Saturday, January 19, 2008

Important Announcement!

I've just had word from the Sigsbees that John will be flown into Griffiss Air Base arriving there tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM.

"Sue's wishes are to have a Hero's Welcome Home for John tomorrow morning. She would be proud and so happy to see the presence of flags and people to show their love of country as John had shown his."

Please forward this to - or phone - as many people as you can!!

Kevin Kelley and Jamie Bechy hung flags along Main Street,
this morning. All over the village flags are flying.
I must have taken a hundred pictures of flags ---
I'll sort through and post them over the next few days.

Plans are that the entourage will leave Griffiss at 9:45- 10 AM (weather permitting and the plane arrives on time) and will proceed on Route 233 to 12B thru Deansboro. "We will follow 12B into Oriskany Falls and then come down Madison Street (Sue would like to bring John past his home on Madison Street) and down on to Main Street to Kloster, Northrop and Bentz Funeral Home. The estimated time of arrival into Waterville should be 10:30-10:45."

Spread the word and
gather in the Park or along Main Street.

He spared time for us.

We can spare time for him.


It's 17 degrees, and WKTV's weather headline reads:

"Cold Weather Makes a Comeback!"
  • Saturday: Mostly cloudy in the morning then flurries and squalls arriving late in the afternoon. Turning breezy and colder late. High in the upper 20's.
  • Sunday: Frigid and breezy with areas of lake effect snow, especially across the North Country. High 0-10. Overnight lows below zero.
  • Monday: Mostly cloudy with snow showers. Cold. High: 16. Low: 6


You may read and leave tributes to John Sigsbee at the
Utica Observer-Dispatch
and at WKTV

or you can express your feelings by flying the
"Red, White and Blue."


(Morgan's True Value Hardware has a new supply of American Flags.

There's no reason not to have one!)


You may take donations for the
Clothing Give Away
to the basement of St. Bernard's Church
today between 9:00 and noon.

Tomorrow morning,
"Mohawk Valley Living"
continues with its Road Trip to Oriskany Falls.

You can watch Part I on You tube, HERE.

In Part II, they'll be following the Chenango Canal,

going through Lyon's Mills

and heading to the Hotel for lunch.


In re: the little "farm stand" shack on Route 2o that I asked about --- one reader wrote " (it) was built by the Jacobson Brothers and they had a stand where they sold strawberries. This had to be in the late 70's early 80's."

However, Don Hazard said:
"I don't recall the stand in operation and that goes back to '54 when I returned from the service, first as a postal clerk in the old post office in the Candee building and later driving a fuel truck for G.L.F. ( to become Agway in '64)"

........ and then Jack Litz sent me this great picture.

"I don't know about the stand on route 20 but my grandparents (Fordyce & Howard Early) had the farm stand on Sanger Avenue next to the Dairy Isle (currently "Roc's"). Growing up across the street my sisters and I picked corn, peas, strawberries, dug potatoes, everything they grew we helped harvest. They sold cheese off the wheel and when they would go to town and we got to "tend" the stand. I'm pretty sure more cheese and strawberries were eaten than sold. Notice the A&P store where CVS is now.

Something wonderful is happening to this "fix-er-upper" on Route 315!
We'll be watching the transformation.


Skywatchers have been keeping an eye on Mars as it moves close to the moon.
If it's cloudy - or during the daytime - scan the
Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society's new website.

Because more and more Watervillians are becoming interested in what's above them - and not always looking ahead or at the ground - I'm going to add it as a regular link in the sidebar.

Friday, January 18, 2008

In Remembrance and Honor

Army Spc. John P. Sigsbee

died in Iraq this week

while on his second tour of duty

in service to his country.




Utica Observer-Dispatch


The blogger's sole purpose, today, is to express Gratitude to John and to offer my greatest Compassion to his family.

In an interview with WSYR TV, John's mother asked but one favor of all of us:

"Fly your flag!"


For her, and in memory of John,
let's turn this village Red White and Blue!

The blog will be back tomorow.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

It's 17.2 Degrees

  • Thursday: Increasing high clouds. Snow developing after dark. High: 37
  • Thursday night: Snow. Light accumulations by daybreak possible. Low: 28
  • Friday: Snow likely, especially in the morning. A few inches of accumulation possible. High: 32, Low: 19

This was in yesterday's O-D:

Waterville 51, Mount Markham 41
Megan Zogby had 16 points and 14 rebounds and Kayla Delles had six points and six assists to lead Waterville. Regina Locorini added 25 points for the Mustangs.

