Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday with "T or T" times and MORE!

It's 30.2 degrees, starry clear,

and it's

The Official Word from Municipal Hall,

"Trick or Treat"

from 5:00 - 7:00



I understand that there are some

Greek Gods and Godesses

at ACCESS Bank, today!

WKTV predicts that: "For Halloween, we'll start out with sunshine and plenty of it. That will allow us to boost up and warm up into the 50s in most locations. However, areas with snow cover will see highs struggling to get out of the mid to upper 40s. High clouds will be noticeable as we go toward evening, and those clouds will thicken up after dark. For trick-or-treaters, expect partly to mostly cloudy skies, but dry conditions. Temperatures will start off in the low 50s on average at 5 PM, but dropping into the 40s for the 7-9 PM timeframe.
Friday night's clouds will be due to a cold front dropping in from Canada. This will usher in much cooler conditions for Saturday, with a lot of clouds early and moderate clearing late. Temperatures won't get much past the mid 40s. Saturday night may feature very cold conditions with widespread teens and low 20s possible. It will stay snow-free. Sunday is the pick of the weekend, with plentiful sunshine and highs well into the 40s or low 50s."

From The Waterville Times: in 1898 a Hallowe'en Sociable was held at the Congregational Church in Paris.

In 1921, members of the Senior Class gave a masquerade party at Candee Hall and three Sunday School classes had a party at the home of the pastor of the Methodist Church.

In 1924, a Hallowe'en party was held in the church parlors in Stockwell and in 1948 the Stockwell party was held in Community Hall.

From then on, Hallowe'en parties at both the school and in churches became annual traditions.

In Hamilton, in 1950, the movies at the State Theater were "The Creeper" and ""Scared to Death."

The first reference that I've found for "Trick or Treating" is in 1951, when Sunday School Students at the Presbyterian Church gave a party to benefit the International Emergency Fund for Children. In 1952 the name had been changed, and youngsters went door-to-door asking for donations to the United Nations International Childrens' Emergency Fund - UNICEF.

Jumping head to 1966: in a Letter to the Editor, a village resident writes --- "Lets hope that this year the trick or treaters will run wild for only TWO nights instead of for a full week. People don't mind giving the children treats, but they do object to being disturbed for a full week. Why not do all the trick or treating on just (two nights) and that way people can be prepared. I think it would be a good idea if from now on the Mayor or the Village Board declare 'Trick or Treat' nights. It would help many people in many ways!"

Can any blog-readers tell me what time "Trick or Treat" is to take place, tonight, in the Village?

Some say 5:00 - 7:00; others 6:00 - 8:00!

(I'll post the answer as soon as I can find out!)


An early-morning E-mail from "Frannie" tells me that there will be a

Hallowe'en Party at the North Brookfield Fire House

Tonight at 7:00!


From WKTV - a look ahead AND a reminder to

"Fall Back"

to Standard Time

on Saturday night!

Here's a link worth clicking on!


(I don't know where this family lives, but I haven't heard of anyone living in the Village who is in this situation.)

Once the sun came out, yesterday, the temperature began to rise, but snow-coated trees still looked like icicles.



For the history of both the holiday and the symbols of Hallowe'en, click HERE.

This "Snopes" site will explain about the Black Cats!


If you're still without a Pumpkin to carve,
there are some on tables 'way out at the end of Upper White Street!



and for those who travel in gasoline-powered automobiles ...


View south on Route 12.

Here are three pictures that I took at "Hubbard's Corners" - where Summit Road meets State Route 12 - before the snowstorm. The DOT has regraded both roads at the intersection and now motorists' visibility, especially from Summit Road, is greatly improved!

From Summit Road looking North ....

... and South.

There is, however, a rather startling drop-off and I hope that guard rails are part of the plan!



If you feel like browsing the new books at the Waterville Public Library but really don't want to go out? "Shelfari's" the answer!

Click the link to explore!


And if you do not already have your FREE ticket to next Wednesday's concert by the United States Air Force Band of Liberty's "Big Band" with Waterville's own Blair Raker, trombonist, 'phone the school or find a member of the Brothertown Music Boosters, now!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Garbage Day!

It's just 30 degrees.

It appears to have snowed a little bit during the night, but there's no precipitation now.

WKTV's forecast for today is short and sweet: "Thursday will feature increasing sunshine, with a lighter wind. Highs will be in the mid 40s. We should crack 50+ for Halloween, with temperatures in the 40s for Trick-or-Treating."

Well: it's over. The National League has the trophy,

but there's always next year - right?


And now ..............

The pictures that all of you in Florida, Arizona and Texas have been waiting for:

"Winter in Waterville"
(The photos are all clickable.)


