Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Flowers

Some of these have already been blogged, but .............

.....enjoy them again and remember that they're all "clickable."

These are the tiny flowers in the lower left-hand corner of the first picture.
Later on I found a clump with an identifying label: "Anemone 'Blue Star'. "

In the center bench were several little scenes ......

.......and everywhere were clumps of spectacular varieties of jonquils, tulips, cineraria, calceolaria (pocketbook plant,) kalanacho and primroses with pots of ornamental grasses, ivies trailing toward the walkway and - here and there - real shrubbery.

A new, ornamental Witchazel!

There's a Cactus Room ...........

............ and an Orchid Room with steps leading up into "The Jungle" .......

.......... where trees and shrubbery show off brilliant blossoms.

Looking back into the Orchid Room, with a glimpse of the Goldfish Pond.


There's a wonderful outdoor garden, as well, so I'll be going back when Spring comes!


Just Hold that Thought!


It's just 32.7 degrees and foggy.

  • Saturday: Morning freezing drizzle or plain drizzle. Steady rain developing in the early afternoon. Rain will be heavy at times, with localized flooding possible. Ice possible in the far North Country through early afternoon, with non-paved surfaces seeing a modest ice accumulation. Becoming windy later. High: 36
  • Saturday night: Heavy rain changing to heavy snow. Temperatures sharply falling, with a flash freeze possible. Some accumulation. Blowing and drifting snow likely. Low in the upper teens.
  • Sunday: Morning snow. Possibility of heavy squalls. Breezy and cold. Otherwise, clouds and sun. High: 24, Low: 8
  • Monday: A mix of sun and clouds. High: 30, Low: 15



America’s Greatest Heart Run & Walk will take place Saturday, March 8 at sites around the Mohwak Valley. Here’s the lineup of events:

* 30K-run begins at 7:30 a.m. from Vans Tavern, Barneveld (buses leave Utica College at 6:30 a.m.)

* 10-mile run begins at 8:40 a.m. from Route 291 at Irish Road, Stittville (buses leave Utica College at 8:10 a.m.)

* 5-mile run begins at 9:20 a.m. from Main Street (at Route 69), Whitesboro (buses leave Utica College at 8:50 a.m.)

* 3-mile run begins at 9:40 a.m. from Whitestown Veterans Club, Main Street, Yorkville (buses leave Utica College at 9:15 a.m.)

* Paige Ann Doxie Memorial 5-Mile Walk from Utica College begins at 10:30 a.m.

* 3-mile walk from Utica College begins at 10:30 a.m.

From this morning's O-D:
"Depending on how a fast-moving storm develops, this morning's America's Greatest Heart Run & Walk participants might be drenched. Or they might not be. Either way, heart runners and walkers would be wise to prepare for the worst. One of the region's largest public-participation events begins this morning amid a winter storm warning that includes portents of heavy rain, snowfall and freezing rain through early Sunday.

What does that mean for the Heart Run?

“Probably not much,” WKTV-TV meteorologist Matt Lanza said Friday night. “It looks rather quiet out there (this) morning.” Dick Matia, director of the local American Heart Association, said organizers never had to cancel the event in the past, and they are no strangers to bad weather. “We got rain, we got snow,” he said. “It's on.”
However, officials said they are worried about the walkers who may cut their miles because of the weather today. “Runners are all set. We don't worry about them,” event Chairperson Jim Stasaitis. “They are die-hard.”

While the storm caused substantial rain Friday night, precipitation likely will break by this morning, picking up again much later in the day, Lanza said. “There is going to be a lull, which might actually coincide with the Heart Run and Walk,” he said. Ice is part of the weather service's forecast, Lanza said, but it's unlikely streets and sidewalks would be icy on the Heart Run route. Even with ice, long-time runner Dennis Johnson knows he will make it to the finish line. In the 18 years he has participated in the event, he has braved worse weather, he said. One time, he recalled, it was warm when they started out - about 50 degrees. But through the course, they were hit by sleet, ice and a downpour, he said. “I was smarter. I kept my jacket,” he said. “It was bad. The cause is important.” Johnson said he would advise runners and walkers to wear windbreaker pants and jackets and definitely a hat.

Katee Grimaldi, 17, will walk at the event for the first time. She is not letting the forecast change her mind. She plans to wear layers of clothing, a poncho and rain gear. “We are definitely going,” she said. Her father, Robert Grimaldi, is more worried about rain because it might ruin his make up — he will be dressed as a clown, he said.

About 8,000 people are expected to turn out today for the event. The money will be used for heart research and education."


In Waterville and several other communities, branches of the U.S. Post Office will stay open until 4:00 to process Passport requests.

Speaking of travel ...................

The Thomases, Pavlots and O'Briens, who cruised the Hawaiian Islands, have sent these pictures to share with you!


NEXT WEEK It'll be busy!
"Thoroughly Modern Millie"

Friday, March 14th at 7:30
Saurday, March 15th at 7:30
Sunday, March 16th at 3:00


(Click, please.)

Two Waterville dancers of the company are Emily Plourde as Wendy and Anna Barnes as Jan.

And ........ Peter, Tink and the children will all FLY!


Sandy Nagy said she could almost smell the flowers in the greenhouse!


There's a new blog out there on the web and if I can get the blogger's permission I'll give you a link to it because .................... (drum roll!) ................ Mark Masca's doing his own thing and the photos and layout are just great!!

In the meantime, Have a Good Weekend!

Friday, March 7, 2008



the WCS Jazz Ensemble


"Oneida Jazz," today.


It's 23 degrees; no precipitation.

