Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday with add-on


the "Distress signal" indicates nothing more than a windy day oversight!


(I've really been searching for some new "news" this morning, but without any luck so far: perhaps something will pop up later on!)


It's Garbage Day!

47.5 degrees: balmy, with a magnificent sunrise!

From WKTV: "There are some areas of patchy fog this morning. Exercise caution on your way in to work. Other than that, it will stay quiet and quite mild today. High temperatures are expected to get into the low 60s by afternoon.
Clouds thicken up tonight as a storm system develops and moves into the region. Rain will begin before daybreak on Saturday and be with us on and off throughout much of the day. We may see some breaks late in the morning and early afternoon, before more rain moves in by the late afternoon. High temperatures will still be mild, with highs in the upper 50s.
This storm will usher in colder weather for Sunday, and this colder weather will be sticking around throughout next week."


I received an E-letter from Blair Raker, yesterday, in which he wrote: "I finally got to check out your blog (Our computers at work blocked access to it). It looks very professional and has lots of fun info. ............... I'm going to send a link to my commander as well as my supervisor. It was certainly a special night for me to return back home and see so many familiar faces. The audience was really having a great time and so were we!

The meal at Michael's was superb, which put us in a great mindset for the show. Thanks again and I hope we can come back to Waterville real soon!"

("The meal" to which Blair refers was provided by the Brothertown Music Boosters.)


I've learned that:

- the Fehlner-Peach family won the Music Boosters' Raffle for the "Wii Fit!"

- the space between the "Wheeler Block" and the Opera House is wide enough to accommodate a stairway which still runs from the third floor of the Wheeler Block all the way to the basement. No entrances from the first or second floors.

There was plenty of water for paddling in the pond at the foot of Grant Hill, yesterday,

and it looked almost like Springtime at Hanover Green.

However, on White Street, Santa's here!


Seen on Sanger Avenue - a bright new American flag that is hanging UPSIDE DOWN. This is, of course, a signal of "distress," and I suspect that in this case it is a political statement!

I'll try to get some clarification.



I did track down the "informational kiosk," yesterday: it was getting a coat of white paint in the Village Barn on Conger Avenue and will probably be appearing somewhere in the village quite soon! My photographs didn't do it justice, but you'll know it when you see it!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday w/ afternoon add-on

In case you were wondering ...........

"Why go to Prize Speaking?"

Here are 8 great reasons!

Humorous Monologues: Performed by:
" Just A Scratch in the Fender" Austin Cornish
"Play by Play" Allie Shore
"Any Girl Would Do The Same" Avonlea Frye
"Vacations" Anthony Gannon

Dramatic Monologues
"The Raven" Katie Brown
"Daddy's Hands" Meghan Hayes
"For Jim" Joel Kahn
"Mary Stuart Pleads" Kate McLane


Today is Recyclables Day
tomorrow is Garbage Day!


It's 37.8 degrees, rainy and breezy.

WKTV's forecast calls for: "a brief period of light freezing rain early tomorrow morning, primarily in colder spots in Southern Oneida, southern Herkimer, Chenango and Otsego Counties as well. This could also occur in parts of the Adirondacks. It should be emphasized however that we are not expecting much precipitation, so any problems should be minimal and fade not long after sunrise. An area of plain rain will start to move into the region tomorrow from mid-morning into afternoon. Rain shouldn't be too heavy, but could be steady at times.
The rain should clear by late Thursday evening, and temperatures may actually rise overnight from the mid 40s in the evening to near 50 by daybreak. With some sun Friday afternoon, highs well into the 50s to near 60 degrees should occur in spots, especially from the Mohawk Valley south and west."


(Click for even bigger smiles!)

What a fine coincidence! I reached the stoplight at the top of the Buell Avenue Hill at the same time as this cheerful group of students. They were on their way back to the Memorial Park School after visiting their Pen Pals at the Harding Nursing Home!

