Friday, September 5, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

62.4 degrees; foggy dark!

WKTV predicts: "Hazy, hot, and humid will be the rule today. Already starting out in the upper 60s this morning with some morning fog. Look for the fog to lift mid morning. Hazy sunshine will continue this afternoon as highs are expected to be near 90 in the valleys and mid 80s in the hills. There will be a bit of a breeze developing by afternoon as well.

Tropical Storm Hanna is currently positioned near the Bahamas with 60 mph winds. Hanna continues northwesterly, heading toward the Southeast Coast. What happens after this is why we're interested. Hanna's remnants should pass to our south and east Saturday night. But with a stalled out boundary over or near us, we'll see rain break out here later Saturday morning or afternoon. The core of Hanna's rain will miss us Saturday night to the south and east, but new rain will likely develop over our area before that time. Some of that rain could be heavy at times. The further south and east, the better chance for heavy rain."

We do need some rain!

The little pond at the foot of Grant Hill has dried up, again.

Yesterday it was hot and hazy and dusty in Hanover ..........

............. and on Daytonville Road.

Even East Main Street was less sparkling than usual.

One of the few really bright spots was on Upper White Street!

And, of course, I always slow down to look at this row of plants. I really expect to find the entire railing on the ground, some day, with Nancy Eastman shaking her finger at Fr. Tom!


Great News from Boston:

I had a phone call yesterday afternoon from the patient himself --- Dale Meszler, if any of you had wondered. He had surgery on Wednesday to have a large (but benign) tumor removed from his pituitary gland. The tumor had been pressing on the optic nerve and had effected his vision to an unpleasant degree. Surgery took place at Mass General Hospital; he was only in the hospital for about 26 hours! He said that there's no sign at all that he'd had the surgery - as in bruising, or bandages - nor is there much of any discomfort, but that his vision is getting better and better and better every hour!

He and Lori want to thank ALL of you for your prayers and encouragement! They'll probably be back in town early next week.




in memory of
the Luke & Pauline Foppes Family



in memory of
Rodney J. Rider and Elaine M. Rider


Yesterday morning I emailed a press release about the Bandstand Groundbreaking to several newspapers including the Midyork Weekly, in Hamilton. Just a few minutes later there came this reply:

"(I) was going to send you an email on this. I read your blog every day and just love it. Gil Condon is my uncle; my mom was Marian and I spent many good times on West Bacon St. at my grandma's so I know sooooo many of the names." (signed) Carolyn. (Small World, for sure!)


I also received this report, from Sandy Martin: "The 'Crimson Bonnets' met at Michael's on Thursday August 28th. Approximately 24 members were present. We all enjoyed a delicious and very filling lunch served by a very patient waitresses. After our meal we were surprised with assorted cakes for desert. Later many of the member went to the Historical Society to view the Eastman Exhibit. We want to thank Lovina and Pat for doing such a wonderful job in setting up our meeting.

The September meeting is being held at the South Street Banquet Hall in West Winfield. Members are reminded to call Mary or Helen with their reservations." (Thanks, Sandy!)

Speaking of "Michael's (Fine Food & Spirits," on Main Street) - the restaurant will be closed tomorrow: Michael is getting married!!!



Have a really good weekend, everyone!

The Sox meet the Rays tonight at 8:05 at the Fen.


Thursday, September 4, 2008




Garbage is tomorrow!


57.9 degrees; a few puffy little clouds.

From WKTV: "On Thursday, as a decaying cold front approaches us from the north and west, a few showers or an isolated storm could develop through the afternoon. Most areas will stay dry, with a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. Clear skies return Thursday night and Friday.

Teachers' cars filled parking lots at the schools, yesterday, and today


Please Drive Carefully!

This brick schoolhouse, built in 1815, stood at the corner of White Street and Barton Avenue, where the Municipal Hall stands.

It was replaced by a larger school building in 1872.

This one was demolished in 2001 to make room for the new municipal building which opened in 2002.


Another Autumn doorway has appeared - this one on Sanger Hill Road.

Elsewhere - SUNFLOWERS! These - above - are just up the hill from Whiskey Hollow.

At the Murphy residence on Madison Street.

Hiding, unsuccessfully, behind the garage at St. Bernard's.


Also unoticed or, perhaps, unexpected - these former Hophouses!

A wonderful old gray "barn" at Steve and Karen Cleary's on Route 315 .........

.......... a home, on Rt. 12 South .......

............ and a garage at the Bolan residence on West Hill, in Deansboro.


Thank You!



in memory of William A. Lew


in honor of Farmers Everywhere


Between bandstand business, politics, tennis and baseball -
mornings come early and the blog gets late!



Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update from Boston

News gets better and better! Patient is awake; is said to look perfectly normal - no external signs of surgery - and is just waiting for a room to become available.

