Friday, April 11, 2008


NEWS Add-on: 8:30

Sandy Harding has sent me an E-mail saying that: "The Winners of the First Half soundly beat the Winners of the Second Half ( Stinkers ) for the Championship Roll-off last night for the Thursday night league. The 'Alley Cats' team of Sue, Gerry, Vicki and Carrie (sub for Sandy) will enjoy the Champion title for the second year in a row."


Yesterday was another fantastic Spring Day!!!

Celebrations of all sorts took place
throughout the community.

I found more Hepaticas - this time pink!

Then I looked a little further into the woods and spotted

Sometimes they're called "Ramp," and they have a garlicky- oniony aroma and flavor and are awfully good in all sorts of recipes!


It's a different world out there, this morning:

it's 39.9 degrees, drippy,

and it's going to stay that way.

As one kind blog-reader has advised:

"Remember that 'April Showers Bring May Flowers!'"

(Thanks for your note, Jean!)

Another friend advises that "Alcotts have pansies and violas for sale. Smell and look gorgeous! "


Next Tuesday

will be the first


and, already, results of industrious raking
can be seen all around the village, either right next
to the curbing or in the street.






Val Rycraft suggested that a timely reminder might save
many of you the trouble of phoning Municipal Hall
on Wednesday to ask why YOUR collection has not been removed. 



Oh, Good!

Everyone's happy!

Thank You!



Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday w/ A.M. add-on

In response to the following E-mail -----

"Just looked at the blog for today, and I noticed that you forgot something. Normally, you give us the names on the Car Wash sign, and it is a handy way to find out who's birthday it is. No such pictures today. Now really, Ms. Brown, you must be consistent. What if the people honored on the sign find out that they were slighted by you? Plus, we're relying on you to provide us with all such important matters? But, given that you might be too busy to take the pictures, par chance, could you please tell me who's birthday it is today?"

Here are two new photographs!


I don't know how old Dan is, but the HUDL BLGR is



If you're in Boston, today, look for a family from Waterville having lunch at
(340 Faneuil Hall Marketplace!)


It's Garbage Day, again!

Nearly 42 degrees; overcast, but dry.

WKTV: "(Thursday) will be about 10-15 degrees cooler, but it will still be very pleasant, with highs in the mid to upper 50s and ample sunshine. Clouds will slowly move on in here tomorrow night, in advance of a warm front, the leading edge to a return to springtime warmth. This is tied to a much more complex system that will impact us on Friday and Saturday and usher in a significant change in the weather to more of a cloudy, unsettled, cool pattern. With some showers around on Friday, we stand to see very little sun unless the warm front lifts further north than we think right now. Then on Friday night and Saturday, the main storm system will move through and drag a cold front through as well, returning us to cooler weather.
Rain could be heavy at times Friday night and some thunderstorms are possible into Saturday morning. Rain will taper off to showers on Saturday. The combination of snow melt from the warm weather and the rain may lead to localized flooding east of Utica, primarily in Herkimer, Hamilton and Fulton Counties."


Tractors are out. Spring plowing's begun.

"Plowing" - I believe - is a word that covers several actions: there's "disking," for instance, and "harrowing." Perhaps a reader will explain the function of the implement show in this picture?


A cellar hole has been dug and construction is under way on a new residence at the corner of Sally and Brouillette Roads.

Finally ---- the first hepaticas are blooming
in the Fuess-Cleary Road woods!


"Bringing History to Cyberspace"

In yesterday's "snail mail" I had a note from Gary Orendorff with a clipping from the Syracuse newspaper: yet another article about "the old newspaper man," Tom Tryniski! You can read it by clicking HERE. (Thanks, Gary!)


I also had an E-letter from Kristin Strohmeyer answering my query about the Boy Scouts' trip to the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base.

" Eleven Scouts and four adults are leaving this Saturday morning for JFK and a quick flight to Ft. Lauderdale. They are spending the night there and then a bus is picking them up and driving them four hours south to Summerland Key. The Brinton Environmental Center will house them Sunday, then up Monday morning for a six m ilke kayak out to a barrier island 'til Friday." On the agenda: swimming, snorkeling, deepsea fishing and fun! She adds that "We're grateful to the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion for our T-shirts and to everyone that donated time and money to make this trip happen. It's the trip of a lifetime!" (She promises a photo as soon as she has one!) (Thanks, Kristin!)