Note: "hot items" at Morgan's Hardware Store on Wednesday were kero-sun heaters, propane heaters and snow shovels!

In areas to both north and south of Waterville, there still is no electrical power and there may not be any until Friday.

We in the village are very fortunate!

On Barton Avenue

Pear tree on W. Main Street

On Doolittle Avenue

Madison Street

Sanger Hill Road

View from Hanover Green

Mourning Doves in a cornfield

Gridley-Paige Road

Next to the waterfall.



Some time during the day - even in the storm - Ray Drake removed the forms for the bandstand foundation.


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's Recyclables day.

31.5 degrees - no precipitation.

It looks as if the snow on my front porch is about 6" deep.

According to the Utica O-D website
and WKTV




more to follow.

There was a power outage here, sometime during the night - just enough to set a few lights blinking and cause the need to reboot the computer - but the same condition may still exist in other areas.

The WKTV forecast: "Many roadways are still snow-covered and slushy early this morning, especially on hilltops. Be sure to exercise caution as you travel outdoors and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel as gusty winds continue throughout the morning. Our storm system that developed rapidly over the past 36 hours has pushed to the northeast. Colder air is circulating around this storm and moving our eay over the warmer waters of the Great Lakes. As a result, lake effect snow showers and flurries will persist through the day today and into tonight. Accumulation will be light and again confined to the highest elevations during the daylight hours. Some raindrops may mix in at times in the lower elevations as well. Lake snows may briefly try to get better organized early tonight. This should be short lived though, as high pressure builds in for Tomorrow, improving weather will occur."

In the O-D's summary of the storm and related diffiuculties - road closings and accidents - it appears that at least one reporter stopped at the New York Pizzaria, here in Waterville:

"Frank Pumillia, owner of New York Pizzeria in Waterville, said the falling snow and slushy roads meant less pizza was leaving his shop.
Pumillia is used to harsh winters in Waterville, but for his business’ sake, he said it would have been nice if the timing was a little different. “Sure I know winter’s going to come,” he said late Tuesday afternoon. “I just wish it could have waited another three or four weeks.”


I'll get out and around as soon as I can, and show you what our world looks like!

These two photographs are from LAST November 9th ---- everything looks the same right now!


Oh: yes! For you baseball fans who are still holding your breath, they'll try it again tonight!


Have a good day and

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday afternoon Add-on

Oh, yes ----- it's snowing!

This map is from the Weatherunderground - not the one that's been in the political news, recently!

Down here in Whiskey Hollow - elevation 1,140' - heavy, wet snow has bent lilacs to the ground and taken down a HUGE portion of the ancient willow outside the kitchen. I'd always worried that when it "went," it would come right through the kitchen, but it didn't -- it fell in the opposite direction, missing everything - and Harry Cresswell and his boys will come and take away the remains.

Because I'll be waiting for them, and also because it really is silly to be out without a very good reason, I may not take any more pictures today.

Here's a look at the storm, so far.

When I went uptown, around 11:00 this morning, the Post Office Parkinglot was totally sloppy.

A State snowplow was moving slush off the road in Sangerfield.

Smiles stayed on these snowy Sanger Avenue pumpkin faces.

Snow was stuck to the northwest side of trees up at "Hanover Green."


Here is a link to the WKTV "School Closing" page. There are no Oneida County entries at this time, but several school in surrounding communities have cancelled afterschool activities.

Who knows what tomorrow morning will bring!

Tuesday - catching up!

Here's my excuse for being late!


At 8:43, it's 34.2 degrees and the rain has turned to


You might want to read the entire WKTV weather forecast, because this is the way it starts out: "Rain and wet snow has overspread Central New York overnight. Right now, in and around the Mohawk Valley, we're talking just soggy travel with rain the dominant precipitation type. The higher hilltops surrounding the cities of Rome and Utica are seeing some wet snowflakes mix with the rain, but so far we haven't seen accumulations and roadways are in good shape. ....... Elevations higher than 1,000 ft: We'll continue to see the rain/wet snow mix across the hilltops throughout the morning hours. This precipitation will tend to change to all snow as the afternoon wears on. Snow may fall heavily at times. It will be slushy and may weight down trees and power lines. Scattered power outages are possible. As much as 2"-4" of accumulation will be possible by dark, especially in some of the highest elevations. Roadways may become snowcovered and slippery, especially during times of heavier precipitation during the day today. Exercise caution while traveling.

There's more...
Snow will continue this evening and will pile up. By tomorrow morning a total of 3"-7" of snow is expected across many of the hilltops across Central New York. Some localized higher amounts are possible with as much as a foot not out of possibility in the Adirondacks and Catskills."

Here we go!


About the lack of yard signs for Presidential Candidates.....

