Saturday, June 7, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUNE! ************


to the


at the
59th Annual


It's going to be a scorcher, today - 70 degrees, already - so keep cool and remember:

Tonight at the Sangerfield Town Barn

and the

Music Boosters


with musical entertainment

tomorrow from 7:00 - 7:00 in the High School Cafeteria.


Meanwhile, in Whiskey Hollow.

Photographs by Jody Hildreth.

Jody was here for about two hours, yesterday morning, working his way closer and closer to the Hummingbird's Nest. She seemed to become accustomed to his presence and sat patiently and smiled!


For "birders," this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I have binoculars set up on a tripod in my kitchen if you'd like to come for a peek.


Have a great day, everyone!

Friday, June 6, 2008


It's 65.7 degrees; no rain at the moment.

According to the O-D's website, while we were having a fairly gently rain, last night, areas to the north and west of us got a real dousing!

Now comes the Heat Wave we've been hearing about. Here's WKTV's forecast:
"Some sunshine is likely, especially west of Utica. A handful of storms could pop up through the afternoon. If any storm develops, it could quickly become strong to severe with heavy rain. But again, we must stress that very few storms should form. Temperatures will be a challenge. We expect highs near 80 east of Utica where clouds hang on longest. West of Utica, 90-95 degrees is possible with more sunshine. Humidity will be oppressive as well.
The heat and humidity looks to make itself at home through the weekend and into next week. In fact, temperatures will likely average between 85 and 90 for daytime highs, with isolated mid 90s possible on Sunday and Monday. Heat indices may approach 100 degrees at times. And there is the chance of a few hit or miss afternoon thunderstorms pretty much each day from Saturday onward. The best chance may be on Saturday afternoon, as some more widespread activity could occur. Any storm could become locally strong, but isolated. It looks like the dog days of summer arrive early this year.
The heat will begin to break down on Tuesday, with a return to more seasonable conditions by Wednesday and Thursday."


Yesterday was a very pleasant day for just about anything, including hummingbird-watching and yard work. This is what was going on in the Hollow, and .........

......... up in the village, the DPW applies new mulch to the plantings around Municipal Hall.


Terry Tanner wrote, right away, answering Gil Condon's query about an All-class Reunion:

"Yes – The 2d Annual Alumni Community Gathering will be held in conjunction with the ‘Cruisin on September 20th from 7-10 in a huge tent on the library grounds. Plans have not yet been finalized with all the details but we do know that Michael’s will be catering and many classes are planning their reunions the same weekend and have reserved tables for their classmates. All Waterville and Oriskany Falls Alumni AND Community members are invited to attend. This is sponsored by the WCS District Foundation which has been working to update the alumni database with current addresses and emails. Classes are urged to consider buying bricks for the Memorial Walkway at school to honor former teachers and classmates. More information can be found on: the Waterville School’s webpage under the Foundation and Alumni section and as soon as details are available the pages will be updated.

People can also email
for information or contact Terry Tanner (841-8251) with questions.

(Thanks, Terry!)


Heaps of white Bridal Wreath (Spiraea) are in bloom ..........

.......... and poles have been set in the new Hopyard next to the Library.

The project is being undertaken by Eagle Scout Candidate Jon Olin with the cooperation of the Waterville Historical Society and Kingsley Wratten of Leonardsville.


Trusses are going up on the Madison Street Townhouses ............

.......... and the carousel figures are back in place on the Merry-go-round in Stockwell.


Following a series of burglaries in the community, Mayor Younes visited merchants and business people urging them to employ available measures to ensure their security. According to "talk in the Post Office," area residents are also paying greater attention to their own security and safety.

Perhaps planning and initiating a
Neighborhood Watch program
would be a good project for an organization or
an Eagle Scout candidate!


It was also Celtics over Lakers, 98 - 88!


Have a great Weekend, everyone.

Keep Cool!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


It's Garbage Day, again!

55 degrees and overcast.

