Friday, November 21, 2008




It's 19 degrees with just a few snowflakes falling.

I heard plows, during the night, but I don't think that we've received more than two inches of snow.

WKTV predicts that: "scattered snow showers will be around the area. Later in the afternoon and tomorrow evening, as winds align from the northwest, lake snows will begin developing southeast of Lake Ontario, which would keep most of the moisture primarilly just southwest of the Mohawk Valley. These lake snows may get very well organized Friday night and locally heavy snow is possible in southern Oneida, Madison, Chenango, extreme southern Herkimer and Otsego Counties. We still are not 100% certain how this will play out, but our feeling is that any significant accumulation will be primarily confined to within the Route 20 corridor. Any subtle shift north or south of the wind direction will result in a different outcome. One of the limiting factors for significant accumulation is that winds may be just a hair too far northwesterly to get a single band of heavy snow going, but would allow for slightly lighter snows spread out over a greater area. Stay tuned for this.
Heavy lake snows should persist into Saturday, before gradually winding down later Saturday night. It will be bitterly cold for November on Saturday. In fact, Saturday night could feature lows that could exceed those readings we reached Thursday morning, primarily where skies clear out. Sunday will see improvement and slightly milder readings."

Les Risley chimed in, reporting that: "Gas is down to $1.88 in Ocala; still $1.91 in Dunnellon.

Temp. down too, was 38 this am.



More Christmas decorations appear every day!
This home is on Babbott Avenue.

Five or six lamp posts on East Main Street have new Christmas wreaths!

Out at Alcotts' on Route 20, one Christmas Room is all ready ....

.... and Brad was getting to work on an even larger display out in the greenhouse!


It's Tea Time!

Historical Society president Joe Falk phoned to say that there are only five tickets left to the annual Victorian Tea!

The event will take place in the Library, this year,

on Saturday, December 6th, from 2 - 4.

(And he asked me to remind the ladies that this is a

Dress-up Tea Party!

That means hats, gloves, jewels, furs....... the works!)
Phone 841-4018 to reserve your ticket now!


As soon as he had read yesterday's blog, DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy sent me this picture of Lou Langone receiving the EPA Award in Chicago on October 20th.

And then Lou, himself, sent this photograph of the banner he'd been given.
The award itself is in the display case in Municipal Hall.
He also made a point of saying that Waterville was the ONLY community
from New York State that received an award!



Have a Great Weekend, everyone!

and remember:


8:00 - 11:00

Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Sausage, Home Fries,
Pancakes, OJ, Coffee and Milk

ADULTS: $6.00 KIDS under 10: Free!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

19.9 degrees; frosty and foggy.

From WKTV: "Temperatures will plunge into the teens once again, with lows near 10 degrees possible in the North Country and Adirondacks. Clouds and flurries will persist through much of Thursday, keeping temperatures again in the low 30s at best.
This clipper will usher in a reinforcing shot of cold, and this will be even colder than what we've had this week. On Friday, scattered snow showers will be around the area. As winds align from the northwest, lake snows will begin developing southeast of Lake Ontario, which would keep most of the moisture primarilly in or just southwest of the Mohawk Valley. These lake snows may get very well organized Friday night and locally heavy snow is possible in southern Oneida, Madison, Chenango, southern Herkimer and Otsego Counties. We still are not 100% certain how this will play out, but as we get closer, we'll know much more. Check the Weather Blog for more thoughts. Stay tuned here for the latest.
Heavy lake snows will persist into Saturday morning, before gradually winding down Saturday afternoon."

There were a lot of Canada Geese on Woodman Pond, outside of Hamilton, yesterday.

I was really looking for Snow Geese. It was on November 27th when they came, last year.
(Photo by Jeff Reynolds. Click to enlarge!)

I haven't seen "Zach" out on Brouillette Road, for a few days, but there are three llamas in a new "preserve" near Earleys' on Route 20.


Poor Mark Masca was complaining of being "cold" in Florida, and now a note has been sent to me by Greg Stevens in San Diego, California:

"I feel Marks pain. It is down to 55 degrees in San Diego."

He adds: " Thank you for the information on Coach Lemery, I played varsity b-ball for him at WCS and was able to send him a message."