Heart Run & Walk Road Closings and Detours

It's tomorrow's weather that a lot of people are worried about, and here's WKTV's forecast:

"Our next storm system will move in later on this evening and start out as rain. Rain will transition to snow in the higher elevations before midnight. This transition will take longer for the lower elevations and will occur after midnight. A trace to as much as 3" of snow is possible tonight. We'll have a bit of a break for the Heart Run & Walk tomorrow morning. Expect scattered rain showers and cloudy conditions with temperatures in the 30s. Round two of this storm moves in Saturday night. This may initially start out as rain, but as colder air wraps into the region, this rain will transition to snow. It's possible that we could see several inches of accumulation Saturday night into Sunday."

The Weather Channel



I was away on Wednesday and when I drove back into Waterville on Thursday afternoon this is what I saw: "Time & Temp" on ACCESS! We'll like that!


Cherry Valley.

When I left town, Wednesday morning, ice covered everything from Richfield Springs eastward to Albany.

My travels took me to South Hadley, Massachusetts, and the campus of Mount Holyoke College. I grew up just down the street from this building - Mary Lyon Hall - and always try to make a trip to the campus in March just to see the Spring Flower Show in the century-old Talcott Arboretum.

When I was quite small I'd make a bee-line for the Orchid Room and the Gold Fish Pond......

...but when it's show time, I step from the small entry room down into Springtime and the same smell of moist earth and sweet flowers and the blaze of colors that have always made me cheer, right out loud!

I took lots and lots of pictures and will turn them into a separate post, later today, for those of you who like to see that sort of thing.


I'll also be following the weather forecast for tomorrow.


The Craft Fair and Scholastic Book Fair

will take place at

the Memorial Park Elementary School

tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.




Saturday night!



Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Now it's Recyclables Day!

35 degrees; dark and rainy.

Barb McNamara sent these photos to brighten the day:

Art White in the sun and at sea ............

......... Mayan ruins, in Mexico.


From WKTV: Most areas have switched over to plain rain as temperatures have warmed. Watch out for a few lingering icy patches on the roadways though through mid-morning on some of the higher hilltops and in the Adirondacks.

  • Today: Any leftover sleet and freezing rain north and east becoming all rain and ending as rain or snow showers. Little, if any snow accumulation. Additional minor ice accumulation in the Adirondacks. Breezy. High in the mid 30s.
  • Tonight: Flurries or a few snow showers. Low in the low 20s.
  • Thursday: A few snow showers. Otherwise, partly sunny and mild. High: 40, Low: 25
  • Friday: Snow developing. High: 36, Low: 23


I'll be on the road 'til tomorrow evening. I'd appreciate it if those of you who make regular trips along Route 315 would make sure that nothing "odd" is happening, here in the Hollow!

I'll definitely be taking plenty of pictures and will post them - along with any news that you want me to relay - just as soon as I can!

Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Richard Welsh - R.I.P.

I've just received this sad news from Bridgett Welsh:

her dad, Richard Welsh, passed away yesterday.

Calling hours will take place on Friday
from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8.

The funeral will be held at SouthGate Ministries
on Saturday morning
at a time to be announced.


That was yesterday

today will be something else!


I think I'll use Mark's Florida Sky as a "desktop" for a day or two.

It was 35 degrees and raining, when I got up, but now the temperature has fallen to 32.5 degrees and it's snowing.

  • Today: Rain changes to snow this morning. Snow will mix with and change to sleet and then freezing rain this afternoon. 2"-4" snow and sleet accumulation before the changeover. Temperatures falling to near 30.
  • Tonight: Freezing rain. Ice will change to plain rain in most areas (except for the Adirondacks) by morning. Still quite icy on the roadways. Exercise caution. Temperatures rising to near 35 in town by morning.
  • Wednesday: Rain, sleet and freezing rain ending as a mix of rain or snow showers late in the day. High: 38, Low: 22
  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds with some snow showers. High: 37, Low: 25
  • Friday: A chance of snow. High: 34, Low: 12


America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk
will take place this Saturday.

I just received this E-note: "This year Team Tommy (in memory of Tommy Wilson) will be walking and running for the fifth time and we will be sporting new white hoodies with the Team Tommy logo and his picture on the front so we should be spotted in the crowd. We are still about 15 family and friends strong and we do this in his honor every year because we all loved him so much!!!!!"


The AARP Driver Safety Course

will take place on Friday evening

6:00 - 10:00 P.M.

at the Waterville Public Library.

To register, call Kas Von-Matt at 841-4083.
Bring your driver’s license and
a check for $10.00 made out to AARP.


There will be a

Spaghetti Dinner

at the United Methodist Church

on Saturday from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.


Sap buckets are out at Keyes Brook Farm - the Rippey residence - on Route 12B north of Deansboro ...............

and tubing and tanks in place on Frog Park and Craig Foot Roads, south of Waterville.

Two deer, near Skip and Joan Kemp's home, were such a dark grayish color that I nearly missed seing them.

Some brush - or was there an old building here? - has been cleared opening a nice new view of Bridge's Hill from Route 20 in Sangerfield.


Yes: it works! I picked a few springs from a forsythia bush just about a week ago and - voilĂ , Spring!

My "Paperwhites" are blooming, too, but I think I need an even bigger "flower fix" and - depending on the weather - I may take a three-day break to see the

annual Spring Flower Show at Mount Holyoke College
in South Hadley, Massachusetts, where I grew up, and visit some old friends, there, too.

These photos are from the show two or three years ago: I'll take new ones to post whenever I find internet access!

In the meantime - enjoy this Jamaican Sunset, courtesy of Mary and Joel Campbell.


Drive Safely!!!