Saturday, March 1, 2008


to all of my Welsh friends!

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant


It's 28 degrees and cloudy.

The snow, which began last evening, has stopped, leaving us with an additional two or three inches of white.

From WKTV: Lake snows will end Saturday evening as high pressure briefly builds in, leading to a nice Sunday. Another couple inches are possible in spots before then. Then on Monday as warm air floods toward CNY, light rain may break out in the morning. Temperatures may still be below freezing at this time, so some light freezing rain is possible. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday a more substantial storm is going to come barrelling up the East Coast. This will mean rain, snow or a mix for CNY.

This is what the little tree outside of the Pesto residence on Babbott Avenue looked like before the snow -- there's probably no sign of greenery at all, now!

The ice at "the Caves" in Forge Hollow has a lovely pale bluish tinge to it, now.

Water flowing from a nearby spring never seems to completely freeze and it's not unusual to see someone filling containers for home use. This practice has gone on for years and years, but it comes with a cautionary note: the water has NOT been found potable - that is, it may not be safe to use as drinking water.

One of my favorite old barns - on the north side of Route 20 a bit west of Route 12B - it seems to be leaning and, probably won't be there for many more years.


I have this note from Mrs. Stephan: "The Waterville Book Discussion Group is reading Ann Tyler's Digging to America. The group will meet next on Wednesday, March 26th at 1:30 p.m. at the Waterville Library for refreshments and good conversation. Call the library at 841-4651 to request that a copy of the book to be reserved for you."

And Mrs. Martin writes: "The Crimson Bonnets (Waterville Red Hatters) met on February 28th at 'VJ's' in Hamilton. 'VJ's' is a fairly new diner in Hamilton across from McDonald's. The turnout was small - around 15 members. All members ordered off the menu and enjoyed comparing dishes. Everyone was very full and satified with their meal. Gail Dwyer and Vera Barnes made all the arrangements and furnished sweet treats for all."


If you're a regular viewer of "Mohawk Valley Living," you won't need this link, but you can catch up with many of their shows by going to their page Youtube, or you can - for instance - watch just one of their visits to neaby communities, like West Winfield.


Yankee Fans get their turn to cheer, today, when the Yanks open their Grapefruit League Season with a visit to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Friday, February 29, 2008



It's just Zero, here in the Hollow.

WKTV's meteorologist says: "This morning is the coldest start to the morning all winter long. Temperatures are starting out well below zero this morning, with locations across the North Country and Adirondacks -10 to -20! Look for temperatures to quickly rise into the single digits this morning with plenty of sunshine. High clouds will move in throughout the late morning and early afternoon, as our next weather maker moves in.

Light snow will break out as early as the mid to late afternoon. The evening commute will feature light snow, with perhaps a dusting to an inch on the ground. Snow will continue tonight, with the heaviest and steadiest accumulations across the North Country. By the time all is said and done, 1-3" is possible in the Mohawk Valley, 3-5" elsewhere, with higher amounts in the North Country."

I had an E-note from Lyn in Arkansas, who wrote:
"A friend of mine sent me the pictures of your recent snow. For a Southerner who rarely sees this much snow, it is awesome!! Wish we could enjoy it for just one day. Pictures are great." (Thanks, Lyn!)

And thanks, too, to Kristin Strohmeyer who wrote to say that she'd seen "a flock of apparently misguided robins" on Route 315!

To any blog-readers who have ever "winter camped," it's a perfect Chubb Pond Morning!

The most important thing to know about today is:

It's Leap Day!

St. Bridget's Complaint

It is believed this tradition was started in 5th century Ireland when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about women having to wait for so long for a man to propose. According to legend, St. Patrick said the yearning females could propose on this one day in February during the leap year. (St. Bridget was five years old, at the time!)

Go for it, Girl!!!!


From this week's issue of the Clinton Courier: "The Kirkland Planning Board voted 4-0 Monday night to approve three wind energy turbines for Spring Farm Cares on Route 12 after two years of often tense deliberations and a lawsuit filed agfrieved neighbors. The final deliberation on the project was acrried out under the watchful eye of a Kirkland police officer."


