Saturday, February 23, 2008

In Basketball

Weedsport defeated Waterville 49-28 in C-2.

But Thank You, Girls, for your great Spirit!!

That's what's makes you our Winners!!!


Saturday A.M.

It's 22 degrees; no precipitation.

Although it seemed to snow, all day yesterday, the accumulation never topped three or four inches! (The fellow who plows my driveway came and cleared the first two inches or so - not that it was really necessary, but I can't blame him, either: after all, he'd only plowed once in January and once earlier in February. It hasn't been a lucrative winter for him - so far!)

WKTV predicts that: "On Saturday, a quiet day is expected. A few flurries are possible, but for the most part it will be a pleasant day, with clouds, some sun and highs seasonable in the low 30s. A similar day will follow on Sunday, but we'll tack on another degree or two to the high. On Monday, a weak cold front may drop in from the north and touch off a few snow showers. But for the most part, it looks quiet and seasonably mild, with highs in the mid to upper 30s.
Regarding Tuesday and Wednesday, a complex storm continues to take aim at the Northeast. The latest trends today suggest the storm ends up a bit further south than we were thinking yesterday. Should this occur, it will be colder, with more snow than rain here in CNY. This bears close watching. Lake effect and colder temperatures will follow this storm, with another widespread light snow possible Friday. Getting busy. Stay tuned."

There are really only two reasons for this post:


------------- GOOD LUCK, GIRLS!!!-----------
The WCS Girls' Varsity Basketball Team

will play


in the Section III Semifinals

at 4:00 p.m. in Chittenango.

and #2.

to send a little CHEER to my friends who are entertaining "the Bug!"

They're probable just sick of looking at Winter, but - it could be worse:

A year ago today, it took the "Bobcat" to find sidewalks!

Mark has sent some more "perk up" pictures. These were taken in a park near his home in Ft. Myers.

A water fowl seems to be using this stretch of river as a landing strip, but when I look at it I think "kayak!"

Other paddlers find Peddle Boats available ...........

............. or really super "bikes" for entire families to peddle, on land.


The Library Garden on July 23rd.

But there are only 28 days 'til Spring;
29 days 'til Easter ..........

and in six months we'll have forgotten what "white" looks like.

Now do you feel better?


Have a great day!

Friday, February 22, 2008




It's 18 degrees.

At 7:08 there are just a few flakes of snow, but the wind is picking up and the snowplows are out.

This is The Weather Channel's forecast;

WKTV's forecast is summed up in this map:

--- but the lengthy description ends by saying, "Some leftover snow showers and flurries are likely on Saturday with a return to sunshine on Sunday. Another, more potent, storm system may bring a mix of snow, ice or rain by the middle of next week."

It's been years and years since the T-bar operated on this hill, south of Hamilton, and quite a few since this much bare ground has been visible in mid-February!

There's a special bright-blueness to the sky, this time of year.

Pat Mangan has his "St. Patrick's Day," "Happy Spring" and "Happy Easter" cards all distributed and shamrocks decorate this door on Barton Avenue.

Tim Bartlett probably can't wait to get back to work on his Golf Course, in Sangerfield .....

..... and even these horses, on Daytonville Road, watch for something different to happen!


Today is "Fish Fry Day" throughout the region - take your pick!

This is a partial list from the O-D. If you "click" to enlarge, you'll see why I chuckled when I read it and said (to myself, at first) "Gosh, Deansboro - don't you think that's going too far?"


NYRI has come up with a new proposal - coverage at both WKTV and the Observer-Dispatch.


This is a "Letter to the Editor" and all of you from Donna Weeks:

"This community has just been amazing lately. We come together and show we can all unite as one. As soon as this community hears of a tragedy, it asks itself what can we do. We don’t sit back and turn a cheeck and say that’s too bad. We have proven that over and over this year. First for the Williams family. Word came that Mr. Williams was missing. People of this community gathered at the fire station. Some made sandwiches, hot coffee. Some people helped with the search and I am sure this spring will be back to do the same.

Next was word of my nephew Cpl. John P. Sigsbee being killed in action. What a tribute this community gave to this hero. You welcomed him home with open arms. A true American hero. It was amazing and very touching. My sister-in-law asked for people to fly their flags and line the streets to welcome home her son. This community had less than 24 hours to do this in. To our amazement it was beautiful. Not only was Waterville, Oriskany Falls and Deansboro lined with people, signs and flags, but our surrounding communities were too. I was riding inside the limo and was amazed at how beautiful it was. People we didn’t know standing there in that frigid weather holding their flags, a lot with tears in their eyes. From Griffis Air Force base to Waterville the streets were lined with 1,000’s of people. The limos could not go 200 feet with out someone standing with a flag or sign. The calling hours were beautiful with the patriot guard lining the school halls with flags. A tribute far beyond anything we had imagined. Cpl. John P. Sigsbee will be missed, but was honor to live in this community.

