Monday, December 29, 2008


It's Garbage Day!!
31.6 degrees and overcast

From WKTV: "High pressure builds in on Monday with partly to mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures will be cooler, but still above average, with highs near 40. Winter returns into the region by Monday night, as a weak clipper system flies by spreading a light snowfall to the region. Another break on Tuesday, followed by yet another fast moving clipper system. This one will be a bit stronger , bringing more snow and colder temperatures Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Lake effect may develop west of the viewing area during Wednesday afternoon. Another break on New Years and Friday, before another storm moves in closer to the weekend."

A week ago today snowbanks were high and it was COLD! For the past two days, however, it's been nearly Springlike in Waterville:

Joggers, runners, walkers, cyclists all took to the pavement ..........

....... lawns throughout the village are nearly bare ...........

.......... the view at Hanover has changed, again .............

............ and, on Fuess-Cleary Road, it looks as if Don has been out mowing!

"Lake Hanover" has overflowed .......

........ the Sangerfield River is 'way out of its banks next to the Loomis Road bridge .......

.......... and the waterfall on Gridley Paige Road roars nearly as loudly as Big Creek!

This early "January Thaw" has been welcomed by nearly everyone except for snowmobilers. They'll find it tough sledding around here for a few days!

(Webcams at Old Forge and Barnes Corners might lead them northward and, if you're a skiier or snowboarder, click here for plenty of choices - even as nearby as Woods Valley, north of Rome!)


Although most of the snow around Waterville just sort-of disappears, that doesn't automatically happen along Main Street. The Village DPW, with cooperation from the Townships, removed truckload after truckload of snow from snowbanks along roadways and in parkinglots! (Thank You!)

Also: a great many people have commented on how nice it has been to have the Victorian Lamposts along Main Street lighted during the day!



One morning when it was bitterly cold in Waterville, Dave Desany wrote from Florida, saying,

"After enjoying 80 and sunny yesterday (I had to put on some sun screen, while I was out riding my Harley!!), the folks in Central Florida (I am in Lake Mary, 15 miles north of Orlando) are having to endure a cold front of our own. It is projected to only get to 56 today (and sunny). I thought I would send along a photo I took this morning from my front door. You can see my lawn and palm tree are starting to look a little brown from the lack of rain!"

He did get a "thank you for writing" from me, but no a great amount of sympathy!

One of the many Christmas Greetings that came by Email was a nice letter and this fabulous Sunset sent by Joan Olsson -- do you remember her? She lived at Gorton Lake and, back in the late '70s, had a carpentry shop in the old Candee Block on Main Street. She's lived in Questa, New Mexico, for several years, but always remembers Waterville and hot chocolate visits in "the Hollow." (Thanks, Jona!)


From Sharon Smith, this poster from SouthGate Ministries ......

From Becky Maggio -

The Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion
Clifford J. Fulmer Post 92
has a new website!


and from Mark Masca:

"I am so proud of what I, without even realizing it, did for a school in Jamaica. Please visit my blog and read up about this.

Wow. talk about a Christmas Present for me. I am just speechless."

That IS great, Mark! Bravo!



Have a Great Day, Everyone!