Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday w/ add-on

Good late morning!

As those of you who live here already know, we had a tiny little power outage during the night.
It probably only lasted two seconds, but .................

  • My alarm clock failed.
  • My coffeepot failed.
  • My computer was discombobulated.
And now I've had a couple of phone calls from people to whom I really wanted to speak AND a bunch of E-mails that needed to be read and responded to.

Sorry to keep you waiting!


It's 58.8 degrees and sunny.

From WKTV: "Good morning Central New York! Heading out the door this morning, you'll notice the cool start to the day with temperatures in the 50s. Some areas are reporting fog this morning, so be aware of that on your way in to work. It's going to shape up to be a terrific afternoon, with temperatures rising into the low 80s and comfortable levels of humidity. This evening and tonight look just fine as well, with clear skies and temperatures falling into the upper 50s and low 60s late tonight.
Quiet weather won't last for too long however, as a cold front will approach us on Saturday, bringing us the chance of a few showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening. This front could slow down and keep that chance of unsettled weather into Sunday, but we're banking on mainly dry weather for now for Sunday. This does not look like a weekend wrecker, but have an umbrella if you have plans to go to Irish Fest or the Baseball Hall of Fame for the Induction Ceremony."


Doris Stephan



"Farms and Barns in Kirkland, New York," a 230-page survey of more than 125 farms and the farming history of the Town of Kirkland since 1800. Published by the Clinton Historical Society, the book was edited by historian Richard Williams with help from a committee of twenty local residents (including Mr. Stanley Dziekonski.)

The book is available for $25 at Clinton Tractor & Implement Co., McHarris Gifts, Clinton Agway, the Cliunton Village Clerk's Office, and the Clinton Historical Society.


Just reduced. Is this a trend?

Commuters heading to and from Utica are already dealing with single-lane traffic up at Hubbard's Corners*. The same sort of work will start, soon, at Chuckery, as well.

Other highway and byway improvements are under way on Mason Road and Loomis Road.

*"Hubbard's Corners" was named for Simon Hubbard, a very early settler, at whose home the first settlers headed for Sangerfield spent a snowy March night in 1792.


I missed the actual activity in front of the Haarding residence, but it certainly appears that Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were in town!

At the Mowrey residence, on Sanger Avenue, a row of bright flowers gives a good indication of what white picket fences are for!

Jack and Darcie Ruane have some new lavender and blue hydrangeas in front of their house.
I've always wondered WHAT causes those colors:
here's the answer!

It's berry picking season, but these red raspberries are 'way out of reach, high in an old maple tree on Fuess-Cleary Road.


The "babies" - at a feeder right outside my kitchen window.

They appear to arrive at the feeder at just about the same time, but one always goes and sits on a twig 'til the other has had it's turn drinking. The first on waits and then they zip away, together.


Neither the Yankees nor the Redsox played, last night, but this evening they meet each other in the first of three at the Fenway.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

63 degrees and raining.

And also thundering!

WKTV has posted an "Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory" issued by the National Weather Service for Eastern Oneida County and other areas generally to the East of Waterville.

It rained on Tuesday; it rained on Wednesday ..............

The first Wednesday night Concert in the Park was cancelled (at least no one was there at 6:45) and only two vendors set up their displays at the Farmer's Market, earlier in the day: Jim Greene from Hamilton had his produce stand and "the Plant Lady" was there.

At least the pond at the foot of Grant Hill has water in it, again!


You can't miss it!

A huge banner advertising the third annual "Cruisin"
hangs over West Main Street.

(Yes - it IS hard to read, but it's still a good reminder!)

Mrs. Davis told me where to find this!
It's in Patsy Hill's driveway.

I don't think it's been ridden for a while, but it certainly makes a lovely decoration!


Trumpet vines are blooming!

In the country, in wet spots, softball- to soccerball-sized globes of Angelica are making people wonder what they are! Click Here to read about this fascinating plant!


A few days ago I alluded to a "controversial action" taken by the WCS School Board at their last meeting. I was not there, but Lori Meszler - whose son, Alex, is President of the Student Council - was present, and she has sent me the following, which is a portion of a letter sent to Mr. Lonczak and also published in The Waterville Times:

The Waterville Central School Board of Education met on July 15, 2008 and chose to deny Leslie Olivera-Van Wormer the 2008-09 Student Council Advisor appointment, a position she has held for 24 years. A significant number of community members and students were present and spoke in support of Mrs. Olivera-Van Wormer. Applications and interviews for this position were conducted by highly qualified, professional staff that made a recommendation to our new Superintendent, Gary Lonczak. He in turn, recommended Mrs. Olivera-Van Wormer for this position to the School Board. Despite the many positive comments, including the National and State recognition received under Leslie’s direction, the Board met in executive session for 45 minutes and then voted to deny this appointment. The Board did not offer any information to the community members other than it was a “personnel matter”.

The letter continues -

The Meszler family invites concerned students and citizens to their home this Friday from 6:30PM till 9PM and on Sunday from 11:30AM till 2PM for the purpose of signing the petition to appoint Leslie Olivera-Van Wormer Student Council Advisor for 2008-09. Our address is 260 Sanger Ave., Waterville. If anyone would like to sign the petition and these times are not convenient, please contact us at We would be happy to make alternate arrangements.
Parents and concerned community members are also seeking letters from past student council members. They can be mailed to the above address or sent to We have already received ten letters in the first 24 hours since the e-mail address was published. Everyone of them was amazed that Mrs. O-V's appointment was not approved. Each former student explained in detail what Mrs. O-V has done for them, their families, their careers, their life.... What a testament to an amazing woman!
We hope to see you there!"