Next was the fire on 12B four families left homeless. This community once again steps up and started gathering donations of clothes, food and furniture and making sure they had place to stay. Blessed again we are by this community.

I would like to close by saying a friend is someone who can hear your deepest cry, feel your broken hearts, and see your needs for comfort and they will always be there to dry your tears, mend your wounds, and hold you tight That's what a small community as Waterville, Deansboro and Oriskany Falls are. For all the kindness and generosity you’ve shown our families we can’t begin to thank each and every one of you, but we are blessed to live here and I am proud to call this my community.


Donna Weeks


Hold that thought!


A reminder: if you like things that are musical and/or historic or "early American," you should stop in at Unity Hall in Barneveldt, tomorrow, to hear or even join in a Sacred Harp "Singing." If you don't know what that is, here's a link to an NPR special on "Sacred Harp Singing". ("Promised Land" is one of my favorites!)

And here's a glimpse of the wonderful workings of the tracker organ at St. Bernard's Church. The instrument is probably about a hundred years old and the ONLY part that's electrified is the blower that fills the bellows: everything else functions through many series of amazingly intricate linkages that serve at the command of the organist's hands and feet!

(I took the picture during an exploration of the instrument that was carried out in an attempt to ascertain it's manufacturer. That's still a mystery.)


Have a Good Weekend!

(Updates as warranted! I'll be going to Fulton, sometime, to collect the microfilm - perhaps there'll be some new scenery to look at.)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Today at 5:00 at the Waterville Public Library

a reception for WCS artist

Sarah Weeks

whose work will be on display in the hallway Gallery until March 11th.


The WCS Girls' Varsity Basketball Team
will meet
in the Section III Semifinals
at 4:00 on Saturday in Chittenango.


Today is Recyclables Day!

It's 10 degrees, with just a trace of new snow.

From WKTV: A nice day is expected Thursday, with seasonably chilly temperatures and hopefully ample sunshine. Then, on Friday, we'll watch a storm system work its way up the Eastern Seaboard. A period of snow is likely from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. North of the Thruway, snow should be light, perhaps accumulating a couple inches in spots. South of the Thruway, it appears that the chances for snow are better, with several inches possible. Snow will be moderate at times in those areas.

It was cold, yesterday, and Lake Hanover's still crunchy.

There were little "snow showers" throughout the day: this one, as seen from Mason Road yesterday afternoon, was concentrating its attention on Stockwell.


10:42 p.m.

It was cold, last night - but clear!

In the morning mail was a nice note from Michelle Roback along with these two photographs of last night's Lunar Eclipse: "They were taken by Steve Spudie out on Mason Road, Waterville. Mighty chilly out tonight, but the results were worth the nip !"

10:57 p.m.

I kept going outdoors to peek. The next chance won't be until December 21, 2010!


Yesterday morning - in re: a photograph of Taylor Pond on the Colgate campus - I asked where the swans went in the Winter. And Tim Smith sent me the answer!

"The Secret Lives of Adam and Eve."
(Click on this link!)

And here they are, with friends, at Slate's.

Right across the road from the pond, a new "attraction" - lots of little Mountain Goats, all wanting to be King.

There are two other swans that winter locally. I don't know the names of these, at their year-round home in N. Brookfield, but we could call them "Romeo and Juliet."

When Mark saw yesterday morning's photo of the snow squall on Main Street, he wrote, "OMG" and sent this view!

And while I was out taking pictures of swans, he was doing his own bird-watching at the "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island.

Real Flamingos!


In other mail: Tom Tryniski says that the microfilm of The Waterville Times has all been scanned, and is ready to be picked up. The Image Recognition process is taking place, now, and the entire searchable set will go up on the internet in two or three weeks.


Maple Sugaring in Sherburne

Saturday, February 23
10:00 AM
How do you turn the sweet sap of the sugar maple tree into delicious syrup? Learn all about maple sugaring by visiting a small backyard operation. Meet at Rogers Center's main parking lot to car pool to the site. Wear boots and dress to be outdoors.

And then you can enjoy Maple Syrup and Pancakes at Benefit Breakfast at the Legion on Sunday morning!