I've just now (at 6:30 a.m.) received this nice note from Barb Adkyns and three photographs taken at the Jessica Jones Benefit that took place at the Legion on Sunday.

Jessica has had surgery and is undergoing treatment for stomach cancer.

Barb wrote: "The event was an amazing success. As you can imagine, the volunteers put in many hours on Sunday-not to mention all that went in to planning the event. It is times like this that you realise how lucky you are to part of a small town community.

Many thanks to all the merchants, companies, fire department, Legion and individuals who contributed time, money and prizes.
And thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers who pulled it all together."


From a very reliable source: the name "MerriRose" Florist has been purchased by Janice Eisenhut and will open in June in the former Belfield Agency building on Main Sreet.


Enjoy the day, everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008



It's Recyclables Day!

Almost 45 degrees with a few clouds.

From WKTV: "On Wednesday we could make a run at 70! I think we may fall just short, but regardless it will be mild and nice, with a little less sunshine than today. We will cloud up in the afternoon and some showers could fall as early as the evening commute. A cold front will roll through tomorrow night, and tempertures will fall a good 10-15 degrees by Thursday."


Yesterday was GRAND! The DPW was out in full force with the Fire Hydrant Barrels being collected, the Bobcat picking up solid lumps of road sand and .............

............ the Sweeper making another pass through the village.

Roc has his tables out and, although I don't know whether or not the side service window is open, he wants everyone to know that he's got


(And - did you know? "Roc's II" will open
later this Spring
at the site of the former "Sweet Sensations"

on Route 12B near
Limberlost and Middle Settlement Roads?)


I hope that by tomorrow I'll be able to tell you about a


that will soon be coming to Main Street!


They're going right to town on the Town Houses!

It was a big day along the Oriskany and Big Creek!

The Hatchery truck, followed by a convoy of SUV's and pickup trucks driven by boys of all ages, stopped at the Dugway in Clinton and then in Deansboro and .......

............ pulled up next to Big Creek just south of the sewage treatment facility.

Bob Mayne knew the very best spot and the technique that was going to be used to get the trout into the water, and some of the fellows were positioned on the creek bank.

Whereas there are times when a chute or series of tubes is used to launch the fish, this situation called for a fishnet ..................

........... passed, bucket-brigade style .........

............. down the bank ..........

(Click to enlarge. You can almost see them wiggling!)

........... to Helen Shedrack, who had the honor of setting the fish free.

Several scoop-fuls went downstream; others were headed upstream, toward Waterville. (Bob Mayne said they'd be reaching my back yard some time today!)


Just keeping track.


Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


(Just a quick post, this morning. I have a sore "mouse finger" and am going to give it a vacation away from the computer - if I can!)


It's 38 degrees and clear.

From WKTV: (Tuesday) will be a near copycat of yesterday, with morning clouds followed by afternoon sunshine. Temperatures will be a bit warmer than today with highs in the low 60s. Winds shouldn't be as strong, helping make the day feel a bit more milder.
Sunshine is slated for Wednesday with temperatures again in the 60's.

Jennifer Sexton writes from "Tear Drop Pond Farm," in Esperance, to say that the Peepers
have begun singing!

(Just imagine how much the children would enjoy having some in the house to play with!)


I spotted "Skunks' Cabbages" in several ditchy places, yesterday.

This "planting" - on Barton Avenue - is a real "smile maker!"

Yes - there definitely IS something going on out on Madison Street across from the high school!


Click the image.

Here's a glimpse of the newspaper of 100 years ago. You can find the entire page by going to Tom Tryniski's site; opening up INDEX and then finding the YEAR SPAN and PDF number shown in the top border, here.


Re: the photo of Main Street with the walkers that was on yesterday's post, Jenn Neff wrote:
"Yup - you're right! That's Sheri and me, out at it again! We walked from Sheri's house on Sally Road all the way to Route 315 then up Bogan Road (the hill goes on and on!!) to Sanger Hill Road then from there we walked into town and back up Hanover Road to Sheri's. Quite a work out!! "

I guess so!

Just for the record: Gas was $3.37.9 per gallon at Nice 'n Easy, yesterday.

We should ALL walk more!