At the Post Office I found Barb Adkyns mailing ten large boxes to the platoon of soldiers that the Ladies Auxiliary of the Clifford J. Fulmer Post 92 of the American Legion has "adopted."

The lucky recipients are all from Fort Drum but are on duty in the Middle East.

Picking up on the subject of old farms and family names, Wayne Brouillette sent me this engraving of his family's farm on Brouillette Road:

"Here is a view of the Melvin Farm taken from the History of Oneida County book, by Everts and Fariss, published in 1878. James Melvin settled here in 1795, and began building this farm. It was owned by the Melvin family until the early 1900's. It was purchased by my grandfather, Alfred Brouillette in 1941, and has been in the family since then."


Also in yesterday's mail, this E-letter of historical note from June Richmond:

"The Waterville Travelers Club celebrated their 115th year anniversary on November 11th with a special dinner and meeting. The group was formed on the 11th of November in 1893 by a group of young ladies eager to learn more about world events when actual travel abroad was so limited. This Arm-chair Travel group has explored not only countries of the world but made indepth studies of local history. I have been a member since 1951 and still look forward to the studies and social gatherings."

The first reference that I found to the organization was in The Waterville Times, Friday, July 1, 1898:

"The ladies of the Travelers Club, together with a number of young men as invited guests, had a picnic at Rexford Falls, near Sherburne, on Saturday. The occasion was a very enjoyable one in spite of the heavy shower early in the afternoon."



PRIZE SPEAKING Tonight at 7:00 at the WCS Auditorium

A long-standing tradition at WCS, this contest was started by Dr. Selden H. Talcott. He graduated from Waterville High School in 1869, went on to Hamilton College and later practiced medicine in Waterville. The contest has been sponsored by the Waterville Rotary Club since 1964.

Prize Speaking - 1878

Friday and Saturday at 7:30

the WCS Drama Club




Parking Added for "Comedy Central/ Daily Show's" Jon Stewart Performance at Hamilton College Friday Night.



The St. Bernard's Church Fall Bazaar 9:00 - 2:00

Soup and sandwich luncheon 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
(Click to enlarge)


It's Official: the WCS Spring Musical will be "Hello Dolly!"

In case you wondered or if anyone ever asks you:
the Village DPW maintains 96 fire hydrants.


Have a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Recyclable collection is tomorrow.

It's 35 degrees; overcast, but no precipitation.

WKTV predicts that: "As we go into Wednesday, clouds will once again try to hang on. The low clouds over us should diminish, only to be replaced by high clouds ahead of our next weather maker. There will be a brief window around midday or mid-afternoon tomorrow where we could end up between cloud layers and see some sunshine. But we're not optimistic. Highs will be in the mid 40s at best.
Moisture will move in to our area out ahead of a storm system, passing to our west, on Wednesday night. As temperatures dip back into the upper 20s to low 30s tomorrow night, rain may move in before sunrise. This may lead to a brief period of freezing rain Thursday morning, primarily on hilltops in the Adirondacks, but potentially into Southern Oneida, southern Herkimer and Otsego Counties as well, areas that traditionally hold on to near or slightly below freezing temperatures in these scenarios."


At the Gerhardt residence, on White Street.

Jack Ruane's Marine Corps banner is always on display!

I hope that there was a good turn-out at the Library, last evening! I understand that our Veterans had also been treated to a huge roast pork dinner at the Legion, a few nights ago!


Speaking of old farms, as we were yesterday - this property has been in the Brouillette Family for quite a long time, but there may still be some who refer to it as "The Melvin Place!"

- and speaking of "Brouillette:"
when Wayne's Albany Ladder shows up it usually means that something's about to happen!


Here's a letter that I received from Gary Eckerson on Monday: " I have been reading with interest your story on the Wheeler Block. My family livied on the third floor of that building back in the mid 50's when there was a hardware store on the first floor (where the big windows are), owned, I think, by Frank Conroe. We lived on the 3rd floor and if you looked out our kitchen window, all you could see was bricks. If you went down stairs to the alley and looked up, you saw a walkway coming from where our kitchen would, be over to Ye Old American Hotel. It seems that when entertainment came to town, they stayed where our apt was and used to walk over when it was time to perform. That being said, I always wondered if that was true or if people were just having fun with a young kid. It sounded logical, but ya never know. If anyone has an answer, I would be courious to know!

