Friday, May 16, 2008


It's 43 degrees and dry.

From WKTV: "A storm system will brush the area with a few showers later Friday. This storm will throw some clouds at us through the afternoon. Then, at its closest approach, a few showers are possible, mainly for areas well south and east of Utica. Skies should clear a bit Friday night, leading to a sunny start to Saturday.
Then, things begin to change significantly. A strong cold front will plow through the area on Saturday afternoon and evening. It will bring a period of rain and a chance of thunderstorms with small hail. Rain may taper off to just a few showers for Saturday night and Sunday morning. But then, we expect numerous clouds and showers to develop Sunday afternoon. This, coupled with a chilly air mass will keep our highs in the 50s. In some cases, primarily in the Adirondacks, highs may only be in the 40s on Sunday!"


Early dismissal today at WCS

The District will participate in a 1/2 day Staff Development on Friday, May 16th. HS/MS Students will be dismissed at 11:20 a.m. Elementary Students at 11:30 a.m.


Both WKTV and the O-D note that today is the twelfth annual Ride for Missing Children.

The second annual Spring Bash Demolition Derby will take place at 2:00, on Saturday, at the Madison County Fairgrounds in Brookfield.


The Waterville Central School District


will take place


8:30 A.M. - 8:30 P.M.


It's the little things that count:

the DPW checks ALL the flags, every day, to make sure that they're not wound around flagpoles!

A new dash of color in front of "Michael's" on W. Main Street.


Even in the shade, wild apple trees still make puffs of white on hillsides.

An excited blog-reader called to report finding a new, pink trillium. Unfortunately - that's just the color that white trillium turn as they age.

In the woods: Bellwort.


Many improvements are being made to this house on Madison Street .......

........... and repairs and refurbishments continue at the Mack residence on Berrill Avenue.

It was just about 100 years ago that the building, long the Osborne family home, was sold by a Miss Lucia Osborne to the Eastern Star for $6,000.

I had been told, years ago, that this house was built by Col. Osborne as a wedding present for his daughter, but - now - I doubt that. An article in The Waterville Times dated June 9, 1938, reprinting one that originally appeared in 1874, gives a description of the Colonel's home as well as other places in Waterville. I can't reproduce the entire article, here, but if you'd like it in PDF format I'll be glad to send it to you.


A new perspective on Gasoline.

I don't think that the price of gasoline changed, yesterday, but I've changed my way of figuring
Simple math: divide distance traveled by cost.

For instance, if I drive 100 miles and fill up at a cost of $25, that means that it costs me $1 to drive 4 miles. (Ouch!)


(I thought I was the only one who had this marked
on a calendar, but apparently not!)

Counting down! Only five more days!

(Click, please.)


Have a good, safe weekend, everyone!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's Garbage Day!
55.9 and drippy.

WKTV's forecast: "Clouds and a few showers will be possible this morning, but rapid clearing should commence by mid to late morning, leading to plenty of sunshine by midday. Highs will be about 10 degrees cooler than Wednesday, likely in the mid or upper 60s."


It was another fine, summery day, yesterday. I spent some time talking wildflowers with DEC representatives from Sherburne, Albany and Cortland who were in the area conducting a site review of Nine Mile Swamp. Talk turned to "The Loomis Gang," and they were so intrigued that copies of E. Fuller Torrey's book, "Frontier Justice" and Brian Falk's film will be in the mail to my old friend Jeff Gregg in the Albany office this morning!


If we'd been driving along Canal Road next to the Oriskany I'd have shown them the huge patches of Wood Betony - the only brown wildflower. It's not especially rare: just uncommon, and swirling fun to look at.


Driving past the Park, I saw two girls playing tennis and was reminded of this picture .........

...... taken in the 1890's on what is now Monument Park.

"Michael's" is set for summer!

This new house - that of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bentz, out near the corner of Sally and Brouillette Roads - has sprung up fast as dandelions!