Someone had braved the cold, here, to decorate the Pumilia residence on Stafford Avenue ......

... and, just up the street, a gentleman (who fled when he saw the camera!) was hanging lights around his front doorway.



It seems amazing to me that, in this day and age, a small village like Waterville and, in fact, one single individual from that community, could be singled out for recognition by any branch of the federal government! But that's exactly what happened in Chicago at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 23rd Annual Clean Water Act Recognition Award Ceremony.

Considering the EPA's current preoccupation with matters like "Greenhouse Gases" and "Global Warming" why single out Waterville, New York? Because there is a division of that agency that evaluates the efficiency of all of the wastewater treatment facilities in the entire country and, out of the hundreds or thousands of possible "winners," Waterville was given the First Place Award in the Small Advanced Plant Division "for its proactive approach to maintenance, process control, and plant improvements, which enable efficient and cost effective plant operations."

You can read more about the technicalities, here, at the EPA site, but the following is especially noteworthy and is deserving of a large

The award also reads:

"The key to the plant's success is Chief Operator Louie Langone who has been integral in making positive changes in plant operation and fostering strong public relations.

"Public education is extremely important to Langone, who annualy hoss a "field exercise" for local middle school classes to teach students how a treatment facility works and the importance of water use awareness.

"In addition to improving process control and providing public education the plant's staff identifid composting as a more economical option for solids handling and than land application or land-filling. ... The finished compost is distributed free to the public and landscape services, further improving the plant's community relations."

Lou Langone - last Spring.

If you missed the blog posting about my tour of
the facility, click here!


Skip Foppes has placed two newly-restored 12" x 18" photographs in the display case at the Municipal Hall. One, taken from the very summit of Tassel Hill, is of the original Williams Farm which was on the road that lead around the back side of the Hill. The other picture shows work in progress at the first Reservoir. In the scene are two gentlemen - presumably "village fathers," dressed in long black overcoats and shining "top hats!"

I wouldn't even consider taking a picture of the pictures ------ you'll have to see them for yourselves!



"And down and down she goes..."

I've just scrolled back - and back - and back - in the blog

and believe that the price of gasoline topped out at

$4.21.9 on June 20th!


Have a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's Recyclables Day!

16.3 degrees and clear.

From WKTV: "Wednesday will start off sunny, but clouds should build in ahead of an Alberta Clipper type system that will provide a period of flurries for Wednesday night and Thursday, followed by a new round of lake effect Friday. Initially, lake snows should be well to our west, but as Friday transitions into Friday night, heavier snows may get closer to the viewing area. Reinforcing cold will build in behind Thursday's system, leading to some cold days and nights Friday and Saturday.
The potential for another widespread system exists early next week, bringing a mix of snow and rain to parts of the area."


It takes just about a week! If you pick some forsythia today and put it in a vase of warmish water, you'll have a Spring bouquet on Thanksgiving!


Yesterday was about the coldest day that we've had. I found Jennifer Neff and her children in the Park putting up a notice about the Nov. 28th "Parade of Lights." While her daughter held up the unwieldy door, Jenn turned to look at me and hollered, "It's freezing!!"

(Yes: there IS a better way to do this and I understand that the Village Board is looking into a way to make it happen!)


At their Monday night meeting, the Village Board passed the following proclamation:

(Click to enlarge.)


Mary Beth VanDenberg has sent me an E-note to say that

there will also be a


at the

Coach Lemery Benefit Concert

on Friday evening!!


Volunteers from Habitat for Humanity have made quite a lot of progress on the new home that is being built on Gridley-Paige Road.

Ducks will have to find a different pond to swim in - or get ice skates!

More Christmas decorations on Main Street!




Have a great day, everyone, and stay warm!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's 24 degrees and cloudy.

The plows are out, but the road is bare!

(at least in Whiskey Hollow!)

WKTV predicts that: "On Tuesday, weak high pressure will nose in, allowing for some sunshine, but cold conditions. Highs may struggle to get much out of the upper 20s, and a fresh 10-15 mph breeze will make it feel quite chilly. Clear skies (Tuesday) night will allow lows to plunge into the teens everywhere. Where there is snowpack, overnight lows will likely tank into the single digits to near zero.
Wednesday will start off sunny, but clouds should build in ahead of an Alberta Clipper type system that will provide a general light snow for Thursday, followed by a new round of lake effect Friday.."