There may be some blog-readers who never even noticed this big metal door
high on the Opera House wall.

This doorway was at the rear of the backstage area of the Opera House. It opened onto a covered passageway (12 or 13 feet long, according to an old description found in The Waterville Times) that led to the Old American Hotel. Not only were the performers housed in the hotel but many out-of-town theater-goers lodged there, as well, and the passageway was their foul weather route between buildings.

Gary mentioned that the view out the rear windows of the Wheeler block was of a brick wall - I think that's explained by the fact that the third story was added in the 1870's. In 1880, along came the new, three-story Opera House, blocking out what probably had been a grand view!

Between the two buildings there actually is a two- or three-foot space "wide enough," according to the late Hilda Barton, "for a man to roll a wheelbarrow."

(She also suggested - with a smile! - that the backstage passageway might have been used by gentlemen who were seen to both enter and leave the opera house but who had not really attended the performance there!)

How many memories does this picture jog?


In yesterday's mail, this comment from Terry and Stan Lopata:

"We were pleased to see the note from Ron Bornick about Wednesday's MVAS [Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society] meeting with Dr. Jason Wright, about "extrasolar" planets orbiting other stars.

It's a terrific opportunity for area high school students who are interested in science and astronomy to hear from an expert in the field. Programs are usually completed by 9:00, so it should be early enough even for junior high students on a school night. MVAS meetings are always open to the public."


Yesterday was a thoroughly, miserably cold, wet day, and there was no activity in the Park.

Dale Meszler, a member of the Memorial Bandstand Committee, told me that he and general contractor Mike Tower had been discussing the weather and its effect on the project and that the wisest thing to do, now, might be to wait until Springtime to continue construction. They're the experts!



According to a tally by The Waterville Times -
if area voters had had their way, John McCain would be President!


I know that quite a number of blog-readers are Pop Warner "Eagles" fans. Once again, John Savage has provided an excellent story: he apologizes because it's long; I think it's good!!

"The 2008 Waterville Eagles Junior Midgets completed a perfect 9–0 season including a Tri-Valley Division 3 Title, cruising through lopsided victories against Clinton, Ilion, Mohawk, Sauquoit, Westmoreland, Mt. Markham, Canastota and Frankfort (the Eagles beat Ilion and Frankfort in the Tri-Valley Championship Games). The Eagles Coaching Staff chose to enter the Empire State Classic (NYS) Pop Warner Tournament over the Regional Tournament and drew a first round home playoff game against the New City Rams of Rockland County on Sunday, November 9th at 2pm.

The game was potentially going to be delayed due to the Ram’s bus breaking down in transit with a flat tire. Fortunately the Rams quickly transferred to a replacement bus and pulled into Waterville just in time for their players to weigh in and suit up for the game.

Brothertown Field hosted three Empire State Classic play-offs on Sunday – the first two featuring area Junior Pee Wee teams. By the time the Waterville Eagles and New City Rams took the field for the opening kick-off a raucous crowd of Waterville supporters filled the bleachers and lined the fences anxiously awaiting the contest. Bob Bowie announced his last Pop Warner Game on Sunday and his familiar voice brought the crowd to their feet chanting “Are you ready for some Junior Midget Football!!”

The Rams won the coin toss for the opening kick-off and proceeded to methodically march down the field with their powerhouse running attack. For the first time all season the Eagles defense was helpless against a larger opponent. It didn’t take long for Eagle fans to become familiar with Ram tailback Johnson as his quick and elusive running talents generated an average of six or more yards per carry. In addition, the Rams defense focused on stopping the run with eight players in the box. The Rams shut down the Eagles offense and effectively quieted the large home town crowd at Brothertown Field and with 9:51 left in the second quarter the score was Rams 12, Eagles 0.

