Friday, January 11, 2008



It's 38.7 degrees. Windy with rain.

  • Flood Watch in effect for Oneida, S. Herkimer, S. Fulton and Montgomery Counties***
  • This Morning: Any freezing rain north and east changes over to plain rain after sunrise. Rain likely. Rain will be heavy at times. Temperatures into the low 30s in the Adirondacks, but low 40s for the rest of CNY. Breezy. Minor flooding possible.
  • This Afternoon: Rain tapers to showers. Breezy. Some sun possible. High in the mid to upper 40s.
  • Tonight: A few snow showers or snow flurries in the North Country. Otherwise breezy and cooler. Low near freezing.
  • Saturday: A morning flurry. Clouds and some sun. High: 38, Low: 24
  • Sunday: A mix of sun and clouds, but increasing clouds during the afternoon. High: 38, Low: 25


Lewis Road from Lewis Road.

I took quite a long ride, yesterday, trying to find something either bright or picturesque or historic to take a picture of. Really, the landscape seems very dull to me, right now ........

......... but Nancy Eastman's mural, on Route 12B south of Deansboro, is as bright as ever.

I was reminded of this picturesque little old "sugar house" on Camp Road ...........

....... when I saw this - on Osborn Avenue! I wonder if it's working?

I took quite a number of pictures of this grand old barn on Tower Street. There's some wonderful stonework around doorways: something more for my list of "things to draw," sometime!

I recall that on the top floor there were many little rooms for servants. Is there anyone who can remember stories about elegant dances that were held there? And whether it was built by the TERRY family or the TOWERS? (Thank You!)



I've had a nice letter from Mr. Tom Williams - Greg's father. He and Greg's stepmom arrived in Waterville early in the week to do what they can to help Greg's family and also to forward ongoing efforts to locate Greg. Although "official" searches by the State Police and the Forest Rangers have been suspended, other teams of searchers have been on and around Tassell Hill every day.

It would help them immensely if everyone who thought they'd seen Greg - or anyone - walking Eastward from the village on New Year's Day to let the family know. Also for anyone who DID walk out Putnam, Canning Factory or White St. to let them know who they were, what they were wearing and when they were there. This can help eliminate false leads.

We are aware that there have been rumors that Greg might in fact have left the area with another person. Any information that would either sustain or disqualify that theory would be of great help to them, as well.


You can either phone the family or - if it's easier and quicker - "E-mail the writer" and I'll forward your message to the Williams family as soon as I can.



The very raggedy American Flag that appeared in yesterday's post has already been replaced by a brand new flag, ordered earlier from the Gettysburg Flag Works. The GFW web site provides lots of information on Flag Etiquette and offers sale prices on several different types of flags and souvenirs.


Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

34 degrees.

  • Thursday: Increasing clouds. Not as windy. High in the low 40s.
  • Thursday Night: Freezing rain and sleet developing toward midnight and changing over to plain rain. Freezing rain may persist in the Adirondacks. Low near freezing.
  • Friday: Mostly cloudy with morning rain showers. Breezy. A bit mild. High: 44, Low: 30

Yesterday was windy! When I was driving Northward on Austin Road I could see siding flapping on this home and when I reached Clinton, there were huge limbs down on College Street and even what appeared to be an entire tree lying on top of a car. We had no such damage, that I've heard of ...............

...... but this flag certainly had been taking a beating and deserves proper retirement.

Just about every bit of snow has melted and now the pond on Grant Hill Road is full, again. and

.......... the Sangerfield River is 'way out of its banks near the bridge on Loomis Road.


Have you been watching as work has progressed at these neighboring houses on Osborn Avenue? The one on the left seems to have received a complete refurbishment over the past many months, and the one on the right is getting new siding.

A very alert Blog-reader commented to me that the Pedestrain Crossing indicators on traffic signals at Main street and Rt. 315 seem to NEVER show that it's safe to cross the street: you know, the little man walking.

Perhaps one needs to press the button on the pole? Or is there a malfunction?


Other readers, looking ahead, bring to our attention the new schedule posted on the STANLEY THEATER website and that of the GLIMMERGLASS OPERA
where four new productions will be staged on an Elizabethan-style set this coming Summer!


"Look-forwards" are fun!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Recyclables Day!

