Friday, September 19, 2008


It's 37.9 degrees and crispy-clear.

From WKTV: "After a cold start to tomorrow, wall to wall sunshine will help temperatures rebound into the mid 60s. Tomorrow night's lows are not expect to be as cold as tonight, but still below normal, so if you are planning to head out to football games in the evening, a sweatshirt or jacket looks to be necessary. The pleasant weather will continue into Saturday with warmer weather and plenty of sunshine..Another cold front looks to approach on Sunday, bringing a slight chance of a few showers, primarily in the morning, but otherwise, just some clouds. This will lead to another brief cooldown into Monday."


The big tent is up ................

................. and the amusements arrived at Firemen's Field yesterday.

The village looks very spiffy. I noticed that there are even brand new "mums" in some of the Garden Club's tubs!


Out in the country, fields of soy are turning gold.

The Bogans' on Babbott Avenue.

Some flowerbeds are at their best, just before first frost.

In the Waterville Cemetery.

They're Ba-a-a-ck!


In view of yesterday's announcement that the Waterville Women's Club will NOT be having a pie sale, you might want to find a member of the Brothertown Music Boosters and make sure you get in on their Sale of Frozen Pie Classics by Sara Lee's Chef Pierre! (Click the "Sale" link for information.)


I've been printing out some pictures that I took in 2005 at the very start of the Highway Reconstruction Project and brand new matching views - plus a few shots of the muddy mess and mayhem that got us from "before" to "after!" I'll try to pin them up on the hallway gallery wall in the Library either later today or tomorrow morning so that those of you who are attending the Alumni-Community Get-together can be either amazed or amused - or both.



For the Record


I won't be doing a blog post tomorrow morning - unless someone has an emergency announcement or request - but will post Saturday pictures sometime on Sunday.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


It's Garbage Day!!

52.5 with patchy clouds.

From the Observer-Dispatch: "The National Weather Service in Binghamton has issued a freeze watch that will be in effect from late Thursday night through Friday morning. Temperatures are expected to fall sharply after sunset Thursday under clear skies and light winds. Readings by sunrise Friday are expected in the 30s across Central New York.

A widespread frost is anticipated with some of the normally colder places possibly falling to 32 degrees or lower. A freeze watch means sub-freezing temperatures are possible. These conditions could kill crops and other sensitive vegetation."

However ---- WKTV adds: "Fair weather will build in and allow for continued sunshine Friday and Saturday. Temperatures should warm back up into the 70s by Saturday afternoon."


Special Notice from DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy:

Villagers were so generous with GREEN WASTE, on Tuesday, that the truck was full before collections had been made on all village streets. The pick-up (on those streets only!) will be completed on Friday.


It was a bright blue afternoon, yesterday, the sort that pilots call "severe clear," I think.

A "V" of Canada Geese headed south above Hanover.

This tree, on White Street, gleamed like rubies and garnets in the afternoon sun ....

.... and woodbine shone on a tree trunk on Berrill Avenue.

Extensive refurbishments are under way at this Madison Street residence .............

........... and freshly sealed driveways are a familiar sight all around the community.


Thank You!


Please click on the image to read
the list of
who have helped to
"Make it Happen!"


A Change / Correction: The Women's Club will NOT be having a Pie Sale (at the Cruise in) but "the Garden Club will be selling little bags of cookies and fudge - and Mums. The idea is that people can munch as they wander around."

--------------- From Steve Best ---------------

You are invited to attend a piano recital by

Friday, September 19, 7:30 p.m.
First Presbyterian Church
1605 Genesee Street, Utica

The May 2008 earthquake in China hit hard at Hamilton College, where many students of Chinese background are a part of the community. Several students arranged to go to China to assist relief efforts, a plan that was thwarted when a massive aftershock did further damage. Recovery, however, will take years, and students are already planning to assist in China next summer. Sar-Shalom Strong, who teaches piano at Hamilton College, has volunteered to present a benefit recital to aid recovery from this tragedy. All donations will be forwarded to the Hamilton College Disaster Relief Fund, an account of the Trustees of Hamilton College, and will be used to support earthquake relief efforts. Ushers will be at the doors following the recital to accept donations from all who wish to give. Checks should be made payable to First Presbyterian Church.

Sar-Shalom Strong is one of the best known pianists in Upstate New York. He has gained widespread recognition for his sensitive performances of solo and collaborative repertoire. Recent performances have included chamber music of Brahms and Shostakovich with the DeVere Quartet and a recital with flutist Rebecca Ashe in Kansas City. Other recent performances include Saint-Saens’ Concerto No. 2 with the Utica Symphony Orchestra, a recital with flutist Dana DiGennaro at Lemoyne College, and chamber works for the Society for New Music and for the Skaneateles Festival.


And on Sunday ..................

Click to enlarge!



Have a great day, Everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Recyclables Day!

41.4 degrees and clear

According to WKTV: "(An) area of high pressure will slide east on Wednesday, allowing warmer southwesterly winds to get us into the lower 70s. Then, a rather strong, but dry, cold front is going to plow through the region Wednesday night. This will allow much colder air to build in for Thursday. Highs may not get much past the mid 60s. Another frost threat will present itself in spots Thursday night.
Then, a new area of high pressure and fair weather should build in and allow for continued sunshine Friday and Saturday. Temperatures should warm back up into the 70s by Saturday afternoon. "

Lookin' Good!