Says he can already see better and his only complaint: dry mouth.

The "Contact" said "They were talking about discharging him tomorrow!" Then a couple of days at the motel. (Amazing!)

(More when it happens!)

Good News from Boston

As of 1:15 the patient was out of surgery and in recovery.

The surgeon seemed pleased and said that pressure on the optic nerve should be relieved and vision improved.


I expect another report late this afternoon or early this evening!!



It's 54.5 degrees and super-clear.
WKTV predicts that: " As we go into Wednesday, one more day of true high pressure being in control, which will lead to sunshine and highs in the 80s once again. A few high clouds will spread in on Wednesday night and Thursday, with a chance of showers arriving with a diminishing cold front."


It's going to be another great day for


11:00 - 6:00
in the Park.

While you're there, look at the ground at the Brunswick end of the main sidewalk: it's the outline of the Bandstand! Not too small; not too big ... just right!


Across Madison Street from the Park - a glorious flowerbed in front of Mrs. Manion's home.

Also on Madison Street - a favorite doorway!


I don't know what it will be like in Sangerfield, today, but it was an obstacle course, yesterday! Commuters find new and different challenges, every day, at both the turn-off to Lincoln Davies and at Chuckery Corners on Route 12.


They're coming --- tomorrow!


If you ever "go to" Ebay and type in "Waterville, N.Y." you'll find copies of this 1885 birds'eye view of the community for sale. (click image.) A great portion of the countryside, then, was covered with hop yards.

As early as 1850, nearly every farm had its own hop house - or hop kiln.

Once the hops had been harvested, they had to be dried. This was done in hop houses like the one above, probably built around 1860 by one of the Terry families, now the Gordon farm on Sanger Hill Road.

This is the hop house on the old Fusek Farm, on Upper White Street.

Unfortunately, none of the remaining hop houses still have their cowls - roof vents - and even this, which was on a Zombek farm on Route 12B, has gone.


There are several more hop houses in the area -- pictures tomorrow.


Today's search - one of the best wildflower treats of the year:

(Perhaps I can find some "Indian Pipes," while I'm at it!)


In other Sports:

there's a huge schedule, today, at the US Open


Of interest to many Watervillians -
but having nothing whatsoever to do with either bawball or tennis:

I've been promised a telephone call from Boston late this afternoon and will publish the report just as soon as I get it!

('Til then, my good friend, we're all thinking of you.)


Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

51.6 degrees and clear.

From WKTV: Wall to wall sunshine will continue Tuesday as a large area of high pressure parks itself over the area. This high pressure center will also bring with it some warmer temperatures. It will still feel a lot like August tomorrow with highs in the mid to upper 80s. The good news is, there won't be much humidity to deal with. Wednesday looks like a carbon copy of Tuesday's weather with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.
Our next weather maker will be a weak cold front expected to pass through sometime Thursday.

I received the following information from Joan Stedman, with a request to share it with you:

AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization)

In the Waterville area the AYSO program is transitioning to a new Administration team consisting of:
Joan Stedman – Regional Commissioner (404-1732)
Roberta Williams – Assistant/Referee Administrator (841-8257)
Colleen Emerson – Coach Administrator (841-4723)
Kelly Machold – Registar (841-8378)
Stacy Stockbridge – Treasurer

The AYSO program is based on “5” Principles:
Everyone Plays – Balanced Teams – Positive Coaching – Open Registration – Good Sportsmanship

AYSO is a Volunteer Organization – we are still in need of coaches, referees, and team volunteers. Training and certification is provided free of charge. Please sign up to help!!

If anyone is still interested in registering a child please contact Kelly, (there’s still time).

I wanted to send out a special “thanks” to Lori Engle for all her years of Service!!


Pete Kane's Hops

At Sarah Schachtler's, last year .....

and the Falks', on Putnam Street.


(humulus lupulus)

And it's all about Waterville

where hops were introduced in 1820;
where many implements essential to hop production were invented;
where the Hop Exchange was established,
and where the world's first liquid Hop Extract was developed.


More to come.

My thanks to Rich Lewis, who has sent me a couple of interesting photographs that I'll publish in a day or two!


(or click the image of the poster!)

Recent contributions have been received from:



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an anonymous donation in memory of



in memory of Dick & Gert Lewis


A list of ALL contributors will be published in the September 17th issue of The Waterville Times and some interesting photographs that I took in the Park, yesterday, will appear here tomorrow!


It's been a little hectic, here, and I'm somewhat overwhelmed with things to do re: Bandstand business - but what a wonderful problem that is!!

Please bear with me 'til the Groundbreaking Ceremony on the twentieth: after that, my life will get back to normal, again!


Have a great day, everyone!