I've had several Emails and face-to-face conversations about this subject - none intended for publication here!

My posting of this letter doesn't necessarily mean that I endorse the writer's position. What I and others would like very much to know is whether or not the School Board followed proper procedure in taking the action that they did! I realize that BOE Policies can be read at the BOCES website, but "search" capabilities do not function with Macintosh computers - that's me. I would be grateful if someone would send me the pertinent section on appointments and recommendations by the superintendent, if they have that ability!


Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's 60 degrees and overcast

WKTV predicts: "We'll see a mix of sun and clouds, with more clouds in the morning and more sun in the afternoon with the chance of a shower or storm. Again, not everyone will get wet but the threat is there. Highs in the low 80s.
A large scale storm system will develop and slowly move through the region on Wednesday. Widespread showers and storms are possible with highs in the upper 70s. By Thursday, the storm will be far enough east to give us maybe a few morning showers, followed by sunshine in the afternoon. "


I accented that statement because:


in the Park
11:00 - 6:00



Wednesday night
Band Concerts in the Park

July 23rd "All Tuned Up
July 30th "Stage Road"
August 6th "Al Nathan and Blue Streak"
August 13th "John Savage "The Redneck Savage"

..... we want that system to move rapidly!


Mr. Lou Langone sent me these two great pictures taken at the Field Days Parade on Saturday evening! (Thanks, Lou!)

The WCS Marching Band

The Clifford J. Fulmer Post 92 Color Guard

And here are two pictures taken in Paris Station by Dennis Salm right after the Sunday afternoon storm.


The sign we've been waiting for appeared on Saturday!

.. and gasoline went down another penny.

The Boonville-Oneida County Fair opened yesterday! You can find all the information you want at the Fair's website, HERE.


Summer Face-lifts!

The one above is on E. Bacon Street.........

This home, on Babbott Avenue, is getting new siding ......

...... and this, on Sally Road near Forge Hollow, is nearly finished!


On roadsides, look for "Bouncing Bet" or Soapwort.

Early settlers brought it from Great Britain to use as soap! (It can also be used to produce a "head" in home-brewed beer!)


Hop Vines are HUGE!

This, at St. Bernard's Catholic Church, has even topped the purple martin house in the center!



I'll be on the road, today, meeting my cousin Paul and our friend Sir John Keir at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Whether or not there will be a blog post tomorrow morning will depend on several things, but I AM anticipating a "Letter to the Blogger" re: controversial action taken by the School Board, last week. I'm sure that a similar communication will appear in this week's issue of The Waterville Times.


Have a Great Day, everyone!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday - with Add-on

This is Part I of the Monday blog:

I had a phone call from Shari Brennan, last evening, telling me that there had been a great deal of storm damage yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of Paris Station. It's just getting light: I'm on my way! Check for photos later this morning.


It's Garbage Day!!
66 degrees: no more rain.

WKTV predicts that: "We expect to see a mainly dry day, with some sunshine in the late morning and early afternoon. As we progress through the day though, scattered showers will develop from a weak distrubance that will zip by late in the day. We don't expect much out of this, but still the chace for showers can't be ruled out from tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow night. Highs will be near 80 depending on how much sun we see.
A slow moving large scale disturbance will park itself across the region this week. Scattered showers and storms will be part of our forecast from Monday through Thursday. No real washouts or significant amounts of rainfall are anticipated."


It was HOT!



and I wasn't the only one who didn't
attend Field Days events as much as I normally do.

On Saturday afternoon, the Field was nearly empty ..........

with the most activity taking place on the Softball Diamond.

On Brouillette Road, the Eisenhuts' cows found a "water park" to cool down in.

On Saturday evening, I wasn't in time to get a parking spot to watch the parade AND be able to get from one location to another, and so I apologize for the lack of photographs.

If you're really starved for Field Days shots,

click here to see

Sunday morning was better,

.... and folks had lined up for the BBQ Chicken long before noon!


ELSEWHERE ........

There are signs on both the north and south sides of "Hubbard's Corners" - where Summit Road meets Route 12.

Hopefully, we won't have to inch out onto the road to see if we're going to be hit!

Also: there's some large-scale digging going on next to Loomis Road and in a cornfield next to Frog Park Road in Stockwell. The explanation is: "They (Tennessee Gas) are testing the pipeline."


Have a Good Day, Everyone!



(Click to enlarge image.)

Well! That was a mighty powerful storm!

Yesterday afternoon all of this material was nicely stacked inside a storage shed at Lincoln-Davies.

But then the shed moved ..... as much as 25'.

On Crooked Hill Road, acres of corn are nearly flat on the ground - but all aiming in the same direction: not really typical of a microburst.

At the Brennans', on Doolittle Road, scores of ancient Norway Spruce were snapped off.

The same sort of damage can be seen at the corner of Crooked Hill and Greens Crossing Roads.


I didn't seen ANY seriously damaged residential structures nor has anyone heard of any personal injuries suffered during the storm.