Haying in Sangerfield.

Hanover Harvest.



in the Park

TODAY FROM 11:00 - 6:00


Terry Tanner answered the reader's question about tickets for the Alumni-Community Get-together on Saturday evening:

"Yes! Reservations for the dinner can still be made by calling Carrie (Woodhouse at 841-3802.) We plan to have a table at the Cruise In (under the Access Bank Clock) where reservations can be purchased on Saturday also. Assuming we don’t reach our limit, we also will be selling tickets at the tent that evening. Hopefully we won’t have to turn anyone away!"


I'm sure that all of you have figured out that you can eat your way 'round town and all the way to Oblivion, on Saturday? If you start with the Pancake Breakfast and then jog over to The Waterville Times for a piece of cake* and check out their display of pictures and antique printing devices; stroll along E. Main Street (where the Women's Club will be having a pie sale!) heading back towards Firemen's Field, you'll get there in time for chicken BBQ; head back out to Main St. to watch the parade - then back to the field for the Chili Cook-off; roll yourselves out to the Legion for the 5 o'clock Hog Roast and then back to town for the Get-together at the Library Lawn ............................ oh, groan!

Too bad that the early-morning Run / Walk doesn't come later!

*The pieces of cake being sold at The Waterville Times are noteworthy Bargains with a Bonus!
Everyone who purchases cake will get - besides some delicious energy! - a raffle ticket. Don't lose it! Take it with you to the Bandstand Groundbreaking Ceremony in the Park at 4:00. The winner of the raffle drawing will win the equivalent of $500 with which to designate a person or family whose name will be appear on the Memorial Monument when it is set in place next Spring.

(This very neat fund-raising idea originated at The Waterville Times! Thank You!)


Also in yesterday's mail, some more nostalgia - this time from Pat Lamb:

"it was so much fun to see and read about Mr. Pughe's gas station... he had a big orange tree in the corner of the room....first one I had ever seen ...(many many years ago) I was wondering if you could find anything and publish it about Mr. George Dunn's on my old corner where the fire house is now.... I mean way before Buddy Hinman had was such a treat to get money and go across the big road to get a cho-cho push up pop. tasted like kewpee frosted malted and now wendys frosty....Things were tight in those days so it was a special treat indeed. I knew right where to head when given change to spend.....that also was the place to get bike tires pumped and fixed. I know Mr Dunn had a partner (or helper ) named would be so much fun to see and hear about this place too. for a dollar you could get gas and drive for miles and miles... I remember going to get dad's tobacco for him. Sir Walter Raleigh in a those days a kid could go and get it for her dad.....hard to see over the counter to tell Mr Dunn what I needed (not that he did not know now that I think back.) It was also a treat to reach into the ice cream counter and get your own push pop out. i am sure there were many treats in the case but none like my yummy push would be fun to see this on your blog too. "

Anyone else want to chime in on this?

The Waterville Times; December 22, 1955.


All of a sudden, "mums" are everywhere - from a "fairy ring" around a tree on White Street ......

..... to June's front lawn in Stockwell ..........

........... and out at Dan Maine's shop on Madison Street.


Meanwhile, on East Main Street .....

..... Dan and his crew are working on the first floor fa├žade of the "Wheeler Block."

I'm sure that the "barricade" has been set up to provide pedestrian safety - not secrecy! - 'tho both purposes are being served!


For the record: an "Ike Hike"



Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Thank You!



in loving memory of Dolores Hahle Ray


It's 48.9 degrees; not clear, but not raining, either!

WKTV predicts that: "Sunshine will build in through the day and we'll get temperatures up into the upper 60s for highs. This area of high pressure will slide east on Wednesday, allowing a few extra clouds to arrive, but warmer southwesterly winds will get us into the lower 70s. Then, a rather strong, but dry, cold front is going to plow through the region Wednesday night. This will allow much colder air to build in for Thursday. Highs may not get much past the mid 60s. Another frost threat may present itself in spots Thursday night.
Then, a new area of high pressure and fair weather should build in and allow for continued sunshine Friday and Saturday. Another cold front is possible Sunday. "

The Weather Channel's forecast for Saturday.

According to WKTV, Thousands of Central New Yorkers are still without power as a result of the Sunday night storm.
I drove through Deansboro and parts of Clinton, yesterday, and saw very few broken tree limbs and heard of no really serious damage here in Waterville.

I left my camera in my car, overnight, by mistake.

I had only taken one picture of any great interest - it was of the front of John/Jack Brouillette's building on East Main Street (the one in which Mark Barnes has his law office) and I took it because something very interesting is happening, there! I'll go back uptown early this morning and take more pictures of the activity to show you later today!


A blog-reader wonders if tickets are still available for the Alumni-Community Get-together. I think you're still in luck, but am not 100% sure. The WCS website was "down," yesterday -- it was really a BOCES problem - but you can reach the Dinner Reservation site today or - for a fast answer to the question - phone Carrie Woodhouse at 315/841-3802.


More later!

Have a great day, everyone!