Friday, November 7, 2008

It's 50.4 degrees at 5:30.

WKTV predicts that: "Clouds should hang tough across the area tomorrow morning, but as the day goes on, we think there will be more and more sunny breaks as a storm system off the Jersey Shore slides east out to sea. Without the sun, we'll hit the low 60s. With the sun, upper 60s to near 70 will be possible yet again. Clouds will increase overnight tomorrow night, with a chance of a shower toward Saturday morning.
Those clouds are associated with a pretty decent cold front, the leading edge to cooler air, which will move through here Saturday, bringing occasional showers and a chance of a thunderstorm. That will clear out Saturday night, so that Sunday should see a pleasant autumn day unfold, with highs in the low 50s."

Once again, Mike Tower was at the Bandstand site in the Park, filling in the foundation with gravel and compacting it in preparation for pouring the "floor."

Runners were out!

Late in the afternoon there were a few drops of rain and enough moisture in the warm air to produce both misty fog in a swmp next to Hanover Road and a rainbow - at the same time.



will hold its


at the United Mehodist Church today from 9:30 - 4:00.

Luncheon served 11:30 - 1:00


Oriskany Falls



5 pm-until....



vs. the New City Rams of Rockland County!


Coming Soon:

St. Bernard’s Church
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Soup and sandwich luncheon 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.



One month ago, the blog's "hit counter," installed on January 26, had just passed the 100,000 mark.


Yesterday Gasoline was $2.59.9

Six Months Ago!

Six Months to go - 'til Spring!


Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

44 degrees and starry-clear at 5:30

WKTV predicts that: "Thursday will start generally overcast for most of us. We'll see clouds hang on through the day as well, along with a chance of showers. Despite this, highs will easily make it into the upper 50s to low 60s, except where there are frequent showers (south and east of Utica), where highs may only be in the mid 50s.
Showers disappear, but clouds linger into Thursday night and the first part of Friday, before dry air surges in for Friday afternoon and evening, allowing for clearing. Highs on Friday should get into the mid 60s."

We haven't had rain for a few days and don't really seem to need any because places like "Lake Hanover" and the pond at the foot of Grant Hill are quite full!

Some mallards have made themselves at home in a newly-formed pond on Sally Road.

The little creek on Brouillette Road is running full and is, apparently, warm enough to wade in!

The temperature rose to nearly 70, yesterday, and Mike Tower was back in the Park making the most of it.


I received this E-note from Doug Cornelius. It's an interesting little story that makes an important point and very large statement!

"During the recent presidential campaign, there was a homemade sign in the yard of the house at the corner of 12B and Burnham road in Deansboro. The sign supported McCain and Palin on one side and the other side read bible clinging, gun toting, flag loving small town Americans, what a statement. Today the sign is gone and so is the American flag that proudly hung next to it, as well as the flag that hung on the front porch facing 12B. But the loudest statement is the flag on the pole to the left of the house in a little flower bed is at half mast. Isn’t America great! The rights and the freedom that we have. God Bless America!" (Thanks, Doug!)


The high school looked fairly deserted and closed for business when I got there at around 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, but the front door proved to be unlocked, and so I started to walk in. Before I was even through the second set of doors, a tall fellow in a bright red shirt came walking right toward me, grinning: the first person I saw was Blair!

Donald Brown, II, Pat Moshetti and Blair Raker

He had come out into the hallways to look at all of the framed show posters, but he went back into the auditorium with me, explaining that he had met WCS band director Pat Moshetti when he was in college in Potsdam. He said that when the Liberty Big Band was scheduling this tour, last Spring, he simply phoned Pat and said - in effect - can we make this work? And they did!


By 7:45 the auditorium was packed nearly full.

Jon Raker arrived early, accompanied by his son-in-law Steve Morton, nearly-two-year-old twins Jacob and Abigail, and their mother - Blair's sister Sarah.

"Doc" and Lois were there, chatting with Paula Gray and Doris Stephan.

There were lots and lots of people that I recognized and a great many whom I'd never seen before!

At 8:00 on the dot, the music began!

The audience loved it, and filled all of the infrequent and brief musical lapses with sounds of their own -- lots of applause, shouts and whistles!

All of the instrumentalists took their turns in the spotlight.

(I've just found this Utube video of "Blue Moon" which was performed last night by vocalist SSgt Michelle Harris.)