Down by 12, the Eagles shifted their offensive focus to the passing game. Eagle Quarterback Jordan Henderson was challenged all day by the Rams defensive front and had very little time to pass. After a heroic display of athletic ability Jordan rolled to his right and eluded several Ram defenders, planted his back foot and launched a missal of a pass that ended in a perfect completion to wide out Logan Belfield. At first it looked like Logan would be chased down by a Ram’s defensive back but then the lanky receiver showed his break out speed and dashed untouched into the end zone for an exhilarating 85 yard touchdown bomb. The remarkable play resurrected the subdued crowd and the Waterville fans were on their feet in approval.

The play proved to be a huge momentum changer as Waterville for the first time was able to stuff the Rams offensive run attack and quickly got the ball back. With 5:01 left in the second quarter full back Jared Henderson’s famous trap play fooled the aggressive Ram defense and he quickly scampered 49 yards into the end zone for the tying score. Waterville’s defense continued to frustrate the New City running attack and Jared Henderson added another score on fourth and one late in the second quarter with a 36 yard scamper into the end zone. The Waterville Fans erupted into a newly confident celebration as the Eagles appeared to have the game under control leading 18-12 going into half time.

On the two occasions when the Rams had to kick-off to the Eagles in the first half they had used an onsides kick strategy, one of which was successful. So it was no surprise that the Rams came out in the second half and executed a perfect on-sides kick. Unfortunately, the Eagles appeared to be caught off guard as they lined up in a regular kick-return formation and the Rams recovered. This would eventually end up being another huge momentum turner in the game as the Rams powerhouse running game was back in action. Their tailback Johnson drove down the field into the Eagle’s red zone until the Waterville defense finally stiffened and held them at fourth and goal form the five. Unfortunately disaster struck as the Eagles took over on offense and they fumbled the ball away on their second offensive play. The Rams punched the ball into the end zone on the next play and the Eagles players, coaches and fans stared in disbelief as the score was once again tied. The Rams made the extra point and took the lead, 19-18.

What took place next seemed like a re-run of the first quarter as the Rams run game took over, grinding up yards and burning much needed time off the clock. The Eagles and their coaching staff clearly had never been in such a desperate situation all season and the pressure seemed to consume them as they struggled with illegal procedure, illegal substitution, numerous defensive encroachment calls and too many men on the field. The Waterville crowd had once again been silenced when with only 2:51 left in the game the Rams punched in their third unanswered touchdown of the second half and successfully kicked the extra point to extend their lead to 34-18, a seemingly insurmountable 16 point deficit for our Eagles.

The Eagles never did give up however, and with just 30 ticks left on the clock quarterback Jordan Henderson miraculously avoided another sack and saw wide out Jacob Knutti headed for the end zone. Jordan launched a perfect pass but the Ram’s defensive back looked to have the ball in his grasps until Knutti displayed what may have the been the greatest grab of the season as he ripped the ball out of the defenders hands and fell into the end zone. The referee threw both hands high in the air and the Waterville sidelines exploded in approval. The Eagles converted the kick and cut the margin to 8 points at 34-26. But as they say – too little too late – and the game soon came to an end as Waterville’s attempt at an onsides kick was recovered by the Rams and they quickly took a knee as the clock ran down to zero.

Although the outcome was not what anyone had wished for we have to be amazed and ever so proud of our Junior Midgets. These young athletes have more than exceeded our expectations and almost pulled off arguably the biggest upset in Waterville Sports history. The New City Rams come from a class AAA school district which graduates over 600 kids per year. Not only that, but several Ram Coaches sported jackets which proudly displayed “New City Rams Jr. Midgets 2007 State Champs” so obviously they have been here before. But that should just reinforce for our kids and community what a magical season this was, and what a bright future this group has. And as these kids move up to Modified and Varsity football they need to know that they have our support and admiration. We should be committed to insuring that their pending migration from Eagles to Indians is a successful one and that this group stays close and committed to completing their legacy throughout high school, college and life. I know they all have touched my heart and blessed my soul with memories I will never forget. Thank you Eagles. Coach Savage.

