Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's 14.7 degrees and overcast.

According to WKTV: "Sun and clouds will be with us Tuesday, but clouds will thicken up later in the afternoon. Temperatures should be a touch more tolerable, and in the upper teens to mid 20s. Those new clouds are in response to a storm system approaching from the south and west. That will spread snow into the region after Midnight Tuesday night.
Christmas Eve Weather
Snow will continue for a bit before changing over to sleet and freezing rain in the Mohawk Valley and south by 2-3 AM. By 5 AM, snow will have changed to sleet and freezing rain everywhere except the Adirondacks. By 10 AM, everyone south of the Thruway will have changed over to plain rain, with temperatures warming about freezing. By Noon, everyone except maybe the Adirondacks will have changed over to plain rain, and even the Adirondacks will change in the afternoon. Rain will continue into Christmas Eve night, but travel problems will be very minimal. Snow amounts will average 1-3" in most spots, with perhaps up to 5-6" in the Adirondacks. Ice accumulation will be under a quarter inch in all areas.
For Christmas Day, that system will pull away, leaving brisk, cooler conditions in the region. A few snow showers are possible, but travel problems won't be an issue. Highs will be in the mid 30s. Friday will be a day of transition, with just a slight chance of some rain showers, light snow or light freezing rain Friday evening."


I received a short - but oh, so sweet - Email from Paul Staskowski, yesterday afternoon, that read:

"Lynne just posted – Dave’s been released and they’ll all be home for Christmas!!!!!

(And what a wonderful present that will be!)


The Brothertown Music Boosters

"Everything Disney Basket" raffle
was won by six-year-old

of Madison

who, according to Kim Kampf - Boosters member and owner of the "Totally-U Salon" -

was delighted with his win and generously "offered to let his sister have any girlish

things in the basket that he didn't want!"


The "snow birds" like these wintery pictures of Main Street!

But they probably don't miss the sort of cold that we had, yesterday! Customers in the CVS parkinglot fought a wind so strong that it seemed to be coming directly from The North Pole!


Snowbanks had grown by several feet, over night .......

........ and the DPW spent much of the day cleaning out sidewalks, clearing around fire hydrants .........

............... and dumping snow from the W. Main Street roadside over the railing into Big Creek!

Snow devils whirled in a field next to Sally Road.

This snowmobile trail, leading towards "Mayer's Woods" from Osborn Avenue, was well-traveled ..............

............. but this scene, next to the Fire Department Parkinglot, was lacking something:

there were no little boys playing "King of the Mountain!"


Christmas Doorway on Elmwood.


Christmas Lights and bells .............

........... high in the tower of the Masonic Temple on Sanger Avenue.

Nancy Ayala, above, who was introduced to the authentic 1889 nine-bell Meneely "chime" two years ago, has faithfully climbed to the ancient console, below the bells, on Sundays and other special occasions.

Unless the wind is blowing so hard as to disperse the sound imediately, she plans on playing Christmas music this evening - Tuesday - at around 5:00 P.M.

Wednesday evening at the same time.

and on Christmas Morning around 9:30 or 10:00.


Not every day is super-cold, and just as soon as it warms up the roads will be serving us a very salty sand stew!

Keep someone's car happy

and you'll be happy, too!


Have a Great Day, everyone!