be in Waterville and see the ground breaking for the bandstand. Both my father and oldest brother played in the village band in the thirties.
That was when we had concerts on Friday nights during the summer, weather permitting. I hope to meet you there."


Kristin Strohmeyer sent this picture of two insulators labeled "Brookfield NY" and asks if there actually WAS a glass factory in Brookfield. (Or were these manufactured in New York in a company named "Brookfield.")


And this fascinating bit of Hanover history from Laurie King:
Famous evangelist Charles Grandison Finney lived in Hanover as a boy & later attended the Oneida Academy (Hamilton College). In the 1800s, Finney conducted unusual revivals in Rome, Utica and Clinton. Eventually, he became President of Oberlin College.

Thanks, Laurie! I found the following reference to the Finney Family in Ada Marie Peck's "History of the Hanover Society" -

"Rev. Charles G. Finney, the famous revivalist, was born in this little inn. (Finney's Tavern at the junction of Peck Road and Shanley.) The family moved from Peck's Corners to Jefferson county where Charles G. Finney studied law. In 1821 he was converted under the preaching of Rev. George Washington Gale, D.D., founder of Knox college and of Whitestown Seminary, who conducted a great religious revival at Adams during which a number, who afterwards became famous preachers, identified themselves with the church. After his conversion Mr. Finney studied theology and became an evangelist of world-wide fame."


I wasn't able to get out and around yesterday until late in the afternoon, but - then - the sun shone right on the hop poles at Pete and Liz Kane's on Bogan Road........

............ and backlit a long row of sunflowers on the Greene Farm in Hanover.

The Tanners have a wonderful hop vine growing on their barn, but I need to take a better picture of it when the light is right!

Feathery vines of "Wild Cucumber" are draped, now, on country hedge rows.

It was getting dark when I came back down Buell Avenue, but the Treens were still at the Home Shoppe, constructing what appears to be a new raised bed beneath the store sign.


There MAY be a Concert in the Park, this evening,

by one of the bands that were rained out back in July.


Have a Grand Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


"All those in favor......."



At last night's meeting of the Village Board, the Mayor and Trustees gave their unanimous approval to the Memorial Bandstand Committee for the proposed locations of both the bandstand structure and handicap-accessible walkways.

Also approved was the committee's request to hold a formal
Ground Breaking Ceremony
at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 20th.

(Wow! It's finally going to happen!)


It's Green Waste Day

61.2 degrees and drippy.

WKTV's forecast: "Other than a morning shower, it will be mainly cloudy and cool Tuesday morning. As the day goes on, we'll gradually lose the clouds and turn mostly sunny by mid afternoon. Highs will be in the upper 60s though, very cool for this time of year. And if you think that's cool, try tomorrow night on for size! The record low tomorrow night is 40 degrees. We feel lower 40s will be reachable. This means 30s are likely in the Adirondacks.
A sprawling area of high pressure will build in for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. As winds shift into the southwest by Friday, we'll see a rather substantial warm up begin. Highs will peak in the mid 70s Wednesday (A top 10 summer day), mid 80s Thursday and with some humidity, upper 80s Friday. There is the outside chance we hit 90 degrees Friday or Saturday as well."

Resurfacing was under way, yesterday, on portions of Madison and Tower Streets.


I rode around the community looking for hop vines.

There's a hop pole near the restored hop house on the Gordon Farm on Tower Street .....

............. a beauty in Sangerfield between the Post Office and Town Hall.

The Olmsteads on Sanger Avenue have one in their back yard .....

............. and here are some that I hadn't noticed, before, behind the garage at the St. Bernard's rectory.

If YOU have one that we should all see, please let me know!


In Clinton. I don't know who the young man is, but he was - literally - stopping traffic while he peddled a seldom-seen unicycle through the village!



NY meets Toronto this evening at 7:00.


Have a really great day, everyone!