Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday the Fourth!

It's 55 degrees and foggy!

WKTV predicts: "sunshine! Lots of it too. The cold front responsible for today's rain is going to stall out to our south and east. But it should be far enough away to not influence our weather. A few extra clouds are possible in the I-88 corridor, but otherwise, it looks great. Comfortable temperatures, low humidity and sunshine will make it a fantastic Fourth...a complete 180 from last year!
With that front lingering too close for comfort into the weekend, we have continued a chance of showers and thunderstorms to the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Both days would feature sun, clouds and gradually increasing humidity. Then, afternoon thunderstorms would be possible. This chance is better Sunday than Saturday right now, but there are still some question marks regarding placement of key features in the area, so stay tuned.

Yes - the corn certainly IS
"knee high by the Fourth of July!"

(There were no real "knees" available to use as measurement, but
the window of the Blog-car is much higher than they would have been!)


On Osborn Avenue

Putnam Street


A special note from Kim Pesto-Eddy, who lives in Ohio:

"Happy Birthday Dad!"
....... and an exciting announcement from Dan and Kathy Ford:



History Video


There's a list of Fourth of July Activities
- including parades and fireworks displays - in this morning's O-D.


This will take a few minutes, but it's worth it: the legendary Red Skelton recites
The Pledge of Allegiance.


On Main Street



.......... to Cally Hudson, injured in a motor vehicle accident last week, who is now recuperating at the Harding Nursing Home while Kirk remains at home in control of a freezerful of food ....

.......... and to Sylvia Person, who hopes to be back on Putnam Street in a couple of weeks but who is, for now, in Room 108A at Faxton Hospital where her telephone number is 624-5680.


Making it Happen!


The family of
Frances & Dick Cowen, POW WWII


Mr. Claude Earley


Next game: 1:05 P.M. today.



Blog posts may be sporadic for the next week or so while I enjoy some typically Summertime outings and projects, but if something really important happens, here in Waterville, I'll try and let you know all about it!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

60 degrees with a thin haze.

WKTV predicts that "a cold front will cross the area with showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. Some of the storms Thursday could be strong with heavy rain south and east of Utica. Severe weather is not expected though More importantly, this front is going to stall just to the south and east of our area. Looking at the latest information, we have removed the slight chance of showers we had in the forecast for the Fourth of July. It appears that any threat of rain will be well south of our area, which means the fireworks displays, parades and barbeques should go off without a hitch!"



Farmer's Market in the Park!

Vendors and customers appeared to be having a good time.

Artist Pamela Brown (right) chats with a customer in front of her booth which, in addition to featuring framed prints, also offered a sampling of Pam's excellent baked goods.


Don't forget

Eagle Scout candidate

Alec Strohmeyer's


from 3:00 - 6:00

at Foodking!

Flowers are everywhere!

From front doorways .......

to garage window-boxes!

The young "street trees" along E. Main Street between Babbott and Buell Avenue are all Linden Trees and they're blooming now. Step close and you'll smell the sweetness of the blossoms and also hear the buzz of happy honey bees!

A sixteenth-century woodcut of the Linden Tree Dance.

You can read about the linden (or lime) tree's importance in mythology and folklore by clicking HERE.

Digging on Madison Street slowed traffic, now and then.

Out on Route 20, where surface paving was in progress, there were more problems:

Although it was possible to make right-hand turns from some side roads (here, at Madison Street) there was no way for motorists to cross to the Eastbound lane or to continue south on Newberry Road! I turned around and went west to Brothertown Road: not even a right-hand turn was possible. At Saw Mill Road I was advised that I would not be able to proceed either right or left for fifteen minutes. Once again I turned around. Whereas these reversals were not a problem for me, other motorists were quite unhappy!

I don't know where paving work will be taking place, today, but it may be that the only way to cross Route 20 or easily make left- or right-hand turns will be at the lights in Sangerfield!


Meanwhile, back in Whiskey Hollow,
there was some excitement!

The chicks were just hanging out, stretching their wings .......

