Thursday, August 28, 2008


Once again, the phone began ringing before 7:00 ------ Bandstand stuff ---- and all


The Memorial Bandstand Fund

is now at



make that $98,322.00 as of 11:00 a.m.


at 12:06 p.m., another $500


$1,178 to go!

(credits will appear as soon as I can confirm some spelling.)

(and there's more good news: I'll tell you about that next week!)


It's Garbage Day!
52.9 and overcast

WKTV predicts that: " Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s. The Adirondacks will see the most sunshine, while the Oneonta area should see the least.
For the Holiday Weekend...
The timing of this weekend's cold front continues to speed up slowly but surely. This will bring us a chance of showers Friday and Friday night. There may be a few lingering showers around into Saturday as well, but on both days, we'll call it a mix of sun and clouds outside of that. Temperatures will range from the mid 70s Friday to upper 70s Saturday.
Clearing will commence Saturday night so that Sunday should be mostly sunny and very pleasant. We'll be a little warmer on Labor Day Monday, with highs in the low 80s and plenty of sunshine likely."

Their forecast was wrong: they weren't lying down because it was going to rain! They were just enjoying the sunshine. It's been a magnificent week!

Fields are golden .........

Every day started out beautifully .......

(Pat's morning glories on White Street.)

............ and stayed bright ...........

........... outdoor projects went forward .........

(that's Dan Maine's crew working on Madison Street.)

Tom Eisenhut, on Main Street, making sure that his building - which was built in 1880 - stays in good shape for another 128 years!

......... and the one spot that needed help got it from Mr. Kelley, who repaired a lamp on Sanger Avenue.

I'm taking a break ---
Have a super-good weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's Recyclables Day!

Just 45 degrees and clear.

WKTV predicts that: "for Wednesday, with high pressure still in control, we will see another fantastic afternoon full of wall to wall sunshine. Temperatures will be a little warmer, with highs near 80 degrees."


in the Park

11:00 - 6:00



10:00 - 4:00

Special Display: George Eastman

Antique Cameras


CONFIRMED: School Starts on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 ************

Six months ago today!

"Snowbanks" of "Bamboo."


"Walls" of Corn border country roads.

It reminds me of the line from "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" that goes

"The corn is as high as an elephant's eye!"

And I've always wondered: "Just how high IS an elephant's eye?"

According to a patient young man at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse (yes! I really did call and ask!) the eye of their adult male Asian elephant is just about 8' high. An African elephant's eye would be even higher!

I think some of our cornfields beat them both!

(If you'd like to sing along with the music, just click on the image above!)


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sorry I'm so late, but the phone calls and E-mails are constant and I think it's going to be that way until September 20th!


It's 46.4 degrees. Sunny and bright!

WKTV: "High pressure will dominate our weather both today and tomorrow making for a pair of perfect late summer days!. Expect abundant sunshine. Temperatures will range from the mid 70s today to near 80 degrees on tomorrow. In between, another clear and cool night is on the way for tonight with lows in the 40's."


The Library Book Sale

Go while there's still a good selection!
The price is right.

A Sign of the Season!

While many of the hanging baskets and planters around the village are showing signs of "fatigue," these - at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kaspar VonMatt, on Stafford Avenue - look as fresh as can be!

(Did you know that this residence was built of cobblestones from a double hop-house that once stood on the East side of Route 12?)

(Click to enlarge)

This painting hangs in the lower gallery at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute in Utica.


Mr. Peck sent me a newspaper article about the Madison County Hop Fest:

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the introduction of commercial hop growing in New York State by Madison County’s own resident, James Coolidge. This year’s event will continue the tradition of promoting the art of craft brewing and the influence of the hop industry on New York State.

The first day of Hop Fest commences on Friday, September 12 with a four-course brew dinner at the Ye Olde Landmark Tavern in Bouckville. James Coolidge came to Bouckville in 1808 and made an indelible impression on the area by introducing commercial hop growing.
The second day starts on Saturday, September 13 at the Madison County Historical Society in Oneida. The day opens with daylong activities centered on hop culture, brew vendors, raffle, brew sampling, and food and brew pairing in the‘ Blue Barbecue Taste of Hops Tent’ featuring: Blue Barbecue; Nirchi’s Italian Grill; Meyers Chocolate; Ye Olde Landmark Tavern; and Zabroso. Each restaurant will be matched with craft brewers to create exquisite appetizers using beer as the main ingredient.
The third day, Sunday, September 14, concludes the weekend with a Hop Heritage and Cuisine Tour. During the guided coach tour of beautiful hop kilns in Madison County there will be stops at area restaurants for light fare and craft brew.