On Thursday, it will likely be mainly cloudy, with more clouds than sun, however there will be nicer times during the day. Temperatures will range from the low to mid 70s in most locations, with upper 70s possible where the sun gets out longer. A stray thunderstorm is possible during the evening or late afternoon.

A better chance of thunderstorms comes into play Thursday night, as the boundary separating intense heat and humidity from us moves through. Some of the storms could be strong, with locally heavy rain, but conditions are not as ideal here as they have been further south, where severe weather has been more common this week. This warmth will barge through here Friday. We may see clouds and periods of showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. If we don't see as many clouds as we're thinking right now, 90-95 degrees is likely. However, any thunderstorms around will keep us in the 80s. Humidity will oppressive by late Friday, and Friday night looks especially uncomfortable, with lows near 70.

My apologies: I missed this in yesterday's O-D!


Shereen Asmat: New Hartford High School

Ryan Borwick: Adirondack High School

Vicky Chen: Rome Free Academy

Brianna Cowen: Waterville High School

Jazmarie DeJesus: Thomas R. Proctor Senior High School

Andrew Derminio: Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School

Kasey Dobrodziej: Thomas R. Proctor Senior High School

Aleksandra Fazlipour: Whitesboro High School

Rachel Hamlin: New Hartford High School

Angelia JapN’gie: Thomas R. Proctor Senior High School

Kristine Kelly: Thomas R. Proctor Senior High School

Shelby Knoeller: Waterville High School

Anna Rayne: Clinton Central School

Kevin Riecker: Thomas R. Proctor Senior High School

Ed Rosenburgh: Poland Central School

Robert Roth: Thomas R. Proctor Senior High School

Tiffany Schreck: Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School

Joelle Service: Frankfort-Schuyler Central School

Brendan Smith: New Hartford High School

Ryan Smith: Herkimer High School

Melissa Snizek: Vernon-Verona-Sherrill High School

Trey J. Socash: Town of Webb Union Free School District




Spring fix-up projects are under way and porches seem to be getting more attention than anything else, right now: the Dorrs on Madison Street are finishing up ...........

................ while this job on Babbott Avenue has just begun.


Flowers are brilliant, everywhere.

On Berrill Avenue.

Anne Sally's row of Candelabra Primrose (Primula japonica) on White Street.

Rick Garrett made a point of showing me this beautifully reclaimed flowerbed right next to the Foodking parkinglot on the Babbott Avenue side. The iris had been planted years ago by Mr. Robert Garrett, but recent weeding and mulching was carried out by Janet Gibbons and John Bogan!


I'm easily distracted and entertained and yesterday, while I was standing at my kitchen sink washing the dishes, movement in an old lilac bush about fifteen feet away caught my eye: a hummingbird, zipping down and perching on a branch. And then it left. And came back again - to the very same spot; and soon shot off, again. "Aha!" I thought. "There's a nest somewhere nearby in one of the trees!" and - leaving the dishes - I went and got out my binoculars.

It was then that I could see that the little bird wasn't just coming to perch on a branch: there was what appeared to be a grayish "platform" - the flat-topped blob right in the center of this picture - and yes, that was the nest! I'd never seen one, before, but I knew they were small -- about two inches across!

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching! My cameras don't have good telephoto lenses, so the picture here is taken from Google images. Jody Hildreth of "Kidwings" is coming tomorrow, however, and then we'll all get a good look! If there are any blog-readers who'd like to come and take pictures or just watch, please do! Bring camera and tripod.


I have an E-note question from Gil Condon that perhaps a blog-reader can answer: "I see in the email circuit that there's a All Class reunion brewing.. It would be neat if we knew more and could plan around it ... or even maybe vote on the weekend."

I suspect that he's referring to the "Cruise in" gathering in September ----- or perhaps there's something I haven't heard about. Could someone confirm?


Add this to your weekend schedule!