I'm having a particularly hard time getting Blogspot's attention, this morning, and am not able to upload any more photographs at this time. I'll add them as soon as the situation improves.

I can tell you that I saw lots and lots of snowmobile trails, yesterday, and there'll no doubt be a great many riders out this weekend.

Please Drive Safely, everyone!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


It's 8.1 degrees and overcast.

IS school, and

It's Garbage Day!

  • Today: Snow showers and a few peeks of sun. A coating to an inch or two of snow accumulation in spots. High 16.
  • Tonight: Very cold with a chance of a snow shower or flurry. Low -6.
  • Friday: Sun early. Snow late. High 28. Low 22.
  • Saturday: Snow likely. High 30. Low 15.

Let's start the day with another rose that was in the bouquet that Mark sent to us, yesterday,

and (drum roll!.............)

this E-letter from Gene Owen, who is also sending us "Greetings from Florida!"

"Sorry it took so long. I have been enjoying the blog and sharing it with my Disney buddies. They enjoy seeing small town life and seeing the weather forecast. Your pictures are awesome. I do miss Waterville it is a little more hectic down here, but alot of fun. Disney is keeping me busy. The weather is great a couple days of 80 + and a couple of 50 +. After all it is still winter... " "Thanks, from Your Florida/Disney World Buddie, Jean :)"

Thanks loads for that, Gene! Glad to know you're smiling!


I was able to drive uptown quite early, yesterday morning. Even before eight o'clock, the village sidewalks had all been plowed and merchants were clearing more snow in front of their establishments. Morgan's outdoor "showroom" was fully operational by 8:15!

The DPW's Kevin Kelley - above, at Municipal Hall - is one of the village's more indefatigable snow shovellers ..............

and another is this cheerful lady on West Bacon Street.

Everything was beautiful, from the Park to the countryside.

A trail led between the old black willows next to Osborn Avenue.

On Fuess-Cleary Road, the dried leaves on beech saplings have turned to parchment.

I'd never noticed the ornamentation on the gate at the Sangerfield Cemetery .....

..... nor stopped to admire this old, old maple tree next to the road that once lead over Bridge's Hill.

This tree, at the Winfields' on Madison Street, made a spectacular black & white image!

More and more shamrocks are appearing - this at Joan Albert's - giving a preview of Coming Events in March. (Click on the image, please.)


Another event - in answer to a blog-reader's question - is Village Elections.

The date: March 18th.

According to last week's Waterville Times, the candidates for two trustee positions are:

for the Democrats -

current trustee Scott Woodhouse and

former DPW Superintendent Gene Ostrander.

For the Republicans -

Bud Dorr and

Sean Campbell.

Trustee John Bogan will not be running for re-election and current Village Justice Robert McNamara is runing unopposed for another four-year term.


Coming next week?

Tuesday will be BIG TRASH DAY!


I installed the "hit counter" on January 26th, intending to remove it after one month. Readers seem to enjoy watching it, however, so I'll leave it - how long will it take to reach the 100,000 mark?

Have a good day, everyone!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Late yesterday afternoon.


Recyclables Day

23 degrees with light snow.


Click here for complete list of school closings.


From WKTV: "Light snow will be the main player in our weather today. Lingering light snows on the back side of Tuesday's snowstorm will continue pretty much all day. But because snow will be light all day long, we are not expecting major problems, except lingering risidual roadway issues this morning from last night. Light snows will tack on another 1-2" on average today, with 3-4" possible in the most persistent snows."


Here are some wonderful early photographs made many years ago by "Snowflake Bentley,"
of Jericho, Vermont. (Click on the "snowflake" link for the best images.)

Or - you can Do it Yourself with these instructions for
Paper Snowflakes with six points.

I'll be out and around just as soon as my driveway has been plowed. Until then, you can admire these Florida Roses. Mark picked them for you, yesterday!

More to follow!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Afernoon update


(at about an inch an hour.)

WCS After School Activities are Cancelled

WKTV has a full list of Cancellations.

(Look for another update later on.)

Tuesday Morning

It's 26 degrees; overcast.