All of the members of the Big Band were fantastic, but you know who the favorite was!

Use this link to send your comments about the performance directly to the United States Air Force Band of Liberty!

If you want to write just to Blair, send E-notes to me and I'll forward them to him.

I can also forward E-mail to the Brothertown Music Boosters in case anyone wants to join me in saying:

"Thank You, Boosters, for that great experience and for everything that you do for our kids, our school and our community!"


The families of veterans are still adding Stars in their honor to the hallway wall at the Waterville Public Library.

Tuesday, November 11th

at 6:30 p.m.

the Library will host a reception to honor all of the veterans.

Special Guest: Louis C. Langone, the author of "A Star In The Window."



Have a really Great Day, Everyone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008




Arcuri 51% - Hanna 49%



It's Recyclables Day!

47.5 degrees.

From WKTV: "On Wednesday and Thursday, we'll continue to be periodically pestered by clouds. It should generally be partly cloudy with highs in the low 60s both days."

Yesterday was a balmy Autumn day. Bill O'Dowd was just one of the many villagers who were out raking their yards...........

.......... and runners were out, in force!

Habitat for Humanity Volunteers were working on Gridley-Paige Road.

The only quiet time at the Memorial Park School Polling Place was around 7:15, when I was there.



The United States Air Force

Liberty Big Band Concert

at the High School will take place

at 8:00 P.M.

(not 7:00 as listed elsewhere.)


Q. Will there be tickets available at the door?
A. As of late yesterday afternoon, there were only 150+ tickets left, so there are no quarantees!

Although the concert is FREE and is not being sponsored as a Brothertown Music Boosters fund raiser, your donations are always welcome.

And - did you know that the current "fund raiser" is another raffle? This time it's a Wii Fit!

Raffle Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.


Waterville Eagle Junior Midgets

play the New City Rams of Rockland County

at Brothertown Stadium

Sunday, November 9th at 2 pm.

(More information and roster to follow.)


Once again, the blogging process is frustratingly slow.
I have an early appointment with Sharon Stiles, so will continue later on.


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's Election Day!

The Polls are Open



If you're going to be voting at the Memorial Park School,

don't forget to visit the Cafeteria and the



It's 45.5 degrees

WKTV predicts that: "A rather boring week is in store in the weather department, which means most of you will be happy! High pressure aloft is going to center itself over us tonight and for Election Day. Clouds will generally decrease as the night and Tuesday wear on. Heading to the polls tomorrow? Expect temperatures in the 40s for early morning voters, mid to upper 50s for late morning and early afternoon voters, and mid 50s to low 60s for late afternoon and early evening voters, with a slow, steady drop in temperature after 5 PM. Conditions will be dry.
As we go from Wednesday into Thursday and perhaps Friday, we expect this area of high pressure to remain in tact, with generally dry, pleasant, unseasonably mild weather expected.


Frannie has sent an Email on behalf of the

North Brookfield Fire Deparment

saying "Thank You"

to everyone who attended the Hallowe'en Party

last Friday night!


The time change: it's wonderful to have it getting light earlier in the morning but I'm clearly going to have to adjust my afternoon routine because when I set out on my usual tour, yesterday at around 3:30, it was already less than bright out and at 4:10 the lights on Main Street had turned on!


That reminded me that I had a photograph in my camera that I hadn't published:

here's Matt Jurczak in front of his home at 188 Sanger Avenue on Saturday evening, getting ready to light candles in all 103 Jack-o-lanterns! He said, "I just couldn't help myself!"

Does anyone have a picture taken later, when it was dark?

************************** is being unusually unresponsive, this morning - I imagine that blog traffic is extremely heavy due to election chatter - and so I'm going to publish this short post and try to add more later on, today.

Have a good one, everyone!

Monday, November 3, 2008


It's Garbage Day!

39.7 degrees and overcast.

The forecast from WKTV: "Clouds stick around on Monday with on and off rain showers in the late morning and afternoon as a warm front sweeps across the area. Behind the front, skies will begin to clear by Tuesday afternoon with temperatures in the low 60s. Temperatures surge into the mid to upper 60s on Wednesday and Thursday as dry, sunny conditions continue. Another complicated storm system may be possible as we head toward next weekend, marking a return to cooler weather."


Just in: this note from Kristin Strohmeyer:

"A ring was found in the FoodKing parking lot Sunday morning, and I was wondering if you could mention it in the blog today. I have the ring, and if someone can identify it, I will return it. Folks can call me at 841-3471. Leave a message if no one is home." (Thanks, Kristin!)



7:00 P.M.



John Savage sent this great "story" -

"Our Waterville Eagle Junior Midgets won the Tri-Valley Division 3 title Saturday night with a convincing win over Frankfort 31 – 0. The Eagles showed their explosive power at Camden stadium on a chilly Saturday Evening. After winning the coin toss and choosing to defer Frankfort experienced first hand the quick scoring prowess of the Waterville offense as full back Jared Henderson scampered 63 yards for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage. But it was special teams and defense that finally put the game out of reach with safety Jacob Knutti returning two interceptions for touchdowns, (one of which was called back due to an illegal block) and Jared Henderson’s punt return for a score..

The Eagle running attack, lead by tailback Alec Savage, knifed through the Frankfort Night’s defense in the second half eventually adding a score from the eleven yard line. Quarterback Jordan Henderson’s play from under center was flawless as usual including a 40+ yard touchdown pass to wide out Logan Belfield. Knuttie’s interception for a touchdown came late in the fourth quarter closing out a perfect 9 and 0 season and Tri-Valley League title. For the vast majority of the 2008 Junior Midgets this is their second perfect season and Tri-Valley League title in three years.

The winner of the Tri-Valley League final gets their choice of competing in the Pop Warner Regional Tournament (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington D.C.) or the New York State Tournament, (Empire State Classic). Head Coach Greg Jones has chosen the NYS path and the Eagles will have a play-off game next weekend at a time and place to be determined." (Thanks, John!)


In Saturday's mail, this report from Sandy Martin:

"The Waterville Crimson Bonnets held their October meeting at the Thornberry Restaurant. There were only 17 members attending. A few of our members were unable to attend due to the first winter storm, which had left them without power - including heat and water. Those attending were glad to see, once they left Waterville, that the roads were without snow.

The meal was good but the highlight of the day was after the meal. Lurena McNamara had arranged a tour of the Stanley Theater. The volunteer who showed us around was very knowledgeable and interesting. The Stanley has a wonderful history and is very beautiful.

Our next meeting will be November 20th starting with a tour of the All Seasons plant. This will be followed by lunch at the Bell and Whistle in Oneida. All arrangements have been made by Adella McFadden. Please be sure to contact her by Nov. 17th if you plan on attending."
( - and thank you, Sandy!)


Tomorrow, of course, is Election Day,
and I received this notice yesterday afternoon:

There will be a


this evening from 6:00 - 9:00



Come join your nighbors in silent prayer for our nation
on the eve of our election.


"Why Women Should Vote!"

This has been making the E-mail rounds. If you haven't already
received it and taken time to read it, please do: it's very impressive!


Mike Tower was back in the Park on Friday afternoon packing earth back into the center of the bandstand foundation. The next step, I imagine, will be to put the "floor" in place and then replace earth outside the foundation walls.


Over the weekend, the price of gasoline dropped even lower... but not as low as it was in Florida where, according to Les Risley, gas was $2.19 at Walmart last Wednesday!

Once a year - that I know of - on the first Sunday in November, the horses, hounds and riders of the Limestone Creek Hunt of Cazenovia come to the hills along Skyline Drive for a traditional "hunt" and it's always a grand sight!

It's also always a challenge for spectators to be in the right place at the right time to see the hunt as they cross fields before disappearing behind stands of hardwood.

I was never close enough, yesterday, to take a picture of the hounds as clear as this, taken a year or two ago. (Click on the link above to read more about them and see more hunt photographs, too!)

Trivia for the day: those handsome red riding jackets worn by some equestrians are called "Pinks" - named for Thomas Pink, an 18th century London tailor who was famous for making those sought-after red jackets. It was said that if you were lucky enough to own one, you were "in the pink!"


Heading for the hunt breakfast at the Limerick Stables.


After the hunt, and having declined an invitation to have breakfast with the riders, I followed Skyline Drive southward to West Hill Road, where there was a spectacular view of Shanley Road and the hills to the east and south of Waterville.

I made a short detour to Gridley Paige Road, where a new home is being built....

........... by the family who will live there and Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

(You could help!)


Have a great Day, everyone!!

and remember:

tomorrow is BIG TRASH DAY!