Thanks, John!

Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It's 34.3 degrees.

WKTV predicts that: "Flurries should be in the air throughout the day, but accumulations would be light or limited. The lake snows may briefly regenerate for a few hours tomorrow night before weakening and dissipating. Wednesday will feature a return to fair skies. Highs tomorrow will struggle due to lack of sun and only reach near 40 degrees. By Wednesday, we should see highs in the mid 40s.
Another storm system will aproach Thursday evening, bringing a period of rain after mid afternoon and lasting into Thursday night. The rain should clear Friday morning, and with some sun Friday afternoon, highs near 60 degrees is not out of the question."


Library Director Jeff Reynolds wrote, yesterday, to say that there were 86 stars on the "veterans' wall"!

A special reception will be held at 6:30 today to honor veterans, and the Library Staff hope that as many veterans who can be there will come! Spread the word!

Guest speaker will be Louis C. Langone, author of
"The Star in the Window."


Also at the Library, a brand new exhibition on the Gallery wall in the hallway:
works by Munson-Williams-Proctor plein-air student painters whose instructor, Annette Gurdo, brought them to Waterville one fine day last summer.

I'm expecting more information about both Annette and the artists,
but - in the meantime .............

Jeff took these two photographs .........

.......... and I added "watermarks" to protect the images from possible misuse!


In the stack room, Rita Mack was at the "history iMac," gathering all she could find about her home - the William Osborne mansion on Berrill Avenue - and its various owners. She said that she would really appreciate it if any blog-readers have any information, either personal recollections or family photographs, that tell anything of this building's past.


It was warm and cozy in the Library, but awfully chilly outdoors, yesterday. Mike Tower was grading earth in the Park ...........

............. the Village DPW was putting protective barrels over fire hydrants .......

......... and lengths of "snow fence" appeared at St. Bernard's ......

.......... and at the Harringtons, north of Sangerfield.

I received an Email from Yvonne Durant Brady, yesterday, with the following request:

"Can you put a note on your site to send in any old photos and information about Town of Marshall Farms - to the Town of Marshall Historical Society? They are going to try and put a Farm Book together. Many farmers received a form in the mail - please send it in as soon as possible. I am not on the committee - but growing up in the Town Of Marshall and being a farmer's daughter - I think this is a wonderful idea ....and thought many read your site everyday.

Old photos, new photos, old stories, new stories - some farms may no longer exist - but the family name is there forever....or the land is still referred to by the last name of the farmer who lived there the longest.

Please mail any information to:

Marshall Historical Society
P O Box 232
Deansboro, NY 13328

(These old barns on Fuess-Cleary Road may have been built by the farm's first owners, some of the township's first settlers - the Bartons.)


Gary Eckerson has been following the "restoration" of "the Wheeler Block," where the Eckerson's lived in the 1950's. I need to take a photograph of a particular part of the end of the building, and then I'll blog his recollections and the picture, tomorrow!


Blog-reader Ron Bornick, from Clinton, writes to remind us that the November 12th Meeting of the MVAS (Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society) will start at 7:30 pm, sharp, at the Town of Kirkland Senior Citizens Center in Clarks Mills.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jason Wright, a post-doctoral associate in Space Sciences at Cornell University will talk to us about "extrasolar" planets. He studied and worked under Geoff Marcy, the man who has discovered around half of the over 300 extrasolar planets orbiting other stars. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Wright and his wife (also an astrophysicist) visit us. Please help us show him our appreciation by attending his program.

Refreshments will be served immediately following his talk followed by the business meeting.



Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I've just received this Email from Pop Warner "sports reporter" John Savage:

"Our eagles played their hearts out but unfortunately came up short 34-26. It was a very exciting game and we had an incredible crowd of enthusiastic supporters - thanks to everyone for a great season! "


Our thanks to the "Eagles," too!