53 degrees and breezy .......

and another day in New Hampshire.
If you want to know what happened there last night, click here:

  • Wednesday: Morning thunderstorms, then rain tapering to showers through early afternoon. Becoming quite windy by mid to late morning, with 20-40 mph gusts likely. Morning highs in the upper 40s, but falling throughout the day.
  • Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy and cooler. Low around 30.
  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds, but increasing clouds in the afternoon. High: 40, Low: 32
  • Friday: Freezing rain in the Adirondacks changing over to plain rain. Elsewhere, just plain rain. High: 41, Low: 30

Yesterday there was one place to be - OUTDOORS!

The temperature here in the Hollow rose to nearly 70, and it was grand!

Around the village, runners wore shorts and T's ..........

and others looked uncomfortably overdressed!

These gals were walking so fast that I asked them to slow down so that I could take their picture!

This was the busiest place in town .......

all day long!

Up in Dicksville, there isn't a single sign of Winter.
It's staying lighter later, too, and this grand sunset glowed 'til nearly 6:00!

In the Mailbox:

Waterville's Boys' Varsity Basketball played a great game on Monday evening -

Waterville 43, Oppenheim-Ephratah 37
R.J. Baumgarten had 14 points and 10 rebounds and Viktor Selyuhitsky added seven points and 11 rebounds as Waterville won a nonleague crossover. Shawn Seeley led Oppenheim with 14 points.

- and a Waterville fan who was at the game sent this original poem for our enjoyment!


The Fan

by Spud Hill

I went to the ball game promising to be quiet and not say a word
When the game started I opened my mouth and this is what I heard
Why did you blow your whistle ref no one got hurt?
You probably think you’re so cool in your Zebra shirt

Tell me ref why did you blow your whistle and stop play
Then the ref turns to me and I heard him say
Keep you mouth shut and sit down
Or I’ll have security throw you out on your crown

I opened my mouth again and gave this reply
Why I said it I’ll never know why
My comments to you sir are only a suggestion
If you don’t understand me then ask me a question

I work hard in the stands at every game
You kind of make it easy to find someone to blame
You really stick out in your Zebra attire
So when I see you coming I get ready to fire

I can’t get the coach to listen to me any more
I only try to tell him how to run the team and increase the score
So I pick on the one on the floor who is out of style
It makes me feel good for just a little while

Now I had the refs’ attention and every one could hear me yell
Every one was looking at me and my ego began to swell
Because I had the ref speechless he could only nod and give me a smirk
Then he turned and said to me please sir this is a game not an audition for a jerk


Becky Maggio sent me this great poster - a reminder that it's Great Fish Fry Month at the Legion!


And Lynne Matteson wrote that "Lee the Horse Logger" is on the road again. I'll try and track him down, today!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


52.9 degrees; drippy.

  • Today: Morning low clouds and fog. Sunshine developing, with near record warmth. High near 60 or in the 60s in spots. Upper 50s in the Adirondacks.
  • Tonight: Rain developing. Slight chance of a thunderstorm. Low in the mid 40s.
  • Wednesday: Rain, maybe a thunderstorm and turning cooler. Becoming very windy. Wet snow showers and flurries in the evening, especially N Oneida, N herkimer and Lewis Counties. High: 47, Low: 30


I don't know how warm it got, yesterday, but snow melted ...

Mr. Williams had hosed down his driveway and lawnmower and grinned that he was "ready to go!"

and youngsters raced home from school to put on cut-offs and flip-flops!


I did what a great many females tend to do when they feel a touch of Spring Fever coming on: I went shopping!

I went to McLaughlin's in Norwich! It really is a lot like the McLaughlin Store that used to be here, in Waterville. They carry Pendleton and Woolrich - and the salesgirls are as friendly as always. If YOU havn't been there, keep it in mind for a Spring Fever Outing!


The parking lots around the Fire House and Municipal Hall were full, again, but an article in this morning's Observer Dispatch reads:

Police suspend ground search for missing man
WATERVILLE — The ground search for a missing Waterville man was suspended at 5 p.m. Monday, state police said.

An aerial search for Greg Williams will be conducted today, police said.

Police said they will continue the missing person investigation and will reconvene the ground search with forest rangers if any new leads are developed.

Williams was reported missing Wednesday. Relatives found a note from Williams stating he had gone coyote hunting, police have said.

About 40 state troopers, rangers and some family members searched Friday to find Williams after spending Thursday combing the area around Waterville and Tassel Hill, where Williams of 118 Stafford Ave. is believed to have been hunting.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 366-6000.

