Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Add-on

It's still gray and chilly, but that's not stopping them ..............

vendors are unpacking truck- and trailer-loads of treasures......

......... and there's something for everyone!

Early-birds were out soon after 9:00 .........

............ and heading for Food by 10:00!

The main field was filling up and I was tempted, but it's a dangerous place for me to be, so I headed for home.

I checked out a few back roads on the way. Ditches are filled with their own sorts of treasures, too, this time of the year.

Red lobelia on one road; blue lobelia on another ........

........... making a bouquet with purple Spotted Knapweed and white Queen Anne's Lace.


Back in Waterville .........

....... Bill Vetter's house-painting crew is now at the Petrie residence on White Street.

The S. Babbott Avenue gate was open, this morning - passersby could peek into the secret garden.


Where in the World is Rick Anderson?

On Wednesday afternoon he was in Waterville - just taking a break, "seeing America!"
How much has he seen? Well, he left Los Angeles two-and a-half months ago and he's been peddling about 80 miles a day. A 42-year-old television technician whose job in California had been automated, he's heading for New York City to find a similar position where the work is still done by real people. Why bike? "I like it! I've already done all of India and Southeast Asia - why not America, too?"

Of course: Why not!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday morning

Just a very quick post, right now, primarily so that I can say .....

I'm off for an early tour of Bouckville, and will post photographs later on, today!


At least the weather's looking fairly good, and WKTV predicts that: "For Friday, sun and clouds will start the day, but as this upper level storm digs in, numerous showers and storms should pop up. We're unsure as to how widespread these storms will be, but have an umbrella for any Friday plans. Any storm that does develop will be capable of putting down torrential downpours and small hail.
There is good news though. As this upper level system begins to exit Saturday, we will once again have a chance of showers. But, by later Saturday and Sunday, high pressure will nose in, bringing us pleasant weather and will also allow for some warm weather too. The chance for showers will stay in the forecast all day Saturday though. Highs will again be in the mid 70s. Sunday will see sun and clouds with highs in the low 80s."


Have a great day!

Check back around noon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's recyclables day!

68.4 degrees; clear.

I did get up at 4:00 and go outdoors to watch the sky. There were lots and lots of bright stars, and although I only saw a few meteors, it was nice to be out there.

WKTV predicts that: "On Wednesday, another, albeit weaker, upper level storm system will drop in from the north and west. So the first half of the day looks generally quiet, but the second half could see some developing showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures will likely peak in the mid 70s. Any showers should end later. Then on Thursday, as a nor'easter moves offshore, we'll see this upper level system pull out. Similar to Monday and Tuesday though, we should see at least a few storms. On Friday and Saturday, there will be some weak upper level energy passing through, so while we're continuing with a chance of thunderstorms, we do think that chance will be mainly isolated."


On Tower Street, weeds that had grown taller than the rows of trees in the new Walnut plantation had been mown.

The Park was mown and trimmed, as well, in readiness for today's


11:00 - 6:00




John Savage

6:30 - 8:30.


The Bogans in Waterville, Ireland

Brian Bogan sent me this picture and E-note: "On our recent trip to Ireland our tour bus driver allowed us to pose in front of the Waterville, Ireland sign (myself, son chuck, daughter Brittany and wife Colleen). Waterville in Ireland is noted for its surf boarding on the southern coast of Ireland. It was on our tour of the Ring of Kerry. It is also famous because it is one of two places in Ireland where Tiger Woods likes to play golf in his free time. We did meet a Martin Bogan in Castlefinn-Donegal County. Edward Bogan and his wife Mary Shields were from Balleboffey, Donegal County and came to Waterville area in 1847 during potato famine. Martin said he knows very little about family history but found it interesting because two of his brothers married a pair of sisters whose maiden name was also Shields."


I also received an E-letter and these next photographs from Shannon Wiley whose daughter, Heather, was chosen as a People to People Student Ambassador and traveled to China from July 5 through July 21.