WKTV's forecast: "Snow will be steady by late morning. Snow will continue all afternoon and become heavy at times. This will be especially true north of Utica. South of Route 20, some plain rain or sleet may mix in at times tomorrow evening. But this will likely be mainly snow for our viewing area. Snow will continue into tomorrow night, with a lull possible, followed by heavier snow, especially north and west of Utica after Midnight. Snow will basically linger all day Wednesday, with the potential for some isolated lake snows developing into Wednesday night."


Yesterday was so Springlike!

These willows, north of Paris Green, really ARE showing "gold."

I went looking for "sap buckets." There was no sign of any activity at Slate's, on Camp Road .......

....... and although the "intravenous tubes" were in place on maples near Paris Station, the large containers had not been set out.

I went down into Tinker Hollow, but it didn't appear that sugaring had begun there, either.

At the end of Tinker Hollow Road, on Stone Road, this old, old schoolhouse still stands.


I have a nice letter from Margaret Green Way who is trying to trace her ancestors and writes, "I wonder if anyone in your audience would know about my great, great-grandmother Jesse Green. She is buried in the cemetery in Pleasant Valley. Her son Hugh Green brought her over from Ireland." (Mrs. Way remarks that she is 86 years old but checks the blog every morning as does her son, in Williamsburg, Virginia. I'll look in all of the cemetery information that my husband had compiled and see if I can come up with anything. But this is just another instance in which being able to SEARCH the old Waterville Times will be invaluable!!)

For those who are interested in the digitization process that Tom Trymiski has put our microfilm through, here's a link that describes each step in the procedure.

Heard in the Post Office:
Mr. Lou Langone is making fine recovery from injuries inflicted on him, for no reason at all, by an ill-mannered icy driveway.

"For Sale" signs have appeared in front of the old foundry - formerly C&H Plastics and more recently the Pumilia Pizza Shell Company - on Buell Avenue.

Put "Chicken BBQ at the Fire House" on your calendar for March 16th. It will be a benefit for WCS student Heather Davis who will be going to China, this Summer, as a People to People Student Ambassador.


This morning's edition of the O-D carries a rundown of all activities of America's Greatest Heart Run & Walk on March 8th.

From Mark: "Spring training is here and Fort Myers, Florida is the spring training home of Major League Baseball's The Minnesota Twins. They practice literally 2 miles from my home at Hammond Stadium . Took some shots today. Thought it would give some folks back home hope that spring really is coming."


WKTV's Weather Alert at 6:06 A.M.

Snow has broken out in Pennsylvania and Ohio already this morning. The storm system responsible for this wintry blast will push eastward today. We expect snow to break out in Central New York between 7 and 10 AM. Snow may fall heavily at times this afternoon and tonight.


The next time that the Neffs and Brennans go to Florida, I wish they'd take me with them!

The start of the Daytona 500.

I could adjust to this view - couldn't you?

7:02: Snowing.

Back later, as weather develops.
Have a good day!

Monday, February 25, 2008


It's 12 degrees and crispy clear.


WKTV predicts that: "Monday looks like a quiet day as well, as high pressure hangs on and gives us sunshine in the morning. Clouds will be on the increase throughout the afternoon. These clouds are the beginnings of our next storm system, which will give us a combination of moderate snow, sleet, and/or rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. While it's still too early to project snowfall accumulation, the areas likely to see the most snow would be north and west of Utica. "

Yes! I did! I went to Fulton, yesterday, and saw a great many groups of robins "hanging out" on sunny banks next to the Thruway, gathering near little streams or muddy places.

I came home by way of Rt. 81 to Rt. 20, but didn't see any more until I'd reached Pleasant Valley.

I pulled over to take a picture of these willows (which seemed to my eye a much brighter Spring-gold than this photograph reflects) and there were a few more robins, hiding in shrubbery next to the patch of green!


Neither the Thruway nor Route 81 are good places to stop and take pictures, but Route 20 offered a couple of spectacular views of the Munsville Wind Farm AND wide shoulders.


I picked up the microfilm of The Waterville Times from Tom Tryniski - featured in an article in "Processor". He'll be mailing a copy (disk) of everything that he's scanned to us later in the week. That, in turn, can be copied so that the Historical Society can have their copy; the Library can have theirs, the Waterville Times can have one, etc., etc..... It'll be pretty neat!


Have a great day!