On Sunday evening, WKTV reported that Williams was carrying a pack that contained matches and other survival supplies.



The Red Lion Pub is Open!

Mr. Gary Hudson, completely at home behind the bar, where several imported draft beers are available as well as everyone's other favorites.

The decor is dark and gleaming - as a pub should be -

and several of his wife Pamela Brown's paintings hang on the walls.

Pub hours?
Watch for the two "beer signs" in the windows to be on.

When installation of kitchen equipment is complete.


Do you know what Dick would have said, right now?

"Jolly Good!"

Ms. Brown has also opened a B&B called "The Artist's Inn" on Babbott Avenue.
Ask for brochures at The Red Lion.



"For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning."

T.S. Eliot

2007 was a pretty intense year, for me. Now I want to move ahead, making my own schedule as I go.

If you read The Waterville Times, you'll find the following at the end of "In Timely Manner:"

" .............. for that reason, I wrote to Patty Louise last week telling her of my decision to take either a long hiatus or “retire” from (as correspondent to) The Waterville Times. In addition to working on Memorial Bandstand fund raising, I want to finish putting together chunks of family history that Dick and I had begun assembling and that will take me Northward to Mooers Forks and Eastward to South Hadley, Massachusetts. I have also decided to take on the challenges of a couple of “commissions” - combinations of writing, drawing and/or photography, much as I’ve been doing, but not just in this area.

I wrote “...... I don’t want to see the column disappear! Readers love it not just because they’re inquisitive but because it puts more of ‘Waterville’ into ‘The Waterville Times’ - and that seems to be as important to them as it is to me.”

Back in 2004, I set out to show Patty that a “social column” was possible. I want to thank her for making space in her newspaper available for the column and the Readers for their enthusiasm. Writing “In Timely Manner” has been my pleasure and privilege!

Now, I hope that one of you will volunteer or agree to compile material and that all of the readers will keep firmly in mind the fact that said “material” must come from them! It’s a team-thing; it’s Waterville’s history as it happens; it’s important and it’s fun!


Will I be giving up the Blog?

No Way!!!

Because the blog is primarily visual and posts can be made from anywhere and at any time that I find internet access and because I get so much more e-mail "input" from readers, it doesn't present the same problems to me that the column did. You may find that you're traveling here or there with me, now and then, but even that might be fun!

Have a great Day!

Monday, January 7, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

45 degrees!

  • Monday: Mostly cloudy with scattered rain showers. High: 50, Low: 42
  • Tuesday: Partly sunny and very warm. High: 61, Low: 45
  • Wednesday: Rain developing. Chance of a thunderstorm. High: 47, Low: 30

It was last Thursday morning when the search began for 47-year-old Greg Williams, of Stafford Avenue, who had been missing since New Year's Day when he - according to a note left for his family - said that he was going to go coyote hunting. They presumed that he meant on Tassell Hill - where he'd gone before. That's where the search began, but - over the weekend - it took in more and more territory and involved more and more searchers. At first, the Forest Rangers turned away volunteers, not wanting more footprints than necessary, but then they said "Yes!" and by yesterday one man estimated that there were three hundred people looking for some sign of Greg.

Parking lots at the Fire House and Municipal Hall were filled, and cars were parked on both sides of Barton Avenue and along one side of White Street.

Buses from the Waterville Central School District were transporting searchers to various starting points ..........

....... and Waterville's Fire Department apparatus was all outdoors while, inside, the Red Cross served hot food to search and rescue teams.

Yesterday afternoon, one team was working their way, methodically, along a hedgerow near Osborne Avenue .............

............. while another headed southward along the railroad tracks near the Bowling Alley.


Not everyone in Waterville knows Greg Williams or his wife or children and while we can offer our concern for them and try to empathize, saying that we understand their fear and worry, most of us really can't. But there is one thing that a great many in the community ARE feeling, and that is a truly enormous sense of gratitude to the three or four-hundred who have come to help.

Yesterday afternoon I picked up a hitchiker - probably for the first time in my life! - a young man in orange search gear who was trying to get to the Fire House as fast as he could because he needed to be in Barneveldt. His name was Brian Davies and I asked if that was where he lived - "No," he said, "I actually live in Remsen. I belong to the Search and Rescue Unit covering the southern Adirondacks. There's another Adirondack Unit here, too!"

Thank You for coming to Waterville!