If anyone wonders why so many pickup trucks seem to be parked, randomly, along the sides of country roads, it's because regular deer hunting season opened on Saturday.


View of Tassel Hill from Tyler Place.

Although snow reached more than two feet, in some North Country areas, according to WKTV, only the highest hills around Waterville had any lasting accumulation.

On Lewis Road.

Dark snow clouds brought occassional flurries.

In the village, mere traces of snow remained.

The creche is in place on the side lawn of St. Bernard's Catholic Church.

There's a Christmas Tree in a window on E. Main Street ..........

............... and snowflakes and candles in a window at the Neffs' home, on Berrill Avenue.


In my morning mail - this, from Wendy Sexton:

"Ann (Cockell) and I have just returned from "Holiday Entertaining" class at Michael's, so we are replete with delicious food, as are the other 30 attending. Sweet Potato Crunch and Macadamia Nut Chicken were our favourites. We are yet to savour Classic Chocolate Truffles and Peanut Butter Pound Cake S'mores which we brought home with us .... Great evening!"

Thanks, Wendy! but now I'm hungry!


An E-note from Doris Stephan updates Book Group activities:

"The Waterville Book discussion Group is reading John Fowles' The French Lieutenant's Woman. We will meet on Wed, Dec 3rd at 12 noon. Call the library at 841 4651 to reserve a copy of the book, and make your reservation to join us for lunch."


I also had E-mail from Mark Masca, in Florida: "It's VERY cold here this morning. For us at least. I know everyone back home would laugh at me for saying that but keep in mind I've lived in Florida for almost 3 years now. But this morning when I got up it was only 60!!! I had to turn the heat on because it was only 68 in the house. To give you a little the middle of the summer when it was almost 100 here, I had the central air set at 78. (and sometimes that was chilly). We had a cold front that blew in Sunday morning and it will only be in the mid 70's all week and low 60's at night...BRRRR."

I'm going to send him a "York State Winter" picture - just so he doesn't forget!


Mark also asked about the Benefit for Coach Lemery and wondered "Why?"
Mary Beth VanDenberg explained:

"Dave was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago. He is at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. His sister Gayle is donating her bone marrow this week. You can also let people know they can log on to the website . You need to make a user name and password. Then type in Davidlemery.

The address is Neely House 750 Washington Street, Box 0716, Boston, MA 02111.
cards and letters will be appreciated. Thanks. I am really hoping that LOTS of people will show up and support the event on Friday."

I did go through the logging in process: it's worth it! And you can leave messages for him and Lynne at that site, too!



Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, November 17, 2008




Anne and John Cockell

visitors from Chelmsford, England!


It's Garbage Day!

29.3 degrees and starry-clear

but look what's coming .........

WKTV predicts that: "On Monday, lake snows will be across the North Country in the morning. The band will tend to shift south in the afternoon but will weaken as it does. Some Lake Erie snow could make it into far southern parts of the area however, but that would generally be light. It will be chilly Monday, with highs around 40 degrees. On Monday evening however, a strong reinforcing shot of cold is going to plow through here. This will grab the lake snows to the north and drop them south across the entire viewing area as winds shift from the southwest into the north and northwest. This will probably bring a 1-2 hour period of heavy snow for everyone, preceeded by a couple hours of light snow or flurries."

Click here for WKTV's


Old Forge


We had a "significant amount of rain," to say the least, on Saturday.
The Sangerfield River is out of it's banks at Loomis Road.

A "consignment shop" called "Rags to Riches"
has opened in the former "Hap's" on Main Street.

Once again, Marilyn has outdone herself with bright decorations at Dan Maine's Woodworking Shop on Madison Street.

"Frannie" writes that the Ditch Family has their tree up and a reindeer out, as well!


For your calendars:


Friday, November 28

(the day after Thanksgiving)

at 6:00 P.M.





Drive safely, and

Have a great day, everyone!