(Tickets to events may be purchased online by clicking on the Hop Fest link.)


I'll be doing a lot about Hops, in the next week or so. If anyone has any new/old photographs or postcards to share as well as "oral history" or family anecdotes, please let me know.

From the Archives of he Waterville Historical Society


A great suggestion from a "non- native" blog-reader.

"I am one of those people that did not grow up around farming and have always been interested in knowing more. Wouldn't it be a great idea if we could have a local farmer(s) give a class or hands on tour of various crops. For instance, I don't recognize oats from wheat. I think the only thing I know for sure is corn. What does alfalfa look like? Do you know anyone that might be willing to do this next growing season? Maybe a one evening class at the Library followed by a tour of a farm on a Saturday? I think there are many people in the Waterville area that would be interested in "Farming 101". What do you think? Here's a list of interesting subjects:
  • Agriculture: Oats, Wheat, Hay, Straw, Alfalfa, Soybeans, Corn, etc.
  • Equipments: Tractors and various implements
  • Animals: Different Breeds of Cows, what they are fed,etc."
I'm all for that! If one of the above-mentioned agricultural experts (perhaps John/Jack Brouillette?) would be willing to work up a plan, I'd be glad to do whatever I could to help - i.e. Powerpoint slide show.


It's all happening at Yankee Stadium, tonight!

(Click to enlarge.)


Have a great Day, Everyone!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Add-on

Dottie Pesto would like you to see this announcement:

The WCS class of 1943

will celebrate its' 65th reunion

Sept 20th

with a luncheon at Michael's on Main St.

Any questions call Dottie!


Art on an Envelope!

The Yosemite

by Albert Bierstadt.

Mr. Beirstadt was already a famous artist when he fell in love with a very young Rosalie Osborn, granddaughter of one of Waterville's earliest and most prosperous settlers, Amos Osborn.

The Osborns lived in a large house that stood where the Green Acres Plaza is, now. The original homestead - a small frame building - had been moved to the side and rear of the house lot and Rosalie's father had it made into a studio for his son-in-law, the artist.

Bierstadt Studio

to the left of the old Candee Block, which burned in 1982.

Two of the paintings created there now hang in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.


More when it happens!


It's Fran Cowen's Birthday!!
(#80, according to Gil Condon, who sent the picture!)

It's Garbage Day!

65 degrees; cloudy.

WKTV: "The cold front responsible for last night's showers and thunderstorms will push east of the region today. In its wake, High Pressure will build in from Canada, allowing for cooler temperatures and dry conditions. We expect clouds to yield sunshine today, especially this afternoon. It will be on the breezy side wth temperatures staying close to the lower 70's.
Skies will turn clear and winds will diminish after sunset. With dry air in place, temperatures will fall rapidly tonight. By morning, readings in the mid 40's will be common with perhaps even some upper 30's in rural locations."

Look what Linda and Dan Rauscher found!!

It's a big one, too!

Linda says that they've had an especially good crop of blackberries, this year, and wonders if this mean that we'll have an especially good crop of snow, later on! Any thoughts on that?




Book Sale * August 25th - Septemeber 3rd

Preview Hour * Monday, August 25th 9am-10am $20 admission
Regular Price Days * Monday, August 25th - 10-5:30p
Tuesday, August 26th - 2-8p
Wednesday, August 27th - 10-5:30p
Half Price Days * Thursday, August 28th - 2-8p
Friday, August 29th - 10-5:30p
Bag Sale Day * Tuesday, September 2nd - 2-8p
Free Day * Wednesday, September 3rd - 10-5:30p




I know that this is just a mini-post, but I've got a couple of really huge projects under way and they have deadlines, so ................ I may be on a "work vacation" for the next few days!


Have a great week, everyone!