Mount Markham 7-10-11-13 – 41
Waterville 8-11-14-18 – 51
Mount Markham (1-5, 3-8): Paige Treen 2, Regina Locorini 25, Brandy Werczynski 6, Veronica Major 3, Caitlyn Greene 2, Hope Ostrander 3. Totals: 15-7-41.
Waterville (3-3, 8-5): Molly Mortelette 4, Shannon Kemp 3, Janelle Buell 12, Missy Edick 4, Megan Zogby 16, Nicole Eisenhut 3, Kayla Delles 6, Alexandra Hughes 3. Totals: 19-8-51.
3-point goals: Mount Markham 4 (Locorini 4); Waterville 5 (Buell 2, Kemp, Zogby, Delles).
JV: Waterville 38-19.

They'll meet Sherburne-Earlville tonight at 7:30. (A)

Boy's Varsity Basketball team will play Cooperstown (H) tomorrow evening.


Please remember to forward your reports of "Social Events and Items of Interest" for "In Timely Manner" to The Waterville Times either by phoning 841-4105 or sending E-mail to

According to WKTV, more changes have been made in the schedule of upcoming events at the Stanley Theater in Utica. -


It was clear and cold, yesterday. Pigeons found a warm look-out at Gales' ......

......... and no matter how cold, the sidewalk showroom at Morgan's opens at 8:00!


I was told, yesterday, in Foodking, that this is the time of year when nothing happens.


Jean Heidel is quite sure she heard a bird singing its "spring song!"


While we wait, we'll enjoy the Winter scenery.

There's just one spot, when you're driving towards Waterville on Canning Factory Road, that you can catch a tiny glimpse of Sanger Hill.

John Nagy joins the long list of blog-readers who click on "the huddle" every day because the pictures remind them of "home." Thanks for writing, John!


From this morning's edition of the Observer-Dispatch:

MADISON - A round and square dance will take place from 8 p.m. to midnight Saturday at the Madison Historical Museum on South Street (formerly the American Legion).

The event will include music by Good Old Boy. Tickets are a $6 per person donation, and will be sold at the door. Refreshments will be available.

Can you tell me about this little shed? It stands on the South side of Route 20 just about across from the old Mayflower Motel. It must have been a "farm stand," at some time, but when was that? And whose was it?


Keep Warm!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Recyclables Day!

13.5 degrees.

  • Wednesday: Mostly Sunny and pleasant. High in the low 30s.
  • Wednesday night: Mainly clear and chilly. Low in the low teens.
  • Thursday: Increasing high clouds. Snow developing at night. High: 37, Low: 28
  • Friday: Snow likely, especially in the morning. A few inches of accumulation possible. High: 32, Low: 19


The village seemed vey quiet, yesterday ........

........ as if everyone had left town ......

but a goodly crowd was at "Hap's," having breakfast.

One, however, headed Northward, noticing yet another bit of ornamental ironwork on Berrill Avenue ...

before taking pictures on Fuess-Cleary Road ...

and on Route 12B, North of Deansboro.


Others stayed inside to watch the

Australian Open Tennis Championships

on ESPN.


The ornate woodwork and elegant wall sconces seem part of the original decor at the Red Lion Pub ......

........ but the stained glass panel of King George Slaying the Dragon is Mr. Hudson's own creation.


Old photo

Aha! We keep watching as improvements have progressed at this house on Osborn Avenue, but havn't known who was responsible. Yesterday one of them re-introduced himself to me: it was Phil Sweeney, of White Street, who - along with his brother - has been completely refurbishing the four-unit apartment building. Two units are already occupied. We'll go on a tour when the other two are finished!


In the mean time, bring on Spring Fever! It's time to start getting ready for the Great Clothing "Give-Away" that is sponsored by the Sr. Citizens and the Food Pantry and which takes place every January at St. Bernard's Catholic Church.

Donations of clothing and small household goods

may be taken to St. Bernard's

between 9:00 and noon

from Saturday the 19th through Wednesday the 23rd!

(I'll start digging out, today!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It's 30 degrees.

Although snow fell all day, yesterday, it was just too warm for any accumulation to take place.

It stuck on the tops of Teasel (or Teazle)

and these goose-necked grasses

.......... but only made the road wet, down near Forge Hollow, where surveyors are planning something to amuse drivers, next Summer.