"We would like to once again thank all the local businesses who sponsored her trip as well as friends and family who made donations. " And Heather said, "It was the experience of a lifetime!”

The Great Wall of China

Heather standing at the Wall

The Chinese mother and daughter who were Heather's hosts for a day in Hong Kong.


Having looked at those photographs and gotten the "travel bug," I decided to go to........


The park, there, had just been mown. The flowerbeds were pretty; the church is getting new sidewalks, and it seemed a shame that the new road takes travelers around such a pretty little "green."

After the great flurry of activity about a month ago, this is all that's been done in the way of improving visibility at "Hubbard's Corners."

Click to enlarge.

I came home by way of "Hanover."

Hanover Green was once on the main road from Utica to Waterville. There was a general store, post office, mills, church and school.

Everyone has their own idea of just where "Hanover" starts and stops:
this map view is mine. But what a surprise ---- when I opened "Google Earth" and typed in "Hanover, NY" the view flew right to it! I've added names of roads, so you can orient yourselves.

The Hanover Cemetery.

To learn more about Hanover, you'll find copies of "The History of the Hanover Society" by Ada Marie Peck in both the Waterville and Deansboro Libraries.


I'm going to take a couple of days off to do some historical and genealogical
digging of my own.

I will be checking my E-mail, so if you have news - send it along!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Metals Day!

70 degrees and overcast.

It's been raining, off and on, for days and we certainly won't need to water flowerbeds or lawns for a while!

My favorite "rain gauge" - the pond at the foot of Grant Hill.

From WKTV: "Tuesday, we'll still be under the influence of that upper level system. Fortunately, it will be slowly sliding away though. This should mean less in the way of showers and storms Tuesday. Still, we need to keep the chance in the forecast, especially north and east, where a few heavier showers are still possible (mainly in the Adirondacks). We'll catch a break for the first half of Wednesday. As we slide into Wednesday night and Thursday though, believe it or not, a nor'easter type system may spin up along the East Coast. While the bulk of this will miss us to the east, we should still see some showers and thunderstorms as yet another storm system in the upper atmosphere develops."

No Perseid watching this morning: perhaps tomorrow.


There'a a new sign in the Park:


For information and donation forms,
please phone 315/841-4679;
or write to:
The Memorial Bandstand Fund
Box #45
Waterville, N.Y. 13480


Blooming here and there throughout the village and on Hanover Road, where Colleen Sullivan Marris has an entire border.

The Marigold Wagon on California Road.




in the Park

11:00 - 6:00



in the Park

6:30 - 8:30

featuring John Savage

"The Redneck Savage"


Meanwhile, west on Route 20 ...........

(Please click the image.)

.......... the tents are up ............

......... vendors are unloading ........

........... and early-bird shoppers are already there!


Our Rotarians will be moving picnic tables and setting up shop (actually a Good Food Factory!) in the big tent just beneath the BIG sign on the main field. They can always use extra help - so if you have some free time in the next several days, please let them know! (Or you can Email me and I'll put them in touch with you!)


For the Record .....

Gas hasn't been this "low" since around Memorial Day!



Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, August 11, 2008



Garbage Day!

69 degrees and raining.

According to the O-D's website, there's a Flood Advisory in effect until 9:15 this morning.

We've been sitting under some fairly colorful thunderstorms - a north-south band moving in a south-to-north direction - so I think I'll wait a while and turn my big computer back on when everything's quiet, again.

Right now, it doesn't look good for those of us who actually look forward to getting up at three a.m. tomorrow morning to see the Perseids Meteor Shower! If the skies clear, and after the first-quarter moon sets, around 2 a.m., meteors should be more easily visible until dawn for the next day or two.


In the meantime, here are some more beautiful pictures that Rusty has sent us.

And --- thanks to Dave Hazelden's camera and Mabel Bushee's timely use of it .....

.... the Class of '58 at their 50th Reunion at Dibble's Inn on Saturday night.


There's good news and there's bad news:

gas is down to $3.99.9,

but ..........

Have a good day, everyone!