.......... sticking out their tongues, when suddenly .......

"Eeeeeeeek! An intruder!"

"Don't worry! I'll get rid of it .........."

"....... somehow!"

"Mom: you won't believe what happened!!"

Jody remarked to me that the chicks spend a lot of time preening and exercising and - as you can see in the first photograph - they're close to being fully-feathered. He said, "It won't be long now!"


He knew that he had somegreat photos of the hummingbirds, but before he packed up his camera to leave he came up onto the back porch to check out the Carolina Wren nest in the begonia. The female wren was, indeed, at home, sitting on the four little eggs. With an angry start, she flew off to get a better look at this "intruder".............

and he got one more great shot before deciding that he'd better leave!


On Berrill Avenue - Uncle Sam - ready for tomorrow!


Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Recyclables Day

It's 50 degrees and clear.


It's going to be perfect for


11:00 - 6:00


The WKTV forecast: "We expect a Wednesday warmup with temperatures climbing back into the 80s under sunny skies. It should be a gorgeous day.
On Wednesday night, warm, humid air will surge up into our area. Then, a cold front will cross the area with showers and thunderstorms Thursday. Some of the storms Thursday could be strong with heavy rain, especially south and east of Utica. More importantly, this front is going to stall just to the south and east of our area. Looking at the latest information, we have added a very slight chance of showers to the forecast for the Fourth of July, just to make you aware that the chance will not be very far away. At this point, we expect mainly dry, pleasant conditions on Friday, with maybe a shower south and east of Utica."

In my E-mail --- this, from Glen Carroll:

"Hello! I'm travelling again, this time back in Jordan with my two youngest sons, Patrick and Brady. I just read over your blog and darn - I could use some of the cool weather right now!!! Today it was 132 degrees at The Dead Sea!"

(I can't imagine what that must feel like! Once, when I was with "Tapestry" and we were touring in Spain, we spent an afternoon in a little mountain village where we were supposed to be seeing a bullfight - out in the sun, of course. However, it was a little over 120 in the shade, and all most of us saw was the inside of a taberna where the cerveza was cold and they actually served ice in otherwise tepid lemonade!)



And here's a letter from John Rienzo, remarking on the wonderful transformation of the "old Schultz house" on Hanover Road:

"For years, when heading home to visit family, my wife Cheryl and I used to remark on how sad it was to watch what we thought of as the "old Schultz house" fall into disrepair. We've watched the renovation as it progressed, and recently Cheryl stopped in to complement the Cornishes on their progress. It's always nice, as returning visitors, to see houses in and around Waterville be refurbished so they are as nice (and often much better) than they were when we left Waterville around 30 years ago."

Denise Jaquays-Tarbox added:
"Did you also know that the majority of the work done on the Cornish property was completed by Diane's brother (my cousin) Ken? He is quite the carpenter ~ I can speak from experience....!"

In the News:

There was a "Groundbreaking Ceremony" yesterday, at Chuckery Corners on Route 12. The NYS DOT announced improvements to be made at three sites in New Hartford, Kirkland and Marshall townships.



Gail Prentice

recipient of the Rotary Club's
"Pride in Workmanship" Award

Introduced by Mike Latreille, proprietor of Michael's Fine Food & Spirits, Gail received a special plaque from the Rotary Club and candy and flowers from Mike! The Pride in Workmanship Award originated in Australia, and has been presented, locally, each year, since 1992.

A former flight attendant for USAirways, Gail has been with "Michael's" for about two years. I found her, yesterday, chatting with customers Atorrie Stewart, Bonnie Peeling and Debbie Morgan.


New doorway decoration on Madison Street.

There's a beautiful Flower Bed
in front of the WAVAC Headquarters

in Sangerfield.

New decorations in the fields:

Black-eyed Susans.
(The "early variety," I hope!)

Sumac in bloom.



I have received an E-mail inquiry from a blog-reader
wanting to know the details (time!) of the
Fourth of July Parade.