  • Tuesday: Cloudy with occasional light snow or flurries. An additional light accumulation is possible. High in the low 30s.
  • Tuesday night: Becoming partly cloudy with nothing more than a flurry. Low in the mid to upper teens.
  • Wednesday: A mix of sun and clouds. High: 31, Low: 13

Two new notices have appeared on the
Bulletin Board in the Park!


The "sandwich board" in front of Michael's announces a new
"Tavern Menu."


This Letter from Cindy Gallagher to the Editor ( of The Waterville Times and/or the blogger) and Readers was in my mail, yesterday:

"To the Editor/To Waterville Residents:

As our children and family attended various sports activities this past weekend, I pondered on how blessed our community is to have so many willing volunteers to work with area youth. We have great extracurricular options available at school. Many people give time to help the band boosters, theatre goups, sports boosters, Covalt, PTA etc. Then when I think of the hours that local volunteers give for youth to participate in AYSO soccer, indoor soccer, Optimist Biddy Basketball, Baseball and Softball Leagues, Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading, Scouting and 4-H I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the various volunteers. Volunteers also put on snowmobile, ATV and hunter safety courses. Furthermore, the area churches have activities and youth religious education classes. I wanted these volunteers to know that we appreciate their time, effort and concern for our youth. Please remember to thank your coaches and volunteers.

Cindy Gallagher

PS No youth in our community should be able to claim that they have nothing to do. Parents, encourage your kids to join a worthwhile endeavor and then get involved too!"

(Thanks, Cindy!)


A request has come from WCS: Help the school win $1,000! Vote for Waterville in this School Datebook Cover contest!

From this morning's O-D: Jim VanWormer isn't the only school district superintendant who's retiring.


New doorway decoration on Madison Street!

More ornamental ironwork.

This is on the house next to the Post Office. It was built around 1850 by Julius Candee and is in a style described as "Italian Villa with icicle cornices."


Last week I had a note about "Lee the Horse Logger," whom we met last summer, and found this updated website.


I don't believe that I'm the only one who's tiring of red Poinsettias and is adding other house plants to her surroundings. I've always loved Cyclamen because their blossoms are so wildly butterfly-ish, but I seem to have a way of killing them, fast. Thanks to Google, now I know what NOT to do! (And it's the same with those pretty Azaleas!)


And I've had about a dozen letters, - mostly from men, I'm afraid - asking why the blog ended on January 1st! Well, it didn't, of course. (When something's identified as a link - or even LOOKS like a link - click on it!!!)

Monday, January 14, 2008


Garbage Day!

It's 30.6 degrees and there's a light snow falling.

  • Today: Cloudy with snow showers. Total snow expected to be between 1" - 3". High: 32
  • Tonight: Snow showers tapering to flurries. Low: 23
  • Tuesday: Cloudy with a snow shower possible. High: 29, Low: 17
  • Wednesday: Partly sunny. Maybe a flurry. High: 29, Low: 15



Who's walking whom?

Yesterday seemed to be completely "neutral" -
neither bright nor dark; not warm, but not cold, either.

This new sign caught my eye right away because it was swinging back and forth!

At first, I didn't even notice the small sign on the "Exchange" ..........

and then I wished I hadn't!

Out in the country, I could see daylight showing through one of my favorite barns,

........ and quite a few felled trees next to Hanover Green .......

but someone at the Green farm must think it's Spring: long stripes of freshly turned soil!



The Waterville Book Discussion Group
will meet on Wednesday, January 23, at 1:30 P.M.
at the Waterville Library.
The book is J. D. Salinger's Catcher in The Rye.

Ask at the library or call 841 4651 to reserve a copy;
theLibrary will call when your book is in
.... and do join the group for refreshments and discussion.


Missing children ride meeting planned for today

The Ride for Missing Children will host its first rider and volunteer meeting of the year at 7 p.m. today at Valentino’s, 3899 Oneida St. The meeting will cover the background of the ride, the 2008 route and schools that will be visited, poster-raising information, Adopt-A-School program information, a new rider program, training opportunities and a first-year rider’s reflection.

Nominations for new riders are being accepted. Positions in the ride are by invitation and nomination, and all riders must reserve their positions. For application information, call 732-7233.

For information, call Katie Ullman at 315-853-3941.


Have a Great Day!