Wednesday, September 24, 2008



in memory of Clayton & Marjorie Crumb

in memory of Howard & Mayme Eastman

in memory of Borden & Winnie Mills


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That was yesterday, but if you see her,
you can still shout

"Happy Birthday!"


It's Recyclables Day!

41.9 degrees

WKTV predicts that: "More sunshine with temperatures in the 70s are expected.
Our high pressure ridge will begin to slide east and away from the area by the end of the week. As it does, some Atlantic moisture will make a run at CNY. While the bulk of the steadiest rain will remain east and south of the area, we still run the risk for showers at any point on Friday through Sunday. By early next week a potent cold front will bring much colder air to the Dakotas."

Memorial Bandstand Ground breaking.

From the left: Bandstand Committee members Dale Meszler, Mabel Bushee, Lois Battles, Philippa Brown. Special Guest Diggers: Sandy and Bob Harding, Legislator Edward Stephenson, Waterville Mayor Jim Younes, General Contractor Mike Tower and Toby Karram of Karram Design & Construction Consultants.

(Photos by Lori Meszler.)


With the sunny forecast in mind, and having the Ground breaking a thing of the past, I'm going to take an early weekend "vacation!"



Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's just 40 degrees and clear.

WKTV predicts that: "Beautiful weather will continue for the next three days as high pressure crests over the region. Expect warm, sunshine filled days and cool nights through Thursday with temperatures both daytime and nighttime a bit warmer with each day. By Thursday, highs are expected in the lower 70s and overnight lows near 50."


Marlene Jones Fuks visited on Thursday and had lunch at Michael's with her Class of 1952 friends. They are, from left to right: front row: Ann Cook Barbano, Shirley Kline Hart, Marlene, Sally Moyer Hofmeister. Back row: Janice Jones Fleischmann (sister of Marlene), and Dolores Congelo Gurdo. (Courtesy Paul Fleischmann.)

From Betty Barth, these photographs taken during the Mary Cleary Walk/Run:

Chad and Griffin Barth.

Dolly Abbe and Pat Brennan

There are Chad and Griffin, again ........

............ and Nancy and Michele.

Judith Ogden Kartman sent me this picture of the Waterville Fire Department Color Guard in the Parade.

The John Deere Tractors - all of them! - were a big hit!

Here's Judy with Uncle Phill and Aunt Sylvia Person ...........

............ and with Mrs. Harding, Elaine and Carol Aldridge.

Getting ready for the Bandstand Ground breaking.

By yesterday morning you'd never have known that there were an estimated 5,000 people here on Saturday!

(It took some doing, and the Cruise-in Committee and everyone who helped with the clean-up deserve our applause! Thank You!)

The big tent at the Library was being folded up .........

........ while, out in Hanover, corn was being harvested ......

and little wild sunflowers bloomed along the edge of a corn field on Sally Road.


Check out the new WCS Girls' Soccer Team Site!


Last night's Baseball games:


Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, September 22, 2008



It's Garbage Day!

and it's the First Day of Fall!

Happy Equinox!

As the earth goes around the sun picture it looking down on its orbit from above. Summer solstice is when the the earth's north pole is pointed most directly towards the sun - warming the northern hemisphere. Winter solstice is when the earth's south pole is most directly pointed toward the sun warming the southern hemisphere and leaving the north cold. The equinoxes are the midway points between the solstices with the sun halfway between its northern most and southern most points.

It's 51 degrees and overcast.

WKTV predicts that we'll see "partly to mostly sunny skies and fog is definately a possibility, too. By the afternoon, only some fair weather clouds, otherwise partly to mostly sunny. Highs will be in the upper 60

Autumn Woods
(Dead Pond)

Albert Bierstadt


Pumpkins have arrived on Sanger Avenue!

An unintentional color reference - but if you're heading for New Hartford, this morning, consider taking Daytonville Road or going by way of Deansboro and Clinton. This stretch, at "Hubbard's Corners," is terribly rough!


There was nothing rough at all, about Saturday!

"What a Blast!!"

Right from the start, the Cruise-in was a whopping success!

First: do you remember why the first "Cruise-in" was organized, two years ago? It was to show people - both from the Waterville community and the surrounding area - that after two years of mud and dust and single-lane traffic and no sidewalks, it was finally "safe to come back!"

And boy: did they come!

Even before 9 o'clock, Main Street was festive and filled with people. The Mary Cleary Run & Walk was under way ........

Sheri and Jenn - almost the first ones back!

.......... and everyone who wasn't participating in that event was lining up for pancakes.

Off to the side, the barbecue pit was sending out billows of that familiar Cornell Chicken aroma-filled smoke: if only pixels could be scented!

At The Waterville Times, the Cake du Jour, complete with a picture of the Bandstand, was waiting to be cut.

It's Stanley!

a.k.a. "D."

The Antique and Classic Car Show covered the entire front lawn of the Harding residence.

Bikes and more bikes - all in a row, in front of "Stinkers."

Photo courtesy Judith Ogden Kartman.

(And she's sent me a folder-full of pix that I'll post later on!)


I really only attended two events: the Groundbreaking and the Alumni-Community Get-together in the evening because ......

...... not since the Centennial Parade, in 1971, have I seen so many people and so many cars and so few places to put all of them!! I wonder if there was an "official" count made? In 1971 the crowd was estimated at 10,000. I've forgotten how many cars went over the traffic counter lines, that day, but it wasn't enough, according to the D.O.T., to warrant putting a real traffic signal at the Route 12 / Route 315 corner at that time!


I'm hoping that more photographers will be sending some of their pictures for me to post - especially of the Groundbreaking, because I wasn't in a position to take pictures. The event - happy as well as historic - was very well attended and Patty Louise said that seeing all of the gold shovels go into the ground at the same time was really neat!

I'll be adding a separate post to the Memorial Bandstand blog, later on.

Dave Maggio and Scott Bullock

Two members of the Post 92 Legion Riders took time out from preparations for the Legion's Hog Roast to attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony and take their turn at earth-moving!

For the Record

At least 320 attended the Alumni-Community Get-together,

and if decibel level is any indication of fun, everyone there was having a totally terrific time!


In the afternoon, at the Park, I got to meet Hank Gardner for the first time and then I spotted Tom Barnes, who had come from Connecticut just for the Groundbreaking; I saw "Jr. Bartlett," again, Phillip Sexton, and lots and lots of people that I hadn't seen for years.

What a great Day!

One gentleman said to me "I've lived here for sixty years and this is the best thing that's ever happened, here!"


Yes: it's safe to come back!


Have a Great Day, Everyone!