(This must refer to the Parade in Utica in which the WCS Marching Band will participate. A complete list of all Fourth of July Parades in this area can be found HERE in the O-D.)

"A 2008 Regional Independence Day Parade, sponsored by The Genesis Group and First Source Federal Credit Union, will take place at 6 p.m. Friday. The parade route goes from Genesee Street in front of St. Elizabeth Medical Center to Oneida Street. Grand marshals will be Nick and Susan Matt from the F.X. Matt Brewing Co. Following the parade, an outdoor concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. featuring Classified at the Parkway Recreation Center. Fireworks will be at 9:30 p.m."


At Wimbledon, "For the first time in five years, the (Williams) sisters have reached a Grand Slam semifinal together and, because they're in opposite ends of the draw, they could play each other in Saturday's final in a reprise of the 2003 Wimbledon final won by Serena."


Have a Dandy Day, Everyone!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008



It's 59 degrees; overcast.

WKTV predicts that "A morning or early afternoon shower is possible Tuesday. But by afternoon, we should see decreasing clouds out there. Highs will peak in the mid 70s. Clear skies are expected tomorrow night with widespread fog possible.
We expect a Wednesday warmup with temperatures climbing back into the 80s under sunny skies."


It's "CANS & CLAMS" from 5 - 8 (or sold out)
at the American Legion.


Denise Jaquays-Tarbox wrote to say that "Yes!" the restaurant about which Sandy Martin was inquiring is, in fact, the big square stone house East of Richfield Springs.
Carol Sambora E-wrote:
"We have eaten at the Cafe Isadora and it is very nice. They have a tavern menu and a fine dining menu. It is a large stone house just east of Richfield Springs on Rt. 20. We have stopped there on the way back from the opera."

To read the story of the restaurant and its owners, click HERE for the "Freeman's Journal," November 2006, and then scroll down.


If you're a farmer living in Upstate New York, you've seen the cover of the June 16 issue of the Eastern Edition of "Country Folks," a weekly publication with a huge circulation, and if you live around Waterville/Sangerfield, you probably said, "Hey! I know those two!!" If you havent, and didn't - they are Shirley Kellogg and her grandson Cody photographed at the Kelloggs' "Rockylee Farm" south of Sangerfield on Route 12, named Dairy of Distinction for the tenth year in a row. Also making the cover is a beautiful Brown Swiss named "Jazzy."

Just about a year ago, Miles and Diane Cornish began renovating this old farmhouse on Hanover Road.

Look at it now!

Work has begun on Route 20 West of Pleasant Valley Road. The new surface - which looks like "black top" - is a different mixture that will also be used on some Village streets, this Summer.

A blog-reader sent me this patriotic picture, yesterday!

More Patriotic decorations are appearing: these on the front porch of the Nasypany residence on White Street.

More improvements in the village: having added sparkle to the Fessenden/Smith residence at the corner of Stafford Avenue and W. Bacon Street, Bill Vetter's housepainting crew is now at work on Mrs. Manion's home on Madison Street across from the Park.

Just in time for the Fourth of July: Wild Strawberries!
Yes: I know. they're small and they're hard to pick.
But Ohhh! They're so sweet!
(And besides, it's "tradition!")

I was slowing down near Dick Hughes' home on Sanger Hill Road to take a picture of his Boilermaker Flag and got sidetracked by the sight of this load of firewood, waiting to be split and stacked for Winter. I didn't like the thought!

Speaking of putting things away ............

Every morning - even during the Winter! - Morgan's Sidewalk Showroom opens at 8:00 (10:00 on Sundays) and every evening it closes.

What I wonder is ------ how do they manage to pack all of that merchandise into such limited space inside the store?!


Alec's project will be to make improvements to the hiking/skiing trails behind the high school including building a new bridge.



On the 4th


Glimmerglass Opera opens on Saturday


At the Utica Rome Speedway:
Empire Super Sprints plus 358-Modifieds, Sportsman,
Pro Stocks, Pure Stocks and





Have a Great Day, Everyone!