Bogan Road South.

There's a rumor.

I haven't confirmed it, and I hope I'm wrong,
but too many people have told me, so I'm afraid it's true:

"Hap's is closing!"



Staying closer to home? Check out events at the Earlville Opera House.
There are some fine performances and even Open Mic sessions on the schedule!

There's lots of music on the Colgate Universiy Calendar including the Annual Music Fest, in June.

It's not far to Glimmerglass, either. Here's the schedule for their 2008 season.



Have a Good Day, Everyone!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Recyclables Day!

Have you noticed? The DPW and "Big Orange" are on Summer Schedule and start their days at 6:30!!


39.9 degrees

Sunshine will fill the skies again on Wednesday. With even warmer air over top of us, this will lead to highs again in the 70s, but likely the mid and upper 70s. Clouds will begin to drift in late in the day or during the evening.
A cold front will spoil the party as it crosses through on Wednesday night, ushering in a slight change and a chance of showers. Any clouds or sprinkles should clear out of the region very early on Thursday morning, leading to a nice afternoon. Highs in the mid or upper 60s for Thursday.


It was a great day, yesterday, and tenants of the Schoolhouse Apartments made the most of it.

Mr. Hudson has been observed working on what appeared to be a new railing on th side porch of the "Red Lion," but it's more than a railing: it's a planter, and he has now filled it with pansies!

So tiny as to be barely noticeable, there are several clumps of tiny pink flowers at both front and rear entrances to the Municipal Hall. I'm sure they have a fancy name, but - to me - they're "Bog Rosemary."

Far more splashy, a blanket of spreading phlox in front of the White residence on White Street.

Directly across the road, a Bleeding Heart bush blooms.


The blossoms on "Buckeyes" will open in the next few days!


I stopped and looked closely at some of the street trees (oaks?) on Sanger Avenue that appear to be dead: they're not. The twigs are green nearly to the tips and there are little-bitty leaf buds.

Up again!

Down again!


Have a great day, anyhow!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Metals Collection!

It's clear and 36 degrees.

WKTV predicts that, "With ample sunshine and gradual warming, highs in the upper 60s to low 70s are likely across the region. On Wednesday, as even warmer air moves in, highs into the mid 70s are likely!"


Work moves right along on the new Townhouses on Madison Street.

Connie Bocko sent this photogrph of a White-Crowned Sparrow. She was particularly interested because, "These birds I only see now and then are only here on their way up to Canada. According to what they winter as far north as Penn. and migrate to Canada in the summer to build their nests." (Thanks, Connie!)

"The Second Race to the Moon"

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Ambassador, Susan Henderson, will be the guest speaker at the Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society's regular Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, May 14 at 7:30 pm at the Clark Mills Senior Center, Mill St., Clark Mills. The meeting is free and open to the public.


The bright Wild Columbine is blooming in nooks and crannies of the rocks just north of The Caves in Forge Hollow.

Half the gardeners in Waterville are waging annual war with

"Bishop's Leaf."

They cannot win.

However ......

"Culpepper says:
'It is not to be supposed Goutwort hath its name for nothing, but upon experiment to heal the gout and sciatica; as also joint-aches and other cold griefs. The very bearing of it about one eases the pains of the gout and defends him that bears it from the disease.'

Gerard tells us that:

'with his roots stamped and laid upon members that are troubled or vexed with gout, swageth the paine, and taketh away the swelling and inflammation thereof, which occasioned the Germans to give it the name of Podagraria, because of his virtues in curing the gout.'


The Village DPW has swept streets and sidewalks and pavers and now the "tubs" are out. Watch for the members of the Waterville Garden Club to be planting them, soon!

So - maybe I WON'T drive 'cross the country this Summer!



There's a "bug" going 'round.
To those of you who have been visited by it and are feeling "green,"

"Feel Better Soon!"


Have a Great Day, Everyone!