I heard - right away! - from Republicans:

If they could find yard signs, they'd display them!
Apparently there are no more available, around here.


In yesterday's mail, this Pop Warner Good News Update from John Savage:

"Waterville Eagle Junior Midgets hosted the Ilion Angels in the first round of the Tri-Valley Division 3 Championships yesterday (Sunday, October 27). The game was a re-match from week six when the Waterville Eagles shut down Ilion 28 – 0 at Ilion. The Ilion Angels defense started strong against the Eagles playing to a scoreless tie in the first quarter. Early in the second quarter the game broke open with a couple of quick scores from the Eagles. Waterville won the game 43 – 6. Waterville will face Frankfort in the Championship Finals this Saturday evening at 5:30 in Camden. Frankfort beat Canastota in their playoff game last Saturday, 28 - 0."


This announcement came from Gerda Mortelette, at Memorial Park School:

"There are two high school students who have recently been diagnosed with serious illnesses. One is Ann Marie Wheat, a junior who has cancer at the age of 16 , and the other wishes to remain anonymous.

The Waterville Teachers Association

is sponsoring a


on Election Day, November 4th

at the MPS cafeteria

to benefit both students.

"Baked goods can be brought to the cafeteria on Tuesday, November 4th, from 6am to noon. If you wish to sign up to help for an hour or so at the sale please contact Gerda Mortelette at or call 525-5025."


Click to enlarge


This announcement from Jill Getman at the Waterville Public Library is - for obvious reasons - not just for "blog readers!" (You already know how to use a computer!)

But .... if you have a friend or acquaintance who's still "computer illiterate," as they say, please tell them about these two courses and urge them to 'phone the Library and sign up!

Computer Basics Class

will teach you all the basics of using a computer.

Thursday, November 6th @ 6:30pm.


Internet Basics

will teach you all the basics of Internet use
and the instructor can help them set up an email account.

That class will be held on

Thursday, November 13th @ 6:30pm.

Space for each class is limited, so sign up soon. 841-4651.


Yesterday on East Main Street.

In the Park, Mike Tower watched as Ray Drake guided concrete from the conveyor into the form for the walls of the bandstand foundation.

Out in the country - on Sally Road - a pretty little display at Mary Greene's house.

On Beaver Creek Road, the larches - or tamaracs - are turning gold .....

and at the foot of Grant Hill woodpiles grow.



Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday - Ooooops!!

Sorry -- I overslept!

But I've got heaps of "stuff," so check back later!

Monday, October 27, 2008



It's Garbage Day!

44.4 degrees and drippy.

WKTV predicts that: "Most of the day should remain dry but we run the risk of a passing shower at any point. The high of 52 will be earlier in the day, as colder air is expected to funnel into the region by afternoon.
Another shot of colder air makes its way into region Monday night. With plenty of cold air aloft, lake effect precipitation will start to organize Monday night, but with a due north wind, most of the lake effect will fall west of our viewing area. As we head towards Tuesday, a strong storm will develop in the Atlantic Ocean. While the jury is still out to how exactly this storm will impact our weather, at the very least it will crank up the winds over our area. Winds will shift into the northwest and that will allow for a potential high impact lake effect event here Tuesday and Wednesday."



Game 5 tonight at 8:00 on Fox.


I'm even more sorry for our WCS Varsity Soccer players, their families and fans: the Girls Varsity Soccer team lost to Thousand Island 1-0 on Friday afternoon and the Boys' Varsity Soccer team lost to Tully 2 - Friday night.

But it was a good season! Thank you for trying so hard!


Utica College's "Pioneers" fell to Fredonia State in the second of a two-night series in which the first game was tied.

More and more pumpkins and cornstalks ...... these on Osborn Avenue .....

............ plus a scarecrow and cobwebs on Barton Avenue.

The Rotary Club Hallowe'en Party

will take place on

Thursday night at Memorial Park School.


On Stafford Avenue, the "Bigelow House," which is now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Barnes, has a sparkling new coat of white paint and yesterday afternoon new black shutters were being put in place.

Up in the Park: how can the forms for the foundation walls of a bandstand look like such a complex contraption?


Brouillette Road is always on my afternoon "tour" and from now on I'll be sure to stop and chat with this llama, whom I'd never seen before! She/he was much more inquisitive and friendly than the alpaca at "Rancho Cerritos" ever are!


Draw your own conclusions:

I drove along ALL of the streets within the Village of Waterville, yesterday, counting political posters on front lawns, and found:

- half-a-dozen or so each for Senator Dave Valesky and Congressman Michael Arcuri;

a few for Assemblyman Bill Magee and Judge Murad,

but only

THREE posters for the OBAMA/BIDEN Presidential ticket





Have a great day, everyone!