Saturday, July 12, 2008


Only a penny, but everyone was talking about it!


This morning it's 55 degrees and sunny
here in Waterville.

A perfect day for the



Grove Loomis
Click to enlarge and you'll see that he's wearing a satin brocade jacket, diamond tie-pin and
elegant gold watch chain!

Starting at 9:00 A.M.
Last bus leaves at 2:00
$5.00 a seat for the hour-long tours.
(An air-conditioned, handicap accessible bus is available.)

Ice Cream Social 1:00 - 3:00
Kids Games - Prizes
Hop Barn Exhibit Open

From WKTV: "Good morning Central New York! What a beautiful start to the weekend! Today will be a nice day, with lots of sunshine and warming conditions. It will become hot and a bit humid as the day wears on, with high temperatures approaching 90 degrees for highs. The real humid stuff works in tonight, with overnight lows only around 70. With that humidity, a chance of showers and thunderstorms is in the forecast. While most places should stay dry, we will see at least a few heavy showers or a thunderstorm."


It was drizzly, yesterday afternoon, but everything was getting set up at the Historical Society and .........

... on Barton Avenue, "Missy's" Garage Sale was already drawing treasure-hunters!


A correction:

My apologies to "Doug" -- I gave someone else credit for the photographs of the flycatchers!
That "someone else" (Rusty) sent me
this great picture!

Thanks, Rusty!

An E-mail Announcement:

Amanda and Scott Bugbee have a new


There's something about Bicycles!

On Fuess-Cleary Road

Way out on Madison Street

Madison St.

Also on Fuess Cleary Road.
Please click image for cool view!



Everything Boilermaker 15K
(complete with great "search" capability)
HERE at the O-D

and also at

I have no idea how many Watervillians will be running, but it will be a lot!

I talked, yesterday, with my neighbor Giovanna Crowe. She'll be running her first Boilermaker along with her husband, Jim, and their children Sierra and Jimmy. She's been training with Tammy Alcott's group at the high school and said that there were about 80 in the class, for starters, and it was still a large group!



Have a Great Day!

Friday, July 11, 2008


(O.K.! I can't stand the questions and whimpers!)

Ron has been begging for a "blog fix" for two days, now, and claims to be suffering from blog-withdrawal tremors, while others seem surprised to see me around town and look at me quite critically as if I've done (or, in this case, "not done") something I was supposed to!

Actually, I've been right here - and will be here over the weekend - but I want to get some other business taken care of: lots of letters, press releases and grant forms.

The Memorial Bandstand Fund has now raised OVER $70,000 and it's time to seek additional funding and urge everyone to help boost that figure to $100,000. (That is the amount that the Bandstand Fund committee feels is necessary to "do the job right" and we'd like to do it this Summer because who knows what the cost will be a year from now!)

Contributions in any amount will be greatly appreciated - and all are tax-deductible.

Gifts in the amount of $500, made in memory or honor of specific individuals or as sponsorship donations, will assure that those names will be permanently recorded on a monument in the Park.

Please click the above link, E-mail me or telephone 841-4679 if you'd like more information!


It's 55 degrees and overcast.

From WKTV: "Clouds and showers will decorate the skies as we head through today as a warm front passes through the region. Scattered showers and storms are possible at any point today, but not everyone will get wet. Keep the umbrella handy. Temperatures will only be in the mid 70s because of the clouds, but the humidity will start to rise later on today. Tonight, the showers and clouds depart and overnight lows will be comfortable in the upper 50s.
Along with the sunshine, humidity and heat will move back into the region. High temperatures will make a run for 90, with highs in the low 90s not out of the question. It will be extremely humid Saturday night, with mostly cloudy conditions for Boilermaker Sunday morning."

On Saturday, it's the


starting at 9:00 A.M.

$5.00 a seat for the hour-long tours.

(An air-conditioned, handicap accessible bus is available.)

New Loomis Family Photos!

Rhoda Mallett Loomis
(Doesn't she look like a sweet little old lady?)

Ice Cream Social 1:00 - 3:00
Kids Games - Prizes

Hop Barn Exhibit Open


First reports: the members of the WCS Marching Band who went to New Jersey and New York had a super good time!

They spent Tuesday at the "Six Flags Great Adventure" in N.J. and on Wednesday a.m. went to the Bronx Zoo, leaving there to ride in to Times Square in Manhattan for a quick bite before seeing the hit Broadway Show "Spamalot" which got great reviews from the kids and their chaperones alike. They all arrived back in Waterville at 4:25 Thursday morning and are, presumably, just now waking up!


In the Mail: Rusty sent me these two pictures of a Flycatcher Family.

He said that the chicks were complaining that "It's Hot Out!"