Sunday, June 8 from 4:00 - 7:00

Waterville High School Cafeteria


Have a good day, everyone!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Add-on of some importance

I've had several phone calls and E-mails this morning about recent burglaries in the village. One blog-reader who is "in the know," so to speak, writes:

"Please let everyone know to keep their eyes open and their heads up. A number of places have been broken into around town the last few days (including Roc's Dari Cream, Waterville Chiropractic, Ecco Video, Gates Cole and a house on Elmwood Ave. ) If anyone sees anything going on please call the cops as soon as possible."

Perhaps NOW would be a good time to establish a Neighborhood Watch Group in Waterville.


It's Recyclables Day!

56.6 degrees and overcast.

  • Wednesday: Mostly cloudy in the morning. Sun and clouds in the afternoon. Slight chance of a shower, especially early. High in the low 70s.
  • Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Just a slight chance for a shower. Low in the mid 50s.
  • Thursday: Increasing clouds with possibility for strong thunderstorms at night. High: 80, Low: 65
  • Friday: Becoming hazy, hot and very humid. High: 88, Low: 68
  • Saturday: Hazy, hot and humid with a chance for afternoon t’storms. High: 90, Low: 66


Pick-ups of Donations for the
Rotary Club Auction
will start after 8:30 on Saturday morning.
If you have items to be collected,
call 841-4638 and leave a message.


From WKTV: The Oneida Land Claim Case goes back to Court.


I'm sorry! I'm very low on news and pictures, today, having spent most of yesterday watching Rich Burdick (below) and his crew transform the "planting" in front of the house in the Hollow! (I wish I had a "before" picture so that you could see why I'm so pleased!) Then there was "politics" followed by Baseball!


Just up the hill from Whiskey Hollow, Linda's flowerbeds are crammed with poppies, iris, daisies and more!

Growing fast on Madison Street!

Now blooming: "Gas Plants!"

(Click HERE to learn why they're called that!)

Viburnam trilobum
"High Bush Cranberry"


Shirley Bynum Smith and her sister, Hester, spotted the "HUDLBLGR" plates in the post office parkinglot and followed me inside to report that they'd just come back from a vacation in Vermont with their mother, Hedwig Eisenhut, and reassured me that pictures would indeed be forthcoming of the Class of '56 gathering that took place at "Michael's" last Saturday!


Have a Great Day, everyone!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008



49 degrees.

WKTV predicts that: "On Tuesday, we expect sunshine to start the day. A few fair weather clouds will pop up, and then some thunderstorms and showers should develop. If there is any thunder, it would be south of Utica in the afternoon. Highs will be similar to what we saw Monday, in the mid 70s.
On Tuesday night, a storm system will travel across the Great Lakes and into the Northeast. While any strong to severe thunderstorms associated with this system should remain well to our south, we do expect to at least be broadbrushed by an area of heavy rainfall. Showers and rain are likely Tuesday night. The best chance for heavy rain is south of Utica. There could be a secondary area of moderate to heavy rain north of Utica as well. Clouds will be with us into the day on Wednesday, but some sunshine is expected in the afternoon, with highs around 70 or so."


Before I forget, again ......... On Saturday morning, just as the line for Hot Sausage was forming
at the Firemen's Pavilion, everyone who was uptown heard something different; they listened and then heard it again and cheered. The big bell in the tower of the Masonic Temple was striking the hour! It's been quite a while since the clock/bell mechanism has worked.

Thank You for repairing it, whoever you are!


Open yesterday: the new "Merri-Rose" Florist Shop on Main Street.

New - on the front porch of the St. Bernard's Rectory!
What will Fr. Tom grow for us this year?

New - in Sangerfield ............

........ signs of things to come!

(There's also D.O.T. activity near "the caves" on Route 315.)

A new house is being built just below the
Asahel Grant Homestead on Grant Hill.

Starting tonight!!!


Yesterday I posted a photograph of the Gilleyflower meadow on Loomis Road, but here's an even better sight: Gilleyflower (Ragged Robin) and Yellow Flag on Kirkland Avenue near "George's."