We're proud of all of you!


I'm posting early, today, because I need to take my car to Den Kelly's for a "safety recall." It has to do with the possibility of heavy of snow disabling the windshield wipers and, of course, obscuring visibility. I don't know what the Service Department intends to do about that --- my solution would be to go South for the Winter and avoid the problem altogether!


It's Garbage Day

36.7 degrees and wet.

WKTV predicts: " scattered morning snow showers, followed by mostly cloudy and chilly conditions for the remainder of the day.

Lake effect snow will redevelop Monday evening and will likely shift south. There is the potential for some accumulating snow as far south as the Mohawk Valley Monday night into Tuesday. Stay tuned.
More snow showers continue on Tuesday followed by a brief break from the clouds and showers on Wednesday. Yet another storm system will give us rain showers heading into next weekend."


Autumn decorations are still prevalent, throughout the village ........

......... but Christmas decorations were hung at the Fire House on Saturday.

A shivery-looking Parade of Lights Committee

stood in the rain in Monument Park, on Saturday morning.

They may not have completed all that they'd set out to do, that day, but the few trees that were lit were very welcome bright spots!

The wrappings came off the "Wheeler Block" on East Main Street!

The building, which should probably be known as the "Brouillette Block," is owned by John (a.k.a. "Jack") Brouillette and the restoration was carried out by Dan Maine & Co.

Thank You!

A large flock of Canada Geese, enjoying a lay-over near Merriman's on Sanger Hill, weren't bothered by the rain .........

and a roofer was working at Mrs. Lew's Sanger Avenue residence.

Roger Frye

Angela Martz sent me these pictures of Boy Scouts sorting through Popcorn orders.

Webelo Scout David Martz, Jr.

It's that wonderful caramelly popcorn.
Autumn's answer to the Springtime treat of Girl Scout Cookies!

I wonder if the Scouts ordered any extra, and if it's still possible to place orders?


Patsy Hill phoned to tell me that her gift shop on Route 12 will be open fairly regularly from now 'til Christmas. Watch the sign for hours.


Tomorrow is


6:30 pm |

at the Waterville Public Library

author of "A Star In The Window"

will be talking about his book
a reception will honor all of the veterans.


Thursday, November 13


7:00 P.M. at the High School Auditorium


On Friday and Saturday

(Click to enlarge)

I found this synopsis online: "Here's an entertaining 'vampire' play that begins where most Dracula stories end. Mina was a victim of Count Dracula. Beautiful, but incredibly evil, she has searched the earth for a young man who would resemble her first love... Jonathan Harker. She discovers him Tod Wilson, an innovative teacher who opens a school for brilliant students not far from New York City. The property (donated by Lady Dracula) is a forbidding pile of haunted stones called Malice House. Lady Dracula keeps to the shadows except when ...... " No sense telling you everything!



St. Bernard’s Church


9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Soup and sandwich luncheon 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.



Calling all Revellers!

Hartford Players Youth Theater in a collaborative project with the choral group, Tapestry- The All Centuries Singers, will present a musical adaptation of the Medieval mummers folk-play "St George and the Dragon."

This play within a play is sheer fun, and
begins as villagers arrive in the local tavern to be cast in an amateur production of "St. George and the Dragon."
Silliness reigns as the participants are cast in their roles for a variety of reasons--none of which have anything to do with talent.

The mummers' play will be told using traditional rhymed dialogue and Renaissance madrigals.

"St. George and the Dragon" will run November 15th and 16th at the Kirkland Arts Center in Clinton NY. Performance times are 3:00 and 7:30pm on Saturday and 7:30pm on Sunday. Tickets are $12.00 for adults, $10.00 for students and seniors; reservations can be made through the Kirkland Art Center at 853-8871. Tickets will also be sold at the door.

With comedy, live music, heroes, dragons, and fast-moving action, this interactive production offers an adventurous and entertaining treat for the whole family.

the All-centuries Singers



Have a Good Day, Everyone!!