Gloria Cook wrote this special Thank You note:

"My sisters Debbie Barnes, Margie Wilson and I went on the most memorable bus trip with The Women's Travelers Club to the Adirondack Museum. It was The greatest time. And I want to thank June Richmond and Perk Stalter for being the hostess. They are organized. I am sure a great time was had by all. I never realized that was such a great club. Thank You Again!!"

I've always heard that the Travellers Club was the oldest social organization in Waterville. I've just searched The Waterville Times and found an 1885 article telling about a picnic outing that the ladies had in Sherburne, "and that several young men were invited."


Have you checked Mark Masca's blog, lately? Let him show you the new house he's looking at and he'll also introduce you to his fantastic new "Kindle!"


There was some sort of activity on E. Main Street, yesterday morning, and by afternoon a few sections of sidewalk pavement in front of the old Opera House Entrance had been torn up and new concrete was being poured.

A "reliable source" told me that "someone has leased the old 'Douge's' gas station-mini mart and intends to refurbish the building, install a canopy over the gas pumps and operate the same businesses as before.

Do I dare mention this?
The price of gasoline at Nice 'n Easy in Sangerfield has stayed the same since June 25 --- over two weeks!

That's different! Blue trim on the Loudon residence!

With all of Main Street, both Parks and Sanger Avenue all looking so "spiffy" and neat, why are there still dense jungles of untamed undergrowth and saplings over the "Big Creek" culvert?

Hollyhocks are starting to bloom. These are on the northern side of Route 20 just west of Route 12.

Out in the countryside, Blue Cornflower is blooming ...........

............ and Queen Anne's Lace lines roadsides.

Click HERE to learn why the flower has that name!

I chuckled when I caught a glimpse of orange in a gravelly construction site!
That's just where this .....

.......... Butterfly Weed was growing, last year.

Because grading was endangering the plant, I suggested that it be moved to a safer location.
I DID warn the rescuers that the roots went very, very deep!

Apparently some of the roots are still there!


Have a good weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Add-on!

You're Invited to Dinner!

(Yes, that's right:
Dinner at ACCESS FCU)


(and "Michael's" is catering!)


(I was told that there will be
"food for 200 people!")

See you there!



It's 65 degrees.

WKTV predicts that: "Heat will continue into Tuesday, as a rather potent upper level system approaches and our winds turn solidly into the southwest. There is a possibility for showers and storms to pop up in the late afternoon into the evening. Hot and humid conditions with temperatures approaching 90 degrees.The actual front will move through on Wednesday with more widespread showers and storms. Skies will clear out for Thursday and Friday, and probably into Saturday as well."


Yesterday, at Sangerfield Auto & Tire.

(I wonder how many miles per gallon it gets!)


Gil Condon sent me this photograph and note:

"Les and I visited Gettysburg Pa. a couple of months ago. July 3rd, 1863, was the day that I'll keep forever, the battlefields and creeks ran red with children's blood, 14 year olds, and they weeped lying there in the fields, for two nights. I know, the other fields were and are just as bad, but this afternoon in Pa. was so local and reminding of our fore-fathers and mothers ....
If you get there, spend the $20 for the tour bus. The drivers are retired school teachers or military folks and have the background...on the sure to see the Oneida County /Sangerfield monument, on the Small Knob, The 146 Th New York Infantry."

Also in the mail, this photograph taken by Jeff Reynolds last Friday afternoon across from the Legion on Route 20.

From Doris Stephan:

The Waterville Book Discussion Group is reading Kim Edwards' " The Memory Keeper's Daughter." Call the library to reserve a copy, and meet at the library on Wed July 23, at 1:30 p.m.


From Jody Hildreth ..............

Last Thursday ......... Day 16

Friday .............. Day 17

It's getting awfully crowded, here!

"Hey! Look!"

"I can Fly!"

Jody was here early Saturday morning, when the first chick flew away, but then he left - I had already set out for Ballston Lake to help my grandson* turn ten - and when we both got back to Whiskey Hollow, at around 5:00, the nest was empty ................... the hummingbirds were gone. They're probably hiding in the shrubbery, somewhere - perhaps we'll catch sight of them at one of the feeders.

It's against the law to collect birds' nests UNLESS you have a special permit: Jody has one, and he'll have the Hummer Nest, too, for his collection, with Thanks for sharing his wonderful photographs with all of us!




A Reminder:

It's "Cans & Clams" at the Legion, tonight.


from 11:00 - 6:00 in the Park



5 Days til the


More flags are out.........

at the Hudsons' (above) and the Burbacks' on Sanger Avenue.

Also on Sanger, ladders are up at the Loudons'.

Something new on Sanger Hill Road, just west of Dick Hughes' home......


On Putnam Street.


Have a great day, everyone.

I'll be back in a couple of days.