This coming Saturday - June 7 - may be one of the busiest Saturdays of the year!




To help promote National Trail Day, the Chenango Canal Association (CCA) invites you to the Chenango Canal Towpath Trail at the Cottage Museum in Bouckville on June 7th, between 1:00 and 4:00 pm. The CCA will offer two Living History tours of what life was like on the Chenango Canal during the 1800s. The bus tours, which are free of charge, are narrated by Diane Van Slyke and will leave the museum at 1:00 and at 2:30 pm. Weather permitting, the tours include a visit to a 171-year old lock, a short walk along part of the trail and talking with ‘canalers’ in period dress. Families can also learn canal terms while having fun with a Clues Hunt along the Towpath Trail. Refreshments are available.

National Trail Day is celebrated during Bouckville’s Spring Antique Show, another fun event that extends along Rt. 20 between Madison and Bouckville. Traffic is normally not hard to get through. Come and spend a rewarding afternoon! Call 315-893-7910 for more information; reservations for the tour are not necessary.


ROTARY CLUB ANNUAL AUCTION in the evening at the
Sangerfield Town Barn

(details to follow.)


Monday, June 2, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

45.7 degrees - no precipitation.

From WKTV: "Monday's forecast looks gorgeous with highs in the mid 70s with only a few clouds. The leading edge of a warm front sneaks in here on Tuesday, and it may be enough to spark off an afternoon shower or storm. The warm front will stall, and an area of low pressure will ride along with it, meaning a wet start to Wednesday with numerous showers and thunderstorms."


A great deal of haying was done last week .......

......... but it was a gray, drippy weekend - just as was forecast by the clouds in this photograph that Library Director Jeff Reynolds sent to me on Friday.

Fortunately, there was no end to "bright spots"
in and around the village:

The DPW crew had been out at the crack of dawn, on Friday, hanging planters on telephone poles along Main Street and on Sanger Avenue next to the Park.

Even before 11 o'clock on Saturday morning, a line had formed at the Firemen's Pavilion where Barb Atkyns (above) and Becky Maggio of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the American Legion Post 92 in Sangerfield filled orders at a Fund Raiser Picnic sponsored by Veterans, Family & Friends of Cpl. John P. Sigsbee.

The funds that are raised by this organization will be divided, later this year: first, a contribution will be made to the "Memorial Wall" at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Remaining monies will be divided between the "Memorial Bandstand Fund" to support the construction of a Victorian-style bandstand (NOT a "shell!") in the Park, and the "Soldiers and Sailors Monument Association" for a permanent Speakers' Platform next to the Civil War Monument (on the other side of Madison Street) in Monument Park.


While that Picnic was in progress, there was another noteworthy gathering: several ladies from the Class of 1956 got together for lunch at Michael's! I wasn't there, of course, but got a complete report from "Dee" Godfrey McManus Wines who came 'way down to Whiskey Hollow to say "Hello!" She said that several group photographs were taken: I hope that someone will send at least one to me to post here!


My daughter and grandson were here on Sunday afternoon and, therefore, I don't have a first-person report on the Jazz Concert that took place at the Library. Perhaps information and photos of THAT event will also be forthcoming?


Late in the afternoon I took a ride around the village and a bit of the countryside:

Just as dazzling as the flowering crabapple trees a month or so ago, now the several varieties of Rhododendron, both wild and cultivated, are at their best.

Above: "Pinxter" - Rhododendron nudiflora - at the Kaufmanns' on Route 12 just south of CVS.

At the Woodhouse and Murphy residences, across from each other on Madison Street.

These two are on Putnam Street.


South of the village, on Loomis Road, there's a huge pink "pond" of "Gilleyflower!"


Here's a photograph that Dan Ford sent to me on Friday. It was taken by his daughter, Kristen, who had spotted this turkey trying to cross Shanley Road up near Paris. Although not an Eagle, Dan thought it was the largest bird he'd seen this year.

Can you find it?


Have a Good Day, everyone!