Have a Good Day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Waterville Girls' Basketball

- the score of last night's game -

56 - 54 over Fabius-Pompey!


This morning it's 15.6 degrees

and there's just a scant covering of new snow.

From WKTV: An Alberta Clipper type system will pass well to our south, but clouds and a few flurries are possible. Temperatures will remain the 20s for highs. Lake snows will sink south as that system pulls away tomorrow night, and as northwest winds set up, multiple bands of flurries and a few squalls are expected southeast of Lake Ontario. Light accumulation is possible from the Mohawk Valley points south and west. Also, keep in mind that a total lunar eclipse occurs tomorrow night, beginning around 8:30 PM and ending around Midnight.
A nice day is expected Thursday, with seasonable temperatures and hopefully some sunshine.



at the Municipal Hall.

At the Cleary Farm on Route 315.

The snow that fell early yesterday morning didn't last long at all ......

At the foot of Grant Hill.

............. and by afternoon it seemed Springlike, again.


I understand that "Roc" entertained the ladies of the Waterville Women's Club, yesterday, with a tour of his ice cream manufactory!


I needed to go to Hamilton, however, and then wound my way home on back roads.

Where do the swans go in Winter?

Yes: I love my car! The navigational system always knows where I am, and - I admit it - I enjoy listening to "The Lone Ranger," "The Shadow" and "Sgt. Preston" as much now as I did sixty years ago!

I drove through Poolville, where there are some lovely old buildings .....

painted with bold combinations of colors.


This house is in Hubbardsville.

(I wonder if the community was named for - or by - the Hubbard who built the America Hotel and the building that is now the "Red Lion Pub.")


Speaking of famous buildings: have you ever been to Unity Hall?

(It has the most awesome acoustics!)

- and I have this note from Margaret Bornick:

The Midwinter New York Regional Singing, usually held in Clinton, NY, will be held this year in the ever popular Unity Hall in Barneveld, NY

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

A pot luck lunch will be served. We will be grateful for all contributions, sweet or savory.

Unity Hall, 101 Vanderkemp Ave., Barneveld, NY 13304 For more information please contact: Barbara Swetman, (315) 735-9933 or Ron and Margaret Bornick, (315) 853-6282. For people who want to come on Friday to beat potentially bad weather we will have a limited amount of local housing. Please contact Becky Ferris (315)896-2045.


Speaking of History:

A blog-reader in New Jersey is searching for
descendants of
d. Dec, 11, 1823 - buried in Sangerfield -
and/or his son
d. April 23, 1871 - buried in Sangerfield.

Can any other blog-reader help?


Heading northward, over the Sangerfield River at the "orange bridge."

A snow squall and I arrived in Waterville at the same time .....

... a good time to head home!


Have a good day!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Garbage Day

It's 26 degrees and snowing!

Yesterday, the temperature rose to nearly 50 degrees and, looking westward from Brothertown Road, it appeared that Spring had come to Pleasant Valley.

This morning, however, about an inch of "puff" has collected on the shrubbery next to my front door - just enough to cover up the mud and make things look clean, again!

Jeff Reynolds sent me these two photographs of "Glimmerglass" - one taken last Saturday, when several fishing shanties could be seen in the far distance .......

... and this, taken yesterday afternoon, when there were none.

I wondered what our lakes and ponds looked like, and took a ride out to Bailey Lake ...

... and Gorton Lake.

There's a great deal of water in the pond on Sally Road and, once again, "Lake Hanover" is slowing northbound traffic.

Here's theWKTV Forecast.

  • Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with flurries or some light snow. Very little accumulation expected. High near 30.
  • Tuesday night: Cooler with heavy lake snows well north of Utica and Rome. Low in the low teens.
  • Wednesday: Flurries possible, especially south of Utica, with heavier lake snows remaining well north. High: 24, Low: 12
  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds after some morning clouds and flurries. High: 24, Low: 13


The WCS Boys' Varsity Basketball team lost to Watertown, 72 - 63 in the Section III Quarterfinals. The WCS Girls will play Fabius-Pompey tonight at 7:00 -
(Can someone please confirm the location of that game? Thanks!)

First it was the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at Grace Church and then Pancakes at Deansboro-Waterville Lions Club Breakfast, last Sunday, and now Becky Maggio has sent me this poster. We shall not starve!


I've been watching this poor old house on Route 315.

What a transformation - at least on the outside!


I also watch this big, new sign at Nice 'n Easy in Sangerfield and thought it might be interesting to add this information, now and then - just to see how much of a change takes